Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Welcome To The Trump Wreck

Trump owns the name Central Park, as in the one in New York. You have to pay him to use the name. He has also bought and renamed the term Train Wreck because it's obviously about him. It's now called Trump Wreck.
This is the man who thinks he is smart by losing sooo much in bad business deals that he qualifies to not have to pay Federal taxes for 18 years. If he was smart he wouldn't have lost $916 mil in the first place. His accountant was smart, not him.

How can a person like this get so far in American politics? It's like electing yer old racist creepy uncle or something. "go talk to uncle Rudy" .... but mom he makes me sit on his lap.

Trump's biggest weakness is that he wasn't prepared for politics. His past has 10 times more baggage than most. Bad business deals, treating people like shit, 3 marriages/affairs, draft dodging and an elitist entitlement that thinks his money or the appearance of being rich can get him anything. He thinks he can say or do anything because he's Trump.

This guy invests in countries around the world rather than investing in the US. Whose best interests does he have in mind ... yours? Even his clothing line is made in foreign cuntries because foreigners work for less and those nations are grateful for the business and so don't charge too much in taxes. 

   He believes that normal laws just don't apply to him. 

Just before the first debate the Clinton campaign released an ad that had Trump's own words against women which were quite damning especially all in one place. Yes it was planned and yes we are being manipulated. It's called politics. 
Clinton understands that the public have a short attention span but a scandal even one that is old and rehashed can last for weeks and become water cooler talk. She wants to sway the undecided and make it difficult to justify voting for this arsehole. 

Like Old Knudsen has been saying it is her turn, you don't really have a choice. I also predicted that ISIS would feel loses just before the election and I just read how they've lost a quarter of their territories. The threat is still there to justify the war machine though as Americans love wars. 

Now surprisingly (no not really) a 10 year old recording has unsurfaced a week after the debate and closer to the election and it's anti-women too. I wonder what else the Clinton campaign have been sitting on.   

Trump is on a bus with TV presenter Billy Bush. They are talking about Trump's favourite topic himself. Trump is telling him how he heavily hit on a married woman and sometimes you just gotta grab a woman by the pussy. Luckily for us he had a microphone on.

Life isn't consensual Pornhub Mr Trump. There are lines and you have crossed them.  

He says that if you are famous you can do anything. Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Bill Cosby had the same idea.  
They see Arianne Zucker who is dressed to kill and go into macho drooling horn dog mode. Get a group of guys together and they decline into a sub-human species that only believes in fighting and fucking. 

They look at Zucker from the bus and go on about her legs and complain when someone stands in front of her blocking the view.     

 Trump's own family subconsciously guard their genitals when near him.

Zucker is the sexiest eye candy ornament for his TV appearance. Appear with beautiful women and you look like a successful virile male. It's basic optics. Like singers that just stand there and sing, you give them back up dancers to make them appear more interesting. 

    Even his wife crosses her legs away from him. 

Remember, 93% of communication is non-verbal. People tell you things without meaning to. In Trump's mind the only optics he believes in are being surrounded by beautiful successful people. 

When he lowers himself to talk to the public or when he visits schools you can tell he hates it. He is unsure and not at ease. He can't control the situation because he isn't good at pretending to be someone that cares. 

Getting off the bus with Billy Bush he makes sure to pop a Tic Tac in case he ends up kissing  Arianne Zucker .... see, he can be thoughtful. 
Bush and Trump still in macho mindset play their little game still and Bush uses peer pressure while under the gaze of the camera to make Zucker hug him and Trump. She has to or she'd appear rude right? 

While walking to the set Bush adjusts himself so that Zucker is in the middle. She isn't a person, she's just an ornament so she does what she is told. She's promoting sexy not women's rights.

Trump is just letting everything happen because he isn't in control. Bush then asks Zucker who would she chose between the two of them. I take it he means sex. Either way it's vastly inappropriate but to Trump and Bush who no doubt snorted a few lines on the bus it seems fine. 

Zucker is uncomfortable but she's a professional and is on camera so she becomes a diplomat. Rather than saying 'none of you two losers' she says the playful 'both' which delights Bush but he knows not to go any further with this, maybe he realises he went too far. 

Very quickly Bush says he has to leave and asks for Trump's mic before the tape ends. Very abrupt as if he had an oh shit moment like when you go to a Black Lives Matter protest and say 'you people need to disperse' ..... what do you mean, you people?             

Yes the Clinton campaign is manipulating us but it's for our own good. You can't vote Trump into the White House no matter how much you hate Hillary. 
Learn from the UK, the people did protest votes against Labour mostly because the Labour leader wasn't very good with people and looked goofy. They didn't vote or voted Green or Ukip and guess what? The abusive Tories won yet again, they had it handed to them. 

A fractured vote is divide and conquer. A protest vote or just not voting is really a vote for Trump. You can have yer morals and principles all you like but bad things happen when good people do nothing. Do you dislike Hillary so much that you'd rather be represented to the world by Trump?  ... if the answer is yes and you want to see the world burn to teach it a lesson then you are just as stupid as yer average Trump voter.    

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