Monday, 3 October 2016

Why Is Fear The Walking Dead So Shite?

Why is Fear the walking dead so shite? What, you haven't seen it? Too busy watching Dancing with the has beens or something. The original show The Walking Dead had a lot of hit and miss, it had people swearing never to watch it again but Fear .... it should have been cancelled after the first season but no, thanks to TV producer politics it was automatically renewed. Riding on The Walking Dead coat tails it has an audience all ready.

The show producers abuse the viewer with stupid and unnecessary cliff hangers so why not just take them for granted too? They are the only ones with high production value zombie shows so they get to corner the market while Z Nation and other kinda lame shows on Syfy gain from the need for more of this kind of thing.

 I'm sooo dead, oh no my wife and unborn child  ... JK I'm tots alive man.

If you keep the fans happy you don't need to fool them with idiot cliff hangers as they'll watch it next week anyways. If you keep promising to kill off a fan favourite all the time then you'll lose viewers. You can't say it's for the story progression when we can clearly see it's for the Twitter trending.   

Old Knudsen knows good TV. He was one of the people that flooded FX with messages when they were talking about cancelling The Shield. That was ground breaking TV and you wouldn't have shows like The Wire if it wasn't for The Shield.

Fear Of The Walking Dead is a Walking Dead spin off set in 2010 when the zombie apocalypse started. Like in TWD you don't say zombie though, you say everything but. Walker, Roamer, Biters, Lurkers, Dead ones, Creepers, Rotters, Floaters.

   Minority Walkers have rights too.

I guess no one has every heard of the word Zombie. What's in your head, in your head, zombie, zombie, zombie, hey, hey, hey, oh  ..... 1994 for fucks sake.  

This show was set on the west coast. Take the same story but give it a different setting ... so original. Instead of TWD which had cops who are obviously used to shooting people ... less paper work. They took liberals that don't own guns and think about the feelings of others.

Yep, people that shouldn't last 5 minutes during the apocalypse. Look, that poor woman is sick, she needs our help. Lets ignore the marshal law and riots and get her to a hospital .... ahhh stop biting me, personal space dude. 

Great answer though everyone else that didn't answer was awesome too. 

Travis is a soft as shite English teacher on the edge. An ex wife and a unruly teen son named Chris from that marriage. He has two step kids from his current marriage Nick and Alicia. All the teens seem to be screwed up in some way and instead of saying, well fuck you and leave them to it Travis and his wife Madison bend over backwards for them. 

Zombie apocalypse, I live in East LA an apocalypse is a step up.   

Travis is the furthest thing there is to shooting a cop in yer bathtub as in Training Day. There comes a time when you have to give up on others to survive and Travis seems to be taking his time doing this.... yet he's still alive. 
Chris adapted and became a good Walker killer and scavenger but he was sick of being treated like an idiot teen ... even though he is an idiot teen.     

 I don't have to kill them but I want to ... don't judge me dad.

When Chris got angry and stood over his step mon and sister while they slept with a knife in his hand, that should have really been a clue that he wasn't right in the head. He ran off and Travis ran after him to make sure he was ok .... seriously? 

Fear and TWD are basically B-movies with up to date effects. The characters have to make poor decisions in order for plot events to happen. Hey lets leave the safety of this fortified compound and split up and look for survivors.  We can talk about our feelings along the way.

  Get off my lawwwnnnn!

Zombies shuffle, move slowly, groan a lot and yet they can not only sneak up on you but can chase you non-stop without you gaining much of a lead. Being undead makes you fit and gives you strong teeth.

Is there no petrol at the end of the world? Instead of covering yerself in blood to walk through them just lob in a few petrol bombs. Americans aren't used to not being the main predator I suppose. In Northern Ireland, Scotland, Russia and other places where people still have balls without the need for guns we'd fuck those zombies up. 

  She'd bite me without consent so this of fine during the apocalypse. 

They escaped on a luxury yacht but Alicia went on the radio and talked to a guy who was phishing for info in order to ambush them. But he sounded so sweet and I liked his taste in music. 
The boat got stolen by the Mexican military because where do you go to during an apocalypse? Aye to a 3rd werld cuntry that has people more desperate than you without an apocalypse. 

 I've fallen and I cannot get up.

I bet colder cuntries not only have more water but I reckon the cold makes the Walkers slower and more prone to break their hips on the ice. 

Fear has people that are just not likeable, they'd complain about their feelings and intimacy issues because this shit has to be addressed at the end of the world. 'You always loved Nick more than me, I raised myself' ..... well you did a piss poor job cos yer a whiny wee pussy .... grow the fuck up. 

Trust me, I'm a junkie .... and I'm addicted to BBQ sauce.  

Nick, Madison's wayward junky son that channels Johnny Depp at a time when Depp isn't too popular. He has a fascination with the dead as he relates to them being dead inside ... we get it, you do stupid things and the plot moves on. 

These shows take an hour to do what could be done in 20 minutes, cut to walkers coming at you yet again to build up the tension, look scared, cut to walkers getting closer, don't run away, that is too easy. 

A Quarter back, rugby player or anyone with half a brain could easily survive the apocalypse, it's the other people you have to watch out for .... we get it already, humans not zombies are the real monsters :::yawn:::: 

Sometimes the characters show promise by killing some Walkers but then they get too good, then cocky and they make mistakes.  The people that write this aren't real dude writers. You loot, you get guns, you find a hot Walker not too far decomposed and ..... 

Guns, food, water, alcohol, meds and porn. Go get this instead of sitting about figuring out where yer life went wrong.  

Travis buried a dude and made a cross for him. He had a hammer which he threw away. What the fuck? You get weapons and upgrade them the more you kill and the more you find, you don't throw something away and walk about unarmed. 

The US is full of weapons, preppers and guns and yet hardly anyone has any weapons. It's stupid and insults the genre of zombie shows where you figure out where to hold up at, like in a mall or military base for fucks sake.
I like the genre because you have to figure out how to survive, not figure out why yer parents never hugged you.

I watch this show to kill an hour. Maybe something good will happen like sex or Nick getting killed. It's like the election campaign. Trump is so stupid and yet he has managed to get so far. If a character gets killed off it will be for shock value to wake up a flagging, dragging show but I reckon most folk will shrug rather than be shocked.      

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