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How To Dismiss And Belittle Victims Of Sexual Abuse

It's a well known fact that if a person is famous the normal laws of society do not apply to them. When women come forward and claim they've been abused well who are you going to believe? They who are basically nobodys or yer favourite jumper wearing funny guy?

 Bill Cosby's victims have reached the 48 mark. 

Why wait 20 plus years to come forward? yeah they must be lying, probably after money and attention. I know that when I want to be in the public glare I always make up a story in which I've been degraded and abused.   

Every fucken time when some woman comes forward there are people that dismiss her and stand firm with the accused. May be there have been a 1 in a 500 cases in which a man was falsely accused of rape that sticks in the minds of people and so subconscious bias comes into play. Like how every black guy shot by the police are innocent and unarmed. Some are but a lot of times the fact he had a gun just gets ignored now. 

Yeah, as if a man has ever raped or abused a woman, why do you lie? 

Look at Jimmy Savile. Knighted by the Pope and the Queen, ran marathons for charity, had hit TV shows where he made the dreams of children cum true, volunteered at a children's hospital ... even having his own room there. He was a national treasure. When he died people dressed up as him in mourning. 

Turns out he abused 72 people, raping 8 of them including an 8 year-old. The victims had to wait until he was dead before coming out because he was rich, had high up connections and who would listen to someone with no proof about a 40 year-old abuse claim? .... it was 40 years ago, get over it you money grabber. 

His death had people coming forward and shone a light on other abusing national treasures that regularly performed for the Queen such as Rolf Harris and anyone else that werked for the BBC in the 70's and 80's. 

Hollywood favourite Johnny Depp liked to get wasted and throw things at his wife. Remember the apology video when they ignored the laws of the common people and took their dogs to Austraila? Amber Heard did most of the talking, I reckon Depp made her so he wouldn't look weak. 

When she came forward with the abuse a lot of people said she was after his money. When she got the $7 million divorce settlement she gave it to charity.   Oh that doesn't fit with the narrative? .. I'm so sorry.  

Why is it so hard for people to believe that Trump is a sexual predator? His own voice says what he likes to do .... grab em by the pussy. What real man says that? Even in a pretend macho guys talking setting? Old Knudsen has been in macho guy talk settings and has never spoken like that. I was in the army for fucks sake, you can't get much more macho than that. 

I bet these two blokes can fight like fuck. 

Sure a Hollywood bus with Billy Bush is very macho and doesn't compare to 40 odd guys with guns living in close confines. 

Trump has constantly shown his misogyny, he hosted beauty pageants for fucks sake. That's like Savile having his own room at a children's hospital. He bragged about being able to walk into changing rooms, even during the teen pageants with underage girls.

Go by body language, look at the gif. Why do women always hold him at arms length and are hesitant to kiss him? Even his own daughters. Maybe it's the patting lower down which signifies sexual dominance, you wouldn't even pat a child down there. 

                              Trump meeting a casual acquaintance ... no wait, that's his wife. 
The women that have come forward about Trump probably didn't think they would be taken seriously. Right now people are claiming alsorts of things such as they work for Hillary Clinton. Wow, she employs so many people, far more than Trump.

Hillary employs Donald Trump and has hired him to trick the GOP because he's such a mastermind at deception. She also employs all those media outlets and assassins that kill off anyone that goes to testify against her .... though all the women Bill has allegedly raped etc are all alive. She also employs women to come forward and be denounced and belittled claiming abuse.  

Real men interrupt women, maybe she just shouldn't be allowed to speak.

Now that you say that out loud it doesn't sound crazy at all, no, it sounds fucken cray cray. I could poke so many holes in those things that Hillary is supposed to have done but why should I? I'll just say that she should be put into prison for deleting e-mails .... like the 20 thousand the Bush admin deleted but lets ignore that. She should also be put into prison because 4 Americans died in Benghazi ... cos they are far more important than the 4 thousand that died in Iraq. 

It's almost as if people who are not female are trying to make an example out of her. 

The US is free and progressive ... well it was getting there in the 60's but all that has stalled. Thank gential exposing JFK killing LBJ for that. 

The UK had a female leader in the 80's and has three right now, many other nations including what would be described as Muslim cuntries have had or have female leaders. Germany, Australia all went with the minge, even butt fuck Catholic oppressed Ireland had a female president in the 90's. 

The US has gone backwards with sexism and racism. The gheys can marry but lots of people don't like that still and in the US there are always lawyers hired to fight every year against already established laws. It's all connected, you have to tackle bigotry step by step and if you ignore one then the others don't get to be equal either. 

   Shut that bitch up!
With Trump you'll have the people just not believing the victims because they dislike Hillary ... yeah fuck the facts or truth when you just don't like someone. 
Trump's male friends are closing ranks. Even though Trump has been caught on tape and now beauty queens are now being asked about their Trump experiences. His buddies like Rudy, Pence and Carson dismiss the claims of course. Chris Christie has said that Trump is an excellent master.

When you let someone talk shit about minorities then you are more likely to let other shite slide too. That means yer a cunt. 
Ben Carson who is also quite unstable called for a woman's mic to be turned off when asked about Trump's abuse claims. Rudy laughed off all accusations but this is the guy that treats staff like shit so he's probably similar to Trump. He denied that Hillary was at ground zero after 9/11 and then photos of them walking together came out. 
 Trump's running mate Pence says he believes Trump's denials ... a very diplomatic answer considering his delivery of said validation showed that he didn't.    

If you hitch your wagon to a candidate and stubbornly stick to them no matter what they do or have done then that shows a lot about you. If you can't change your mind then you can't change anything and that also goes to the whiny Bernie supporters still sulking and hating Hillary. 
Trump's supporters don't want to admit that what their straw haired golden orange boy has done is wrong because then that would mean that they are wrong and many people just can't accept that they are the bad guy. 

The US is the bad guy in the Middle East blah blah blah not listening. Support the troops and is that the national anthem playing?  

The abuse victims are coming forward now because may be they feel they can accuse a millionaire with connections and have people on their side who'll believe them. May be they are better patriots than you and can't have an abuser that they've actually met and have seen his true face as President of the US. 

In the US women are told they are free and can be anything they want to be, when they try to achieve that they are quickly told their place. 


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