Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Why Are Soft Americans So Into War?

I've never been in a fight in my life but I could take you little man ... go ahead and try Amerikanski.  

Anyone buying the bullshit going on in Syria? A US/Russia truce that means they agree where to bomb and where to not bomb. The US no longer trying to actively get Assad out and aid can get to those who need it. 

Previously the US were doing some dodgy stuff in trying to overthrow the Syrian government while at the same time pretending to go after ISIS.  When the Russians came in the US couldn't get away with anything.

The rebels, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) ... who the US funds, won't get bombed but those nasty Al Qaeda friendly groups ... who the US funds, will. 

Just recently the US mistakenly and repeated bombed and killed 62 Syrian soldiers with the help of the British RAF. After that attack came an attack from ISIS. This of course caused Syrian and Russian outrage. Assad angrily shouted that only he was allowed to bomb Syrians.

If the US can't tell soldiers from ISIS then what hope is there? .... or could they tell? 

In the small town of al-Rai, 25 American special forces soldiers were forced to leave when local fighters from the Free Syrian Army Terms and conditions may apply, not really an army more like an Al Qaeda affiliated group funded by the American tax payer. harshly mocked them and called them American pigs. Two of the American soldiers cried and one is in critical condition as his feelings were badly hurt. One special forces soldier said, "You work hard in the hot sun trying to free everyone and they turn on you like this? ... we're special, we need to be treated like such, they will not take the wind from our sails or will they keep us down."     

Why were they in al-Rai? The small town is strategically located near the ISIS fortress of al-Bab. Ideally they'd like to bomb it but ISIS won't return their calls as to when is suitable for an attack. 

A week ago 40 special forces were moved north to work with the Turks along the border there. Their mission is to train, advises and assist .... of course. Like they did in Nam. 

 So it was pointed sticks like this that beat the Americans in Nam? ... what pussies. 

Out of spite a UN aid convoy was attacked by air. 18 of the 31 trucks were hit. 20 civilians were killed. The US gets to be outraged but Russia and Syria have denied all knowledge of it .... yeah, they know. 

The trucks carried food and medicine to help those around the town of Aleppo. A spokesperson for ISIS also expressed his outrage as he was nearly out of Nutella. 

Enjoying your chair? .... yeah it's one of those ones

Who are the bad guys? .... everyone. Who are the good guys? I couldn't say, is there such a thing any more?  

After a friendly US/Russia relationship under Bush, the Obama admin has really gone after Russia and Hillary will continue that on. 

Compare the numbers and remember that the US is always in some state of war or funding others. Russia spent $46 billion on its military for 2016 and the US ... $585 billion. 

The US is in 74 cuntries with nearly 800 bases. 40,000 service personnel in Germany constantly testing Russian patience as well as supporting the neo-Nazi anti-Russian government in Ukraine.  The Russians have about 12,000 personnel in their 4 foreign bases, one of those bases is shared with Vietnam. 

You can talk about the brave sacrifice of the military but it's just a fucken job so quit it with the civvie guilt. How actually caring about them and bringing the troops home and spending half the defense budget on yer cuntry ... too easy? 
Let the ragheads kill each other, you aren't the world police. That's why we have the UN for fucks sake. 

Obama wants a major offensive on ISIS before he leaves office. He's considering arming the Syrian Kurds which would piss off the Turks and look at the troop movements I've mentioned. Whoever the next president is (it'll be Hillary) they'll have a major war effort and clean up when Obama goes all out. 

Keep it ticking over huh. 

When has the US won a war on their own? ... not the Revolutionary war, the Spanish war or even the one with Grenada, they always had help and many ended with treaties. For a nation of winners they don't win a lot.   
In Afghanistan the American troops would often call the British Royal Marines to secure areas for them and left them to regain the trust of the locals when the Yanks left. 

Americans never tidy up their toys .... no America, that is not what the UN is for. 

Obama can cast shade at Putin all he likes with his security nearby but Putin is smarter and could kill Obama the golfer with his little finger. Guess who'll still be in power when Obama goes. 

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