Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Trump Couldn't Negotiate A Value Meal

Is that a wine glass beside the non-KFC drink? 

Nothing says 'man of the people' more than eating some fast food. It's different in the UK and while Tories look just weird when they eat, a good British politician appeals to the public by drinking alcohol as we're a nation of barely functioning alcoholics. 

The Queen mum used to chug a pint and then she'd pull out a funnel and rubber tube and beer bong a few more. The Queen doesn't give a fuck and if she is presented with a pint she'll refuse to drink it and make Prince Philip do it instead as she prefers the elitist sherry 8 times a day. She doesn't have votes to gain or elections to win. She even refused to sit on the Iron Throne for a photo op ffs.  

Ronnie may have sold weapons to Iran, funded terrorists and ruined the economy except for the defense sector but he had the sense to buy a value meal at about 2 bucks back then .... but Ronnie, you eat yer fries first ya eejit cos they get cold first.  Maybe he forgot about them like he did his straw. 

Trump showed some medical records on TV cos he's an attention hoor and they showed he had high cholesterol and qualified as being obese. At least he qualifies for something.

This picture of him eating a Big Mac and large fries shows you why he is not fit to be president and not because of his diet. He lacks good judgement.  

You buy a large meal but no drink? What kind of value is that? How can we expect you to make good trade agreements when you waste money on lunch? 

Are there even any fries in that box? Yer drink is open but hasn't been touched, are we to believe you've eaten most of yer fries and have never taken a drink?
Why are you eating from the box Mr Trump? You have a napkin set out. Normal people pour their fries out if they have a plate or table to eat at, they also use ketchup if they have ketchup .... where is yer ketchup Mr Trump? 

The lid of the Big Mac box is where you put yer fries if you don't have a plate but you have a plate and a box and don't use either, what the fuck?  

What kind of person opens everything up and has it sitting ready just getting cold or going flat? I've learned from experience that you replace the lid of yer bottle after every drink or in yer feeding frenzy you might knock if over. 

 Best to wear disco clothes when eating KFC.

The picture with the KFC is upsetting too. Where is his drink? If he got gravy why isn't it open and where are his fries or wedges to dip into it? Is he going to drink it with his silver spoon? A knife and fork for his chicken ..... what kind of elitist animal is he? 

 Excellent value.

At least his running mate Mike Pence had the sense to eat with a hottie so you don't notice the poor judgement of not getting KFC drinks. He's eating the chicken the only way you can with yer hands and fuck the napkins eh? 

Paying more than usual for a large Mac meal and getting a diet coke. Aye ya better watch yer figure. These staged pictures tells us more than they were meant to. The unused packets of ketchup reflects the voters fooling themselves to make America great but are really just happy that their bigoted views are being validated. 

The silver ware symbolize the empty vague promises and the lack of crumbs, drips and grease suggest a better more expensive meal is waiting in the wings and this fast food that is not being eaten has been sitting in an aide's bag for most of the day waiting for this photo op. 

Would you like to make it a large meal for 30 cents extra? .... Here's the amount I'm willing to pay you for this meal. You can have $2 or nothing at all .... that's my deal. 

When Hillary isn't unhinging her jaw to eat live rodents she is busy sexualising food with small bites or food that requires a deep throating. She uses plastic like real people do too. 

She has learned to imitate humans by raising her eyebrows every time she takes a big bite. Trump has been known to roll his eyes back in his head when he bites. 

It says you are phat and tremendous isn't a medical term, did you write this?

Not only have these photos shown Trump to be a poor choice for president it makes you wonder what other normal things he does strangely. 
Does he lay out an ass gasket and set amounts of toilet roll when he takes a dump? .... does he even use the toilet roll or does he just have it sitting out unused like the napkins? Maybe he never flushes as seeing his product being taken away without someone paying him for it might upset him. He probably hires an immigrant to flush for him. 

Does he wash his hands after? .... that would imply they were dirty so I doubt he does. Do hands that size even need to be washed?

Does he even watch Joe in the morning or does a staffer tell him how lame and liberal he was to save him the trouble of doing so?  He claims to hate it and complains regularly about it on Twitter. Why does he watch it then? Is it like Fear of the walking dead? .... it's shite but you watch it anyways out of habit and self loathing? ... OMG what if they were talking about him.

Hillary doesn't eat McDonald's or KFC because her other big bank sponsors wouldn't like it.... besides that's the last thing her arse needs. 

Out of touch elitists really show what a different world they live in to us when they try to copy average Joe behavior but the certainty is that someone will fall for it or one of the other things they do and that is all they need.      

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