Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Thomas Mair Is The Real Victim ... According To The Daily Fail

Here's the way it goes. If the right wing look like they will lose they cry FOUL! if something happens that makes them look bad they cry FOUL! .... yes for loud shouty people that give off the appearance of being strong and tough they do cry a lot and act the victim.

I didn't know of English politician Jo Cox until she was murdered. It was just before the EU referendum and carried out by a Brexit supporter. The right had already begun to blame the lefty liberals for the death saying how they would milk it for a win, they even blamed Cox on being killed.

The murderer had shouted "Britain First" as he shot and stabbed the slim 5 foot tall woman. As soon as that became public knowledge the right wing group Britain First set about denying any links to the killer, 53 year-old Thomas Mair. They and others such as Louise Mensch in her Sun column attempted to discredit witnesses and show Mair as a non-political loner, a quiet man who volunteers as a gardener for old people, he just has some mental health issues.

Here he is quietly waving to some ill orphans or something, one he really likes is called 'sick Kyle' I'm sure it made his day to have his name repeated over and over.

The murder of a left wing politician who was one of the good ones really brought out the worst in some people. Cox believed in diversity and helping people and would have been very upset over the referendum result and the basic attitude of her fellow Brit.

The Daily Mail didn't think the Cox story was relevant for the front page or any of the 29 pages after when Mair was given a life sentence but instead the Mail focuses on making excuses for him and even blaming immigrants.

A stolen sawn off rifle with hollow point bullets. 

Do I have to tell you how disgusting this is? I'm not sure anymore because people have become total cunts, is there something in the water?
I can understand some folk being gullible and believing the Brexit lies of giving millions to the NHS and controlling the borders ... even the whole we'll negotiate a better trading deal one. The usual Brexit voter has an overinflated view of the UK and still thinks it's a power to be reckoned with.

They also don't like reality and thinking things out but they'll say the same about liberals so you can't win. It's the stupid sticking by the vote after all the lies and crap has been exposed that I don't get.

Looking for excuses to justify post Brexit bigotry. I can only give them the benefit of the doubt so many times before it becomes ... yeah they know what is going on, they just don't care cos it isn't them.

Jo Cox was ambushed as she got out of her car. She was going to attend her surgery which is what they call meeting the public and helping them. It was a regular thing for her to do at a library. Mair went up to her and shot her twice in the head, one shot went straight through her hand that she was holding up in a defensive manner.
He also shot her in the chest. He used a dagger similar to ones used by British special forces in WWII and stabbed her 15 times. A 78 year-old man tried to save her and was stabbed but survived his injuries.

Other bystanders shouted at Mair and when he was done he just walked off as if nothing had happened. A plumber followed him at a distance and led the police to him.

In Mair's home there was Nazi memorabilia and books on white supremacists and the KKK, he had researched online various groups and other assassinations.

When soldier Lee Rigby was hacked to death by two Islam extremists you didn't see groups like Britain First or  Louise Mensch call them mentally disturbed and make excuses for them.  

Mair might have well have shouted "Allahu Akbar"as his attack was just as frenzied and brutal at theirs. Has the Daily Mail been shouting TERRORIST? Has it fuck ... he was worried about losing the home he doesn't even own and what if immigrants moved in? .... maybe, it isn't fact but it sounds good to them. Poor white guy just fell through the cracks, lets blame society.

If only he was a veteran then that would be him cleared huh. We could totally blame PTSD and the Muslims for making him shoot at them. 

We go through this every time a white guy goes nuts in the US. White people CAN be terrorists. Not wanting to sound like a hipster we had white Christian terrorists long before the US re-branded them as brown Muslims.

In fact the IRA were the last people to kill a British politician back in 1990.

People need to look themselves in the mirror ...make eye contact if you can. A good person like Cox wanting to stay in the EU should have been an indication that it was the right thing to do. Not convinced yet?

When she was attacked her concern was for her assistants "get away, get away you two. Let him hurt me. Don't let him hurt you".

She leaves behind a husband and two children. She also leaves behind a country lessened by her loss as well as lessened by the actions of the voters. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Trump And Farage Review Schindler's List

Donald Trump and Nigel Farage took the time out from blaming immigrants to review Steven Spielberg's 1993 classic Schindler's List. 

Trump: Great to be here with British Prime Minister Nigel Farage, how is England? I love England it's terrific, I have a golf resort in England, beautiful scenery except for those bird killing wind mills on the coast. 

Farage: um yes I'm only the PM unofficially because the election was rigged by the EU. Isn't your golf resort in Scotland?  

Trump: That's what I said, Scotland, in England.  

Trump: I just want to say what a terrific movie this is. About the Germans helping the Jews to find homes in Warsaw, tremendous! The little girl in the red coat, beautiful a fantastic actress, I'd date her good and hard. 

Farage: She's in her 20's now and says she's traumatized by the whole experience.   

Trump: What a loser, probably after some money I don't know. Is she hot? 

Farage: Well I wouldn't say no. The ladies in the film have real bangin bods, is it wrong to get an erection during a Holocaust film?  

Trump: The Jews tend to have hot bods, I'm part Jewish and my daughter is one of the Jews and she is hot, am I right? I'll make you an honorary Jew so a boner is fine.  Just shrug, say 'oy vey' and enjoy it already.

Trump: Did you see Schindler kiss that girl? I bring old time values like this to America and get blasted for it in the biased media but I stand by what I do because it's who I am. I often kiss employees or women I find attractive and they love it because I'm famous. They get to point at the TV and say, 'I kissed Donald Trump' and everyone will be so jealous of them believe me. 

Farage: She looks like she is really enjoying it, do your employees enjoy it as much?

Trump: If they don't they're fired. One broad that worked for me objected so I fired her and destroyed her reputation. I even told her husband and 2 kids she was a lesbian ... she had to have been one of the lesbians right? am I right? the poor slob didn't work in my town again.  

Farage: Maybe we should talk about the film. A dark time in history wouldn't you agree? If there hadn't been immigrants and liberals we wouldn't have had a world war.    

Trump: Probably definitely correct. One take away from this movie is the excellent management involved. You can't run these camps with millions of people in them without good leadership. A liberal would see atrocities but I see a gun enthusiast getting rid of some slackers, firing them literally. 

Farage: My great-grandfather was a German immigrant  go getter who moved to London, your own grandfather was a go getter from Germany too ..... makes you wonder if it has any relevance to our political leanings. 

Trump: I'm not a politician, I'm a businessman.    

Farage: You're the president.  

Trump: I know it's crazy right? I'm a go getter, I'll get things done. Just not a wall, repealing Obamacare or jailing Hillary because that was just locker room talk. Back to the movie, great uniforms the Germans had, terrific!   

Farage: No wonder all those Jewish ladies wanted to sleep with them. I sometimes dress as an SS guard for my German wife. All harmless fun. We should get Melania and double date sometime. 

Trump: No way, I've seen your wife, besides Melania hasn't done the nasty since Barron was born, I've had to outsource that.    

Farage: So we agree that while the Germans had some great ideas their dream of socialism failed because they were looking after all these people in the camps. The film was a little on the long side and not enough hairy muff in my not at all humble opinion. 

Trump: A fantastic movie, sad ending for a great leader undermined by crooked liberals that lied to get jobs that German people could have done. A factory full of lazy liberals run by Oscar swindler ... see what I did there? 

Farage: I give it 3 out of 5 stars. It would have gotten more if there was more naked totty in it. 

Trump: I give it 4 out of 5 and it's the six pointed stars that a sheriff would wear. A fantastic movie, feel good, a great for the whole family romp. I liked the shooting and costumes, the Germans reminded me of my rallies, good times, tremendous! 

Farage: We should do this again, have I showed you pics of my mistress Annabelle Fuller? Way better than my second wife. 

Trump: Ok then as a favor to you I'll meet her but don't blame me if she falls for me, I'm famous and women just love me. 

Trump: Our next movie can be Finding Nemo, a sad story of child neglect with the liberal child protection agency turning a blind eye, what losers!      

Monday, 28 November 2016

Man In The Gold Castle

The fixed Statue of Liberty

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free and once we've weeded out the undesirables and for a special one time low fee you can come live in America as soon as you've been tagged and registered. 

President Trump settled his fraud case for $25 million. The Students of Trump University were certainly schooled. If it sounds like a fart then it probably is a fart ::::trummmppp:::::

In the run up to the inauguration it has turned out he used $56 million from his Donald J. Trump Foundation to fund his election campaign. $880,000 for portraits given to friends, nose jobs for his loyal campaign staff and an SS honor dagger said to belong to Hermann Göring. Also 4 lawsuits for unpaid bills and services, 2 allegations of child rape and the hit and run of a homeless man outside of his Mar-A-Lago Estate home in Florida. 

It's a busy time for Trump which is why Obama has called for the people to support him and to give him a chance even though his Vice President Joe Biden challenged Trump to a duel which we've told cannot take place for legal reasons.  

The New York subway has been painted with Trump's new logo in celebration. 

Yes Muslims have to call into Trump Liberty Centers to be registered and tagged but what a small price for freedom and security huh. 

Yes there are bills getting written that limit the lies of the media and the biased stories they print. I think we all agree that the cast of Hamilton who asked the audience not to boo Mike Pence then asked him to serve the people with integrity were out of line, bullies. That show will be closing its doors in January. 

I'm sure you can agree that Alec Baldwin playing some kind of grotesque and not at all real version of the president elect is quite un-American and chips away at the security of the nation.     

Mount Trumpmore, tremendous, am I right am I right? 

There will be changes, America will be great again. There will be a roll back on ghey marriage and abortion cos anyone that does either is obviously working for Satan. Not my words, check the Bible, Jesus said it before he built the Ark of the covenant ... know yer scripture .... cos there will be a test on it if you think you can claim welfare and partake for free of such commie services such as the police and fire service. 

If you can't pay the crook gets away .... catchy huh. If you don't earn then yer home will burn. 

 Heil me! 

All the Obama FEMA death camps he was going to fill up with guns and rednecks will now become Trump Liberty Camps .... or TLC. They will contain liberals trouble makers who endanger democracy, and of course Hispanics, the cast of SNL, Hamilton and Muslims duh! 

All those far right white supremacists alt-right supporters who have been having rallies and shouting Heil Trump! etc will be rewarded as patriots and formed into militias as per the Constitution.  They will patrol the streets to make sure women are dressed appropriately.  

Ugly fat slobs will be kept out of the public eye but if everyone buys enough Trump points they will have a decent first world life .... it's America so don't expect healthcare or clean drinking water though, only magical make believe places have that. 

Americans will put up with a lot as long as they think their rights are not being infringed or that brown or black people are getting something they aren't. 

1) You can have free education, healthcare, a house, a safe clean environment but limited guns such as shotguns, single shot rifles and revolvers. 

2) Or you can have crap education, no university, no healthcare, you get a trailer or can rent, lead or rocket fuel in the water, fracking kicking up chemicals for your kids to breath in but all the guns you have now. 

Americans have repeatedly chosen the big steamy number two.   All the guns in the world couldn't make average Joe with type one diabetes and a bad back overthrow the well armed and trained government. 

If you took shit for granted, sulked instead of vote or didn't care what yer soldiers fought and died for and elected someone who was a coward and a bully then you just brought down everyone else to yer level of stupid. 
The smart and decent folk have to put up with 8 years of the US being 10 times the international joke it was when GW Bush was preez all thanks to you but you don't care because you think self-respect is keeping yer lawn mowed or yer car clean or maybe it's a classy neck tattoo, you just don't have a clue. 

Trump is like a partner that beats you but you say, 'maybe they'll be different, maybe they'll change' of course they never do because once they see what you'll put up with they'll only keep giving you more. 

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Liberals Are Mean

Angry liberals about to explode into mindless violence no doubt. 

After the UK elections, Brexit and the US elections we saw the true face of liberals. Their protests and constant complaints sent a shudder into the cold hearts of conservatives everywhere. "how can they be so mean?" many asked. 

Of course for years those same conservatives supported politicians that were all for getting rid of foreigners, imposing restrictions on the poor, old and disabled. 

In the US there have been morons claiming that Obama was about to take their guns, set up FEMA death camps and invade those states full of rednecks with UN troops or something. For 8 fucken years they have gone on like this and demanding to see his birth certificate. 
In the UK we put up with austerity, people committing suicide over it and then re-electing the same conservative government that imposes those measures. 

Christians have refused to sell ghey flowers and ghey cakes and then claim they are being persecuted because they aren't allowed to discriminate .... those fucken liberals and their evil equality ideas.   

 Ryan Bundy, making slack jawed yokels look good.

Then there was those rednecks taking over a wildlife sanctuary because the government wouldn't let them exploit whatever land they wanted to exploit and then getting away with it in court. 

They called for liberty or death but got homesick and rethought the death bit. 

Years and years of conservatives putting more thought into ghey sex than the gheys themselves. Years of frightened calls to arm yourself cos Obama or Hillary is coming for yer guns and rights. Years of blaming hard working immigrants and ignoring domestic terrorism carried out by white people in favour of anything that brown people might do. 

Now these well armed ammosexuals that claim they are tough, brave and ready to die for their cuntry .... except they don't really mean to actually die are whining about angry liberals. 

A Trump supporter sucker punches a liberal at a rally? ..... just being a passionate patriot. Liberals beat up a Trump supporter in the street because somehow he was able to tell them his politics and probably in a civilised manner. 

Yeah I'm sure the werds "liberal fags" wasn't used at all. 

Conservatives don't think and don't think things through. The Bundys no doubt pictured a glorious battle like in the movies ... maybe like the Alamo but not the bit about Davey Crockett being cut down after he surrendered as that isn't John (draft dodging) Wayne like at all. 

Lets call for a revolution but by revolution they mean posing with their guns. They don't want to get hurt. Liberals being violent seems to have shocked them, "huh I thought guns scared them" yeah they don't mind using their fists though. 

They can't get their head around the fact that liberals won't take shit, it isn't in their world view. Guess what, it takes a lot to rile a liberal because they would rather let you do the right thing first and give you a chance to be decent. 

War isn't glorious, it's long hours of uncomfortable waiting and then 5 - 20 minute bursts of extreme noise, fear and violence. 

Revolution is just that. Could an over weight coffee drinking smoker put up with the hardships of war when they can't even go an hour without a smoke and a cup of Joe .... or a Twinkie? 

I'm angry and I'm not sure why.   

I love how Christians who are part of the world's largest religion can claim to have a war on them and how they are persecuted. Starbucks wouldn't put Trump or Jesus on their cups .... lets persecute em for persecuting us.  

Making other people do yer shit, that's called bullying where I'm from. Equality doesn't mean you can be a dick, it means everyone is treated how you would want to be treated, why do assholes insist on being assholes in public where it is bound to offend someone? Cos conservative right wing twats are attention whores and bullies that's why. 

You and yer whataboutery asks about ghey pride parades? Are they insisting you be ghey? right wingers insist on you following their Shania law. Kinda different when it's a minority that faces daily abuse than those that do the abusing.

Remember Fuck you Indiana? I lost a FB friend over that because he was more concerned about insults to his state than he was about laws that discriminated against queers. Good riddance you loser. 

The Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, signed into law the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act .... Now he's a heartbeat away from being president.    

You white supremacists and far right may try to disguise yerselves as being Alt right but we're onto you. You may disguise yerselves as being the victims but we're onto you. You might disguise yerselves as patriots but we're onto you. You might disguise yerselves as Christians but Jesus is ashamed of you, that's why he hasn't returned .... it's all yer fault. 

Liberals may have screwed themselves over by not voting or for splitting their votes. I'm more shocked at how afraid conservatives are as they run to stroke the firearms they still have for comfort. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Experts Say White People Are Superior

 Eugen Fischer taught SS doctors about racial purity

Racism is an obsolete term to show prejudice or discrimination against another race or thinking that your own race is superior.

It's obsolete because there is only one race and human species called Homo Sapiens. The trouble was started or made popular when documented in the 17th century when the likes of Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus divided mankind into sub groups, europaeus, asiaticus, americanus, and afer.
He pointed out that the europaeus were intelligent and adventurous while the afer were stupid and lazy, a prejudice that continues on today.

Why do some still believe that? You wouldn't give morphine to yer child to sooth its cough like they did in the 19th century. In the 1920 and 30's capsules filled with dehydrated tapeworms or tapeworm eggs were sold as diet pills, you wouldn't take those now a days would you?

We have all the knowledge these days yet some just don't use it. 

 Superior just because they are white, they don't look superior.

Yet "the blacks" .... especially those in the inner cities according to the 45th president are lazy trouble makers that he wouldn't rent to. Jews are shifty money grabbers that all own successful jewelry shops ... you probably think that because jewelry has jew in it that it's where we get the name from ... go lern something for fucks sake. 

Thomas Jefferson is seen as an enlightened liberal who penned the Declaration of Independence stating that all men were equal.  All very nice until you see that it only applies to white men, not women, blacks or Native Americans.
He was a mass of contradictions, seen to some as someone who wanted to free the slaves and yet he had slaves and considered black people as inferior with a heightened sexuality.
In his time, 40 of his own slaves tried to escape. He went to great lengths to get one slave named Hubbard back after he had escaped. He put a bounty of $25 on him and when they caught him he had Hubbard put into chains and flogged in front of other slaves.

Don't think the Founding Fathers were all that. If they had slaves they brutalized them, that is the only way you could keep them. Franklin freed his slaves, Washington did not free any during his lifetime but relied on his will which did not free them all, two of his escaped slaves joined the British during the Revolutionary war.    
                                                   He would have approved of ISIS then.

Jefferson was a dick but an enlightened one for his time. A young idealist once wrote to him about freeing the slaves but Jefferson thought it too much work and not possible.

He wasn't necessarily an American first, he was a rabid Virginian. He wanted to protect Virginia from the government and from being over run by blacks.... er negros as he would have called them. He thought that black folk were inferior to whites but Native Americans were not.

If a slave was freed they should then be sent back to Africa. He wrote a bill saying that free slaves could come to Virginia but had to leave after a year. Anyone that had a child with a negro had to also leave after a year.

Keep Virginia white and only have slaves, no freed ones.

 Those racist chairs!

Look at someone with cancer, or blind, or autistic or with some other malady. That could be or could have been you. You could have been born with any deformity or condition. You could still get something. Old Knudsen isn't in perfect health but there are those out there with no limbs or a mental retardation such as Brexit or Trump voting. Old Knudsen says, "there go I but for the will of God" ... I don't mean the cruel imaginary sadist in the clouds but rather fate and the power of shit happens.

Stephen Hawking wasn't always a drooling mess in a wheelchair with a robotic voice. We have no control over what colour we are or what happens to us.

White people, yellow, red and brown people evolved from Africans. That doesn't mean we evolved as a better version of humanity but rather we evolved to suit our environment. Nature finds a way.

"Necessity is the mother of invention" We were up here in the cold so we needed clothes. We figured out how to make shoes and furry coats, then when hunting couldn't sustain our growing clans we figured out about crops and weaving fabrics and soon were making tasteless sweaters for Christmas. 

Does that make us better? No. We came to a different place with different problems. I'm sure many died before we survived. May be the Neanderthals looked after us as like the Native Americans did the WHITE pilgrims that weren't very superior. Their skin colour did fuck all to feed them.

The Nazis weren't just racist, that kind of thinking meant they were open to other forms of bigotry that supported their world view. They did invasive experiments on children, sterilized inferior races and those with mental illness.
They believed in perfection but since nothing is perfect their thought process was just full of shit.  Hitler was hardly tall, blonde haired and blue eyed for fucks sake. Luckily they didn't gas people that only had one nut.

In the early part of the 20th century both Virginia and California had laws in which the feebleminded could be put away and sterilized, this included Epileptics. 
In Virginia Carrie Buck was raped by her foster father and had a child. Both her and the child were deemed feebleminded or mentally deficient, she was sterilized in 1927 to prevent anymore unfit children being born.

Depressed, traumatized by rape? we've got an app for that.    

Just in 1924 did Virginia pass a law making it unlawful for whites to marry non-whites. 

While Planned Parenthood is essential for the US to prevent cancers and to help those with no access to reproductive healthcare, Margaret Sanger set it up to prevent black babies from being born. She was all into Eugenics and sterilization for mentally unfit people.  

Egas Moniz got a Noble peace prize for his  treatment of schizophrenia in 1949. This treatment was called lobotomy, you may have heard about it. The Jefferson loving Kennedy clan had poor Rosemary lobotomized then locked away for her mood swings in 1941. 80% of lobotomies had been done on women in the United States by the time, that shows you women were often put in their place Henry the 8th style. 

Armed with these ideas from the 17th century and beyond our racists continue on with the ill informed stupid. 
We are still racist today, I don't mean just white people I mean there are racists of all colours. Whitey owned slaves so hate all whites, blacks sometimes riot and burn down Wal-Marts so hate all blacks, a dog bite me as a child so hate all dogs, some Muslims did 9/11 so hate all Muslims.  

I'm sure some angry Muslims that are also black can be found to back up such racist and bigoted views. These views are not just ill informed but are created by fear. Racists are cowards hence the way they attack in groups. 

Racism is stupid and not based on facts but what you've experienced in life or what you've decided to be true. Now the word racist gets used for anyone that discriminates against others that are different, maybe the term is evolving to mean that. 

The modern world is facing up to its own racism which is really bigotry if you want to be exact. I love how racists correct people that use the word racist instead of bigot, yeah a great victory of semantics. 

In this world there are good people and bad people, they come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. You can chose to hate them all just like those SS doctors choosing to do harm. 

Or you can wise the fuck up and stop being so fucken precious. You were born the colour you were by sheer luck, not good or bad luck ... just chance.    

Use a thing called empathy and imagine you are a different colour. The things of that culture would be just as familiar as your own right now and you'd still poop, have good days and bad days and put yer troosers on one leg at a time. You'd feel pain, joy and love.

We live and we die, don't make life harder by being dumb and don't waste it by filling it with hate.  

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

CIA Training For Everyday Use

When yer a spy you can't tell anyone about it. You can't tweet how yer off to use yer heart attack gun on a Russian diplomat cos the enemy also has Twitter.

Old Knudsen is humble and modest and doesn't like to brag, when he tells you about his huge crowd pleasing penis he's merely stating fact. When I werked for the company I was trained by the 2nd best of the best. I was trained how to spy, escape and evade. I've done things I'm no proud of ... like yer Ma ... Ka Chow!
Condition white. 

From the CIA, Marines Hunter Program and the Mi-5 how to lie course I lerned basic field craft that is applicable for everyday plebs if they would take their heads out of their holes for a minute.

I tried to teach you all in this post about surviving a terrorist attack

If you walk about staring at yer phone, book or newspaper, or if yer listening to yer music with yer earbuds in and daydreaming then you are in condition white. You are oblivious to what is around you. You are a perfect target for muggers, pick pockets or evil commie spies.

You need to be in condition yellow always. This is head up and knowing who is around. These people rarely get knocked down at a crosswalk. Confident looking people do not draw as much attention as lost clueless folk do.

Condition orange is when you see a potential danger and ready yerself. That could mean taking yer hands out of yer fucken pockets and hold onto something like yer keys or a pen, something you could jab into a hand or eye.
Also you can take actions and go somewhere to avoid a confrontation. The best way to win a fight is to avoid it, even highly trained experts like myself would rather avoid a fight as you have nothing to prove to this person by being macho and even the best training or the 2nd best won't prepare you for someone better, faster or even more lucky. Maybe they have a weapon you don't know about. 

Condition red is when you fight or flee. You are taking action. The best way to fight if you have to is wound yer opponent or hit them hard enough to make them think twice while you get away.

Or is it condition green? ach that's why I was "let go" from the bomb disposal team. Schools can be rebuilt and parents can have more children so get off me fucken back.

What should we do sir?  

Condition black is usually for military in combat. In Band of brothers Lieutenant Peacock was leading Easy company through a field. They were out in the open and the Germans were taking them apart. Peacock froze in panic and could not make any decisions, that is condition black.        

Good training is the best way to avoid condition black.

So I was in an unfamiliar town to meet some assets for humint .... that's spook speak for human intelligence. I had just spoken to Jimmy the weasel and he had told me about a foreign government plan to strike panic into the people by buying all the milk, bread and baked beans ... fucken devious.

I was on the street, getting a baseline for what was normal as then you can easily tell what isn't. A busy street, people going into shops and cars going by. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a man standing there looking around him.

You may not think that odd but the only ones that look around them are idiot tourists, law enforcement and bad guys. There were no giant balls of string or old crappy buildings so he wasn't a tourist, he wasn't scanning the blacks or brown men of combat age so he wasn't a cop ... he was looking for a certain type ... shit he could be a spy hunter, I hope he was just a usual bad guy as spy hunters are deadly. 

In my peripheral I saw him lock his eyes onto me, my hand reached down but no, my zip was not down again. As I told the judge is was an honest mistake.

Criminals and bad guys stare at their prey, it's an indicator you should watch out for while in condition yellow. In the wild a predator never takes its eyes off what it's hunting.

He started to match mt step and it looked like he was aiming to cut me off.

One thing to do is to let them know you are onto them. If someone is following you then turn round and look them up and down.

I turned to him and asked, "do you know what the time is?" it werked, he was startled. I was ready with my rolled up Hustler magazine in my hand to strike at his throat .... oh I was buying it for a friend

"Time to accept Jesus into your heart" I looked around to make sure it wasn't a distraction and that he didn't have a buddy coming up on my 6. I may be paranoid but I'm also alive and old so it werks. It was near the holiday season so bad guys often target people with distractions.      

Content that it wasn't a ploy I turned my ring on my finger around and opened the top exposing a tiny needle. I took his leaflet giving his hand a small prick .... no, not that kind of prick ... I said it was huge remember. 

He'd be meeting his maker within the hour. I smiled for the rest of the day knowing that I had the intel to stop a foreign power carrying out a terrorist consumer attack and that I gave yon Christian bloke the chance to see if all his fairy tales were true or not. It was a good day.   

 You didn't expect a huge cock pic in this post.

Better than that day when I had my ring turned in and grabbed my dick and poisoned myself . Well it wasn't too bad cos the doctor had to suck the poison out. They tried to tell me the NHS wouldn't fund that kind of treatment but I found a young willing doc that needed the money.

Monday, 21 November 2016

How To Make Your Own Fortune

I want to say one word to you. Just one word, are you listening? .... Shit! The future is shit. Not plastics, oil or pork bellies it's shit.

Sewage sludge contains traces of gold, silver and platinum, enough for people to take an interest. If it wasn't enough for us to waste perfectly clean water by pooping into it we also throw away precious metals when we have a dump.

Arizona State University estimated that a city of one million flushed away about $13m (£8.7m) worth of precious metals each year.

I always wondered what went on at universities. If I had known it was nothing to do with boring education and lerning books and werds I might have gone.   

No don't be rushing out to yer local plant that dumps into the sea there are better ways that shifting through tons of shit.
Chemicals called leachates can pull the metals out of the sludge and in a setting such as a sewage plant those pesky harmful chemicals won't kill off the environment as they are prone to do during mining operations.

Valuable minerals can be found in shampoo, detergent, drugs and pharmaceuticals, also nanoparticles put into socks to control the odour .... my feet often smell like damp musky caramel, must be the nanoparticles.

With all the vitamins and crazy meds that Americans have you'd expect a fortune. Experts also claim that the average American is also more full of shit that most other nations .... and it's true.

Plop research shows that 1kg of sludge contained about 0.4mg gold, 28mg of silver, 638mg copper and 49mg vanadium .... and other shit.  Old Knudsen is going to drop a deuce or 3 and if it's any way solid (24% chance of being solid) I'm taking it to a pawn broker to see how much I'll get.  

 Bill Gates has a drink of poo water. 

A facility in Tokyo already mines for gold in poo and they are getting as much as a real mine would. The Swedes are more um odd and prefer to turn treated sewage into clean drinking water and energy. There a plant in Africa that also does this.

While drinking yer own piss is a normal enough thing, I mean we all do it right? I don't think I'd be thirsty enough to drink a taxi driver or worse a politician's waste water. I'll be giving Dakar a miss if I'm ever offered soldier of fortune jobs in Africa.

In England there is a power plant in Northumbria that converts honest hard working northern waste into energy. Other plans to do this have been refused by the government because they are cunts that prefer to frack and bomb Syrians ... no money for poo plants, sorry we're broke... yeah right.

 One hot lunch coming up. No relish cos that would be gross.

Yeah ok, I may have gotten the US election wrong which means WWIII has been moved up to whenever the president takes offence on Twitter or something but I see the future as being totally shit.

A factory assembly line of workers on the shit shift, pushing out their kept in morning glories for profit. You can actually say yer job is shit without being a whiny little bitch.
Old Knudsen would be working flexitime as you just never know when the gravy train is going to arrive with him ... again Tesco, I do apologize but yer toilets were at the back of the store and I don't do running.  

So if you ever doubt yer self worth you can at least count on yer poo having some value. You aren't a complete loser.     

Friday, 18 November 2016

Hey Mexico We Need Breathing Room

So cliched to compare people to Hitler but if the shit fits then wear it. I'm sure it's the only way we can compare Trump to Hitler. It's not as if he rode a wave of discontenment and blamed other races and religions for the woes of the nation.

It's not as if he's a teetotaler but doesn't turn down the odd big of drugs :::sniffs:::::

The name Donald comes from the Gaelic name Domhnall which means "ruler of the world" ... and people said Hillary and Obama had the New World Order as their agenda. Remember, it was the Republicans that wanted Saddam gone, Bill Clinton refused them. They are the ones with the plans on shaping the world.

 Joseph Goebbels the original Steve Bannon ... propaganda R us

Not that I'm saying the leader of the angriest election winners (5 times more angrier than a Brexitard) in the werld will invade other cuntries in order to start WWIII. Oops I forgot he's American, I mean invade anymore cuntries than the ones they have done at the moment.

Nah he'll probably start WWIII over a Twitter feud.