Monday, 10 October 2016

I Guess Hitler Was Right

Amber Rudd the British Home Secretary says that she is nothing like Hitler and was just following orders when she said that employers must declare what inferior races dirty foreigners non-British people they employ.  

She insists that she is not a racist for merely suggesting that foreigners are taking British jobs and that the government should be putting the needs of British people first ... sort of a Britain first thing I suppose.

Theresa May the Prime Minister by default took time out of killing and skinning Dalmatian puppies to make a statement. 
"If you talk about immigration you are branded as racist, that's ridiculous. Outsiders and those not like us need to be categorized and clearly marked for the safety of the nation as they may want to kill you in your sleep, take your jobs and rape your children."    

She denied that Britain has become more racist since Brexit and suggested that only a dirty wog without British values would say such a thing. 

So it's employers and schools that need to supply the government with information, next it will be doctors and maybe neighbours. If you see a foreigner type looking swarthy and shifty, possibly wearing fingerless gloves then report them to the local police ..... assuming there is anyone to answer the phone as May did cut back the police in favour of civvies with basic observe and report training. 

The reason why the Gestapo were so effective was that it made everyday people spy on their neighbours ... coincidence I'm sure. 

Yes the government should control immigration but they seem to be going after working foreigners and those in education, not the trouble makers or suspected Jihadists. 

When women say how the world would be a better place if women were in charge you could argue that women can be as cuntish as men. The UK has 3 women in charge. The English one seems to be a Nazi, the Scottish one a rabid nationalist and the Northern Irish one a god bothering sectarian. 

In Germany Angela Merkel was all deport away one moment and the next she is let everyone in ... which is just as bad. 
The US think it's such a big deal having a female leader because they ignore the rest of the world and think they are soooo progressive, glass ceiling and all. Their female leader is a chicken hawk that courts war and will push Russia, China, Iran and their mates into a war because it suits her and her friends. 

Better to look strong and push because if they push back then it's not our fault right? 

The west has gone to war and then abused the victims of it as if they are the ones to watch out for. Never mind our drones killing whoever we please, the invading army or the tons of data on normal day people, it's the penniless, homeless brown people you need to watch out for. 

Use reason and logic, do not catch the fear they are trying to infect you with. There is always risk and danger every where but seriously, what are the chances of you getting what they say you'll get?   

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