Thursday, 13 October 2016

Obama And Hillary Are Demons

Just when Old Knudsen thinks how stupid and idiotic his fellow cuntrymen/weemen are he reads about the US. No Trump hasn't said anything new or 11 years old. There is far more stupid in America and his name is Alex Jones. With his own website, Youtube channel and radio station that goes out over 160 stations the Texan (of course) delivers his crazy paranoid rantings to a gullible public.

How did this creature from the Suidae family of even-toed ungulates get more famous than Old Knudsen? If there is any indication of how unbalanced the werld and how evil is more powerful than good it's that right there. 
 Sus domesticus showing his O face.

I'll make a prediction. After Trump's defeat in the election there will be an emboldened wave of nutters ready to carry on the banner of ignorance. Alex Jones will be the next Republican nomination.  Sure all the other Republicans will denounce him until they see the deplorable 50% of the nation backing him and then suddenly there will be endorsements and people like Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani will become toady bug eaters for their dark master .... baiter.

People like Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan will do u-turns on their already questionable morals and say they have to rally round the Republican nomination .... no matter how shite he is cos that's what they do.  A useless fucker in the White House is better than a qualified Democrat.

    Hmmm Pumpkin Spice 
Jones who nearly had a stroke when he uncovered the conspiracy that had Hillary open up a loosened jar of pickles on the Jimmy Kimmel show has now claimed that Obama and Hillary are demons. 

Yes the British Prime Minister may have fucked a dead pig's head (who hasn't?) when he was a coke addled youngster but no one at the house of commons demanded to sniff his cock. While campaigning for Hillary ... there was no golf or presidenting to be done that day, Obama talked about conspiracy nuts and sniffed himself for sulfur. 

He said there was no smell. He also said he had investigated himself for war crimes in Syria and with his drones strikes and found no wrong doing there either ... it was all Russia's fault. 

Hillary took time out of deleting e-mails to deny being a demon too. When asked if she had deleted e-mails from Ukrainian hunks looking for love in the West she "what difference does it make?" Well Old Knudsen wants to know who is sending her e-mails and if she is responding to them. 

I must admit that when I last saw Hillary about 2 years ago in room 115 at a Holiday Inn I did detect the smell of rotten eggs, she of course in true Hillary form denied it and said it must have been the maid who had just left .... yeah right. I confronted said maid later that night at her home. 
Yeah she was still groggy as she was sleeping when I confronted her, she acted defensive and called the police shouting about getting out her bedroom but I don't think she dealt it.  

Old Knudsen doesn't care if Hillary is a demon or a lizard alien in a meat suit from the planet Zebulon. I have no idea why Bill strayed cos Hillary is a high energy freak in the sack. I don't want to sound like some bragging frat boy in the locker room but she does everything and thoroughly too. After one of her rimjobs my rims were more fucken shiny than they have been in years. She doesn't swallow, she chugs. 

Demon, alien or just a child sacrificing Satanist, she's still way better than Trump. 

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