Thursday, 27 October 2016

Donald Trump's Star Gets Busted

This is why we can't have nice things. First you have to suspend believe that Trump is a TV star. Why does he have a star on the walk of fame? .... yeah he had a hit TV show .... a reality show but he paid for it the star, cos he isn't a star. $30,000 is the price tag BTW.

In my day being a star meant a level of fame and a certain amount of ability but he shouts, has funny hair and has a catchphrase .... that's it.  

Some bloke put on a hi-vis vest and took a sledgehammer to Donald Trump's star. It was caught on camera and he said it was for all those women (14 so far) that say that Trump sexually assaulted them in some manner going back to the 80's. 

Those 14 do not include Ivana Trump who while testifying during their divorce hearing in 1992 said that Donald forced her to have sex with him. This story came out in 1993 and Donald replied that you can't rape a spouse.
So yeah, a history of disrespecting bitches dames broads.  

As far as I know Trump hasn't embraced the doctrine of the Nazi party. Sure he keeps a signed copy of Mein Kampf in every room of his house but he says he just likes looking at the pictures in it, they are fun and tremendous. 

 Hitler the eternal joker ... the Jews just didn't get his humour oy vey. 

Just because you don't denounce hate groups that give you support and endorsements doesn't mean you agree with them, it just means yer a cunt so get off his fucken back.  

At least he is supporting American jobs for a change by giving whoever cleans up his dirty star something to do. 

When a miniature wall was put around his star it did keep miniature Mexicans out. 

Donald has asked for his replacement star to look like a normal star, like a deputy's star. He also wants to take over use up other spaces and make his star bigger as he is even more famous now.  

Other people have displeased the crazies too. John Lennon's star gets written on but they are usually positive messages and nothing at all about his wife beating. 
Hugh Laurie the actor, writer, director, musician, singer, comedian, and author who has had a 35 year career and several hit TV shows just got his star. I bet he didn't have to pay for it but how the fuck did Trump get a star before him? Probably cos he's a Brit though he has a better American accent than Trump does. 

 House aired in 2004, was intelligent and entertaining and The Apprentice aired in 2005 and was a reality show .... bleh.  
 Laurie got 2 Golden Globes, 2 SAG awards, is in the 2011 Guinness book of records for the most watched leading man on television and Trump says "yer fired". He got it in 2007 for fucks sakes. 

Other totally guilty alleged sexual predators have had their star desecrated.  Serial groper Schwarzenegger and tax evader Snipes have stars too. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce have said that once you have a star you are a part of Hollywood and will stay. 
Kevin Bacon could stand on 5th street and shoot someone and they'd still keep his star. Not that he would. Kev only shoots people during the annual hobo hunts for charity that the Clinton's run on their estate.

Some guilty as fuck innocent sexual predators have statues made for them. Woody Allen's statue has had the sign 'I am a pedo' hung round it's neck. What is more scary as a statue going around touching up kids?... a clown? fuck off! 
Allen's statue must be a Golem made from Jew magic or something. For the record I love the Jews so since they are probably in charge of Blogger please don't shut me doon.  

Hitler loved them too but "experts" say he might of have Aspergers and just didn't understand social cues that well. Of course David Duke is an expert on Hitler, he knows everything about him.

Trump has had his honorary degree from a Scottish university taken from him after thousands signed a petition. He has also had an honorary street sign removed in Chicago after a council meeting voted to remove it. Guess he shouldn't compare Chicago to a war zone, the truth hurts dude. 

When Belfast had a Chicago Pizza Pie Factory in the 90's I got more than just pizza, I got a side of PTSD too. 

Jimmy Savile a national treasure (he used to be) and guilty sexual offender was stripped of his Honorary Freemen of the Borough of Scarborough title and had a road sign taken away too. His knighthood from the Queen is safe as is his papal knighthood even though the Archbishop of Westminster wrote to Rome to remove it in 2012. Considering the cunts that the Vatican turn into saints they might make Savile into one.  

Savile has had a statue in Glasgow removed and his name off plaques and buildings in his honour. Even the BBC removed his Desert island disc episode from their data base. Saying in 1985 how he ran dance halls to get girls takes on a whole new meaning now.   

Convicted glam rock pedo Gary Glitter had his brick removed from the Cavern Club and his cameo taken out of the Spice gurls movie, serious shit. 

The US also removes images of sexual predators too. Jerry Sandusky was removed from a mural and is no longer an ice-cream flavour .... ah it tastes like young boy. Joe Paterno who didn't deal with Sandusky had his statue removed. That's like removing Pope John Paul, Pope Ratzinger and Pope Francis from shit cos they allowed pedos to thrive too, oh c'mon, not their fucken problem and the children were asking for it. 

The US also removes Confederate flags and statues as they promote slavery and those that fought to keep it going.  

The ancient Egyptians destroyed statues and scored off names and faces from their hieroglyphics and the bloody Romans did it too. It was called 'damnatio memoriae' the damnation of the memory. 

Too little too late unless the creep is alive to see it. I hope Trump is enjoying it. The destruction and white wash will help those effected by the creeps. 
Who wants to see a sexual predator awarded honours and election the leader of the US? .... besides deplorable arseholes that only care about themselves that is. 


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