Tuesday, 25 October 2016

How To Build An Empire

Everbody keeps asking me, 'Old Knudsen, how do you build an Empire' and I tells them, hard werk, lies and oppression.

The Romans had an Empire, the British had one too. You go to other cuntries, fuck them up, get whatever resources they have and then when they get sick of it or your power starts to slip you get the fuck out. Or like Obama you say you are getting out but keep some troops there and when times are better you increase the number.

You don't talk about the increase so people only remember you going on about bringing them home.   

And since WWII they've always lost. 

Like the Achaemenid Persian Empire, the Roman Empire,the Caliphate the Mongol Empire the Spanish, the Portuguese etc the British had their time and ruled most of the werld. Their grasp slips and then it's over. 

It can be a person keeping it together such as Alexander or even Cromwell but as soon as they die all chaos breaks loose and weaker less powerful people try to fill those shoes. Or with Rome they were attacked at their heart with most of their army elsewhere. With the British it took WWI and WWII to weaken us to the point that we couldn't afford colonies or to fight off any opposition.  

Some Empires can be built by religious fanatics who put the non-believers to the sword. Ideology is the main reason for attack and conquest. If you don't have religion separating you then go for politics. Barney the purple dinosaur promoted sharing and Communism and where is he now? 

You set up a friendly ruler or overthrow  a not so friendly one. The Arab spring uprisings wasn't about freedom it was about setting up chaos. When you have chaos a friendly super power will kindly offer to help you maintain power by arming yer group with a few stipulations like setting up bases and having drilling rights etc. 

Haftar was in exile in Virginia for 20 years but the CIA helped him get back to Libya. 

In Libya NATO backed forces overthrew Gaddafi in 2011. Hundreds of rival militia groups popped up as did the Islamic extremists. The US with its CIA presence tried to install a friendly legitimate government which would really be a puppet dictatorship to free up frozen Libyan billions held in foreign banks as well as drilling rights. 
A powerful general Khalifa Haftar seized several oil ports which kinda fucked up American plans somewhat. I'm sure he'll be assassinated in the name of freedom. 

The US backed dictator government in Yemen failed and that forced the US to go into Somalia as a consolation prize. The US also backs the Neo-Nazi government of Ukraine solely on the grounds of being anti-Russian. 

War has become the biggest product of the US, it has the largest military in the world which is why it doesn't look after its poor, old and vulnerable at home, better things to do. The American Empire is modern and flexible, coming and going, cutting its loses when Iran or Russia gets involved. Like a bully scared off by another bully. 

It suits the US to have chaos in the Middle East. It also suits the US to use drones and bombs because boots on the ground warfare can become very unpopular and fast. Be at war but not call it war, have an Empire but not call it one .... with Americans it's all about the optics. 

Experts on warfare know that if you invade a cuntry you'll create a resistance and make more enemies and yet the US and coalition forces do this constantly. War against terrorists is becoming the norm. A generation will grow not knowing anything else. 

You have to keep the war going. The Troubles in Northern Ireland got serious when the invading British committed a few atrocities thus swelling the ranks of the previously unpopular IRA. 30 odd years later it ended but 40 odd years on and people are still getting killed but you can't call it terrorism ... the optics you see. 

Is that how long the Bush started wars of terror will go on for? Are you ready for another 30 odd years of this? The US and the UK have made some pretty sweet arms deals, it's good money. 

Again with the optics, keep the people in fear of the enemy so they won't question why there were 20 odd CIA operatives in Benghazi ... they just were.... um for security and backup cos the CIA are known for that.  
Those Muslims are out to get us, even the refugees are terrorists. Grow some balls for fucks sake. The amount of times I'm told I'm swallowing media and government lies all the while these people live in fear of losing their guns and fear refugees enough to pretend to care about homeless veterans. 

In WWII it was loose lips sink ships. There were public information films on how to look out for German spies pretending to be British. In the 80's it was Soviet sleeper cells and now it's terrorists disguised as refugees.  

Did everyone always jump at their own shadows or are people these days just weeping pussies? When you are afraid things like Brexit happens. It says a lot that the brave Scottish and Irish didn't vote for it. The places where you can still get fucked up by thugs with their bare hands or a piece of glass ... guns are for the weak.

These paranoid fear fucks should fear their own government that kills far more Americans every year than any terrorist does. 

The first rule of Empire building in the 21st century .... never say the 'E' word.  

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