Friday, 23 September 2016

Trump's Mind Control Power

The ugly racist face of freedom

Trump supporters aren't deplorable .... well not all of them. I'm sure there are some that are just dumb and  plain gullible in amongst all the Nazis and white supremacists. Of course if you are that dumb and gullible you probably shouldn't really have a vote. I mean freedom is one thing but yer really ripping the arse out of it. 

I have issues about people who make things all about them, what the fuck is that about? It's clearly all about Old Knudsen. Trump can go to make a eulogy at the funeral of a WWII vet and he'd start with the whole greatest generation bullshit but within 2 minutes it would turn to crooked Hillary and how he is the only one to fix things ... though he never says how. 

Chris Christie, Carson and most of the other GOP candidates and even Giuliani aren't gullible. They are sneaky and insidious who have latched on to their best and only hope for future power and relevance. What is Trump's platform? His platform is the cycle of abuse. He abuses minorities to get the bigots and then courts the minorities promising to never hit them again.

    His incorrect retweet that originated from a white supremacist site. 
The real figures. 

He gets a photo op with some black people, goes to a church that has black people there and  VOILA! he loves them coloreds .... Still doesn't change how he was sued twice for not renting to people of color. Yeah Dylann Roof when into a black church too, whatever. 

I've seen black people waving the Confederate flag for fucks sake, like I said there are some real idiots out there. 

Hitler loves me, it's the fucken Jews you have to watch out for!

Guess who also liked black people when he had a use for them. I don't think that Trump is racist, he says racist things to the mob and stokes the fires of bigotry but I believe he can get on with anyone of any race if he has a use for them. He dated a black model Kara Young once. 

He's racist for pay. 

He is using people who are easily influenced. He does this by repeating phrases. When supporters are pinned down to what Trump stands for they go for his phrases. We've seen this parroting in Northern Ireland when the fucken morons less well educated as in they went to school but didn't learn fleggers repeat culture and chipping away at our heritage but not any real facts, it's all emotion based.

Make America great again, that's like telling a woman she looks very pretty today ... wasn't I pretty yesterday? America is just as great as anywhere. What's he going to do, sell Illinois, Alaska, Florida, Texas and Arizona? ... they're dragging you down America.  

Trump uses believe me a lot, also people say as in to imply that he and the voter aren't the only ones that feel this way so it's perfectly fine. Combine that with the charades and the idiot acting he does and well 98% of thought is unconscious, these people are picking up on more than they are even aware of. 

If I say 'I'm going to talk about a big grey elephant but not yet so don't think about a big grey elephant just yet, we'll get to the big grey elephant later' what are you picturing in yer head?  .... yeah probably still yon ghey porn you were watching just before you clicked on this blog. 


This okay sign means he is talking about something positive or something he wants you to believe like how he is the only one that can save America. 

Double okay signs means he REALLY insists that you believe him. He's making the points he wants to stick in yer head. 

This means he wants you to be outraged about something incredible or over the top. He's in full rumour flow. "A credible source in the White House called me about a plan to introduce a flag tax and charge people for flying the flag of our nation on the 4th of July ... veterans will have to pay more."

Hands out means he's slagging off someone and telling the people how bad things are. It implies we are helpless at the moment .... we gotta get tough, get smart, somebody needs to figure things out. 

He recently announced that Obama was probably most definitely born in the US period .... the stick and carrot. This means he is trying to appear more sane in order to get the smart but jaded voter who isn't racist. He may also say that climate change is real, vaccines don't cause autism and that Rosie O'Donnell has a banging hot body. 

Keep them guessing huh. 

He is now saying that Clinton started the birther story in 2008. He'll have to repeat that one quite a bit. Maybe it was Clinton supporters but Hillary was in no way connected, she's way smarter than Bill, she wouldn't leave DNA on a dress for fucks sake.   

Every news story about a bomb or shooting Trump will say something about it before the facts are out as he has a 50/50 chance of being right and if he is right he'll make sure you know it. A bomb, a shooting, a Muslim ... TERRORISTS!!!!!! Well it's not going to be the fucken IRA is it.

Old Knudsen id always right and people still question him, don't rely on the old I told you so

 Look at my flags I'm obviously patriotic. 

Trump has pledged the people of Boston to make all the big dictionaries, Websters and Oxford change the definition of terrorist to mean radical Islamist that isn't white. The IRA will now be known as fun loving Irish patriots .... believe me.  

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