Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Build Up For 2020

Here is the future. Hillary will become President, there will be 4 long years of "put her in jail" and people will say how no president ever has had such insults .... it's because she's a woman obviously, something Old Knudsen can testify to ..... oh yeah.

US/Russia pressure is building and of course the lapdogs like the UK, Canada and those foreign speaking cuntries like France will get dragged into it all too. While fronts like Libya and Yemen get opened more we see a need for troops ready to strike anywhere. Fuck peace right.

In the dock yards around the world super carriers like HMS Queen Elizabeth are being built. They can carry 36 F35B stealth fighters and four Merlin helicopters,Chinooks and Apache gunships. This one will cost the taxpayer £6.2bn. It can carry 679 sailors and 900 Air crew and  Marines. A second carrier The Prince of Wales is also being built. A senior British naval officer couldn't contain his excitement and said the would add, "enormous punch to the capability the Royal Navy has got."    

The US have got 10 super carriers already in service. The USS Gerald R Ford is the very recent one. It will join the USS Dwight Eisenhower which is in the Middle East. The USS Enterprise will begin contsruction in 2018 and the USS John F. Kennedy will be ready 2020.

The US plan to spend $81.3bn and have 308 ships by 2020.  

China is replacing its Soviet era carriers and have 2 under construction. Russia whose plan to buy carriers off France fell through are planning to add 54 warships and 24 subs by 2020.

 Russia also has lots of inflatables to scare the shit out of the eye in the sky. 

So, 2020. Hillary's first term will be up but there will be a lot going on and plenty of momentum that will coast her through to the second term. You don't change leaders in the middle of might be the start of WWIII for fucks sake. 

Snooki from Jersey Shore will put up a tremendous campaign for the Republicans but she just won't win.   

Right now in the world the US are showing strength on the Ukraine border, in the waters of the South Pacific trying to stop Chinese expansion as well as reassuring Japan and South Korea that they will be there if lil Kim decides to nuke someone. Have a Snickers Kim, yer such a diva when yer hungry. 

 In the Middle East the usual bombing against Assad ISIS is going on. Poor Aleppo. What do you expect? Terrorists hide amongst civilians, that's why you can't use conventional weapons against them ... unless you don't care about the collateral damage. Hey blame yerself, you voted these psychopaths into power. But but the Obamas are sooo classy .... aye for psychopaths.

The West which is really the US telling everyone what to do with the approval of Saudi Arabia killed Gaddafi and brought chaos to Libya. The whole Benghazi thing was the US trying to guide the various factions on the ground without looking as if the US was in charge. Shit went pear shaped.

The thing to do there is to back up the Libyan government so order is established and drilling rights are sorted out. In Yemen the US failed to do that and now you've got factions with Iran involvement. Tehran has said it will help the Houthi rebels against UN forces anyway it can.

Yemen is an impoverished shite hole but it's of strategic importance. Having a US friendly dictator was working for us until the rebels kicked him out.   

Yes, the West are the bad guys. We back a ruler that treated the people like shit, when they rose up and Iran applauded then obviously they are the bad guys.          

Now there is a war that has been going on in Somalia for the past year. What? There's a war?

This year alone Obama has carried out air strikes in 7 cuntries and special ops in many more, where have you been?

In January al-Shabab killed 100 Kenyan troops and drove off with their gear, shit got serious. 2-3 hundred US troops including the trendy SEAL Team 6 have been working with African troops to fight al-Shabab which is an offshoot of that classic brand al-Qaida.

Somalia is important if say you'd been kicked out of Yemen so the strategy changes. The West has largely ignored butt fuck Africa and only get involved when there is no other choice.
This secret war in Somalia just isn't mentioned because you can't handle such knowledge so don't worry yer pretty little head about it. If any US troops get killed there I doubt you'll hear about it. You'll hear how some soldier got killed on some training mission no where near Somalia. Is Iraq still being used as a cover for that?
Yeah he was like backing up Iraqi forces, yeah that's right. 

Things are shaping up for 2020. The super carriers being built can get close enough to launch missiles or land troops and with the ever changing battle fronts (4 more, thanks Obama) that's a good thing for the military though the carriers will probably be out of date by the time they are built but you have to do something right?


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