Friday, 9 September 2016

Sweet Revenge Served With Peas

Perception and double standards are funny things. Paul Kersey, a mild mannered architect designing buildings and kayaking on the occasional weekend. His wife Joanna and his daughter Carol were at home one day not realising that a drone was circling thousands of feet up above them.

Paul and Joanna weren't political and were law bidding citizens but someone, thousands of miles away who had never met them had decided that they needed to die. Joanna had borrowed Paul's car that day as her mini van was at the garage, he often worked from home so the drone had a green light to let loose. In a precision strike, an area of 50 feet was completely destroyed killing neighbours on both sides but that was acceptable loses and easy to deny and forget about. 

Grief stricken Paul vowed to make those responsible pay so he joined ISIS, got a membership card and everything. He then traveled to a city and shot those who tacitly supported the drone kills by saying how fucken classy Obama was or maybe they were voters or the military.

It's cool whenever Bronson does it and it's street thugs. When the thugs wear suits and uniforms it's different. In the Death Wish movies his character was a vet of Korea, now he can be a vet of the wars on terror.   

Operation Enduring Freedom was in 2001, then Iraq in 2003. Now Syria, Yemen and Libya? The Death Wishes story is a stretch but it is also true and how an invasion in 2001 and 2003 goes on to continue today.

If you go by sayings then "God is good" .... "Greed is good" so therefore War is good too. The US is the #1 arms dealer in the world followed by the UK then Russia and China. This Middle East shit is good for business.

It used to be to aid allies which protected trade or to prevent the Commies from becoming too powerful but now it's just outright profit and empire building.
We make other problems of course with the tide of refugees coming to our nations ... I'VE HEARD MORE PEOPLE SLAG OFF REFUGEES THAN I HAVE THE ONGOING WARS ..... WHAT THE FUCK?

I put that in caps to make a point. Yer anti-helping people but pro war? ... go to a war and we'll see how long that attitude lasts for.
These people divide refugees with economic migrants if slagging off asylum seekers doesn't look good but where are they going to go for jobs if the infrastructure of everywhere is destroyed? Look at that picture above, any Starbucks or fast food outlets?

I haven't even mentioned the human rights abuse still going on at Gitmo. The US is all into rights and the Constitution but if you aren't American then you can rot without evidence or charging for as long as they like.
Wasn't an anti-Muslim thing about how Muslims can lie to non-Muslims? I don't know why that was so shocking considering that as Dr House says, "everybody lies"  ... Muslim, Christian, Atheist, go on deny it then .... liar!

The US deeming that non Americans are substandard and not worthy of human rights is way worse than telling a fib.

Oh no, they use drones in US airspace, outrage!  .... yeah everywhere else doesn't matter.   

The oil industry complains about how low the cost of oil is. A barrel of crude oil is still around double than it was pre 9/11 and fluctuates every time a nation signs an agreement. Obama bombing Assad's oil refineries to influence the market stop ISIS from selling it has been a big help. 

The oil industry is of course moving with the times and is well into fracking. Governments turn a blind eye and deny any chance of pollution for cash.

Scientists were predicting a 5.6 for Oklahoma in January thanks to fault lines being reactivated because of fracking in the area. Well they got one.

Like Death Wishes, a person can be totally normal until all they value in life is taken away. This is the reason why Genghis Khan killed the older children of his enemies. 

The US might be the # one arms dealer in the world but it is also the # one manufacturer of terrorists too. Obama increased Bush's drone program and brought it to more cuntires and then sold that technology to others as if it was a fast food franchise. 

Americans might not fear the Reaper .... drones but you do reap what you sow so don't be surprised when some fella wants to blow you up. He has learned to hate you.

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