Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse In The UK

Not full up yet.

Being fluent in Refugee, Old Knudsen was given the job of interviewing the swarms hoards influx of people that wanted to live the cushy life in foreign cuntries because they were displaced by a little bit of genocide from ISIS, the US/Saudi  led coalition and Assad.

Fucken pussies, the war crimes military action is for yer benefit too.  Handy that we have to rely on various governments to tell us how much bombing is needed though. WWII didn't last this fucken long.   

You only see this many males at ghey bars and football matches. 

I would talk to these scroungers to figure out if they were actually terrorists or not. "The West bombed your home and family rug business killing your parents,wife and children, do you hold any animosity towards us? .... think carefully before you answer."      

 Mother Brown under the table.

Maybe Old Knudsen is old fashioned but when Hitler bombed us we never ran or swam to southern Ireland. We had some tea and sang songs about rolling barrels, packing up bags and getting yer knees up. Family obliterated? Worse things happen at sea .... knees up mother Brown, knees up mother Brown, under the table you must go, Ee-aye, Ee-aye, Ee-aye-oh.

I never found any terrorists, they always answered no when I questioned them. I did notice one thing, several of them were coughing and sneezing. So many people in such close confines, I hope they didn't catch the Zuka virus from eating infected mosquitoes as those foreigner types do. 

A grungey walker 

Soon, because of the English habit of not covering their mouths when they cough or sneeze and not washing their hands the virus spread. People were getting ripped apart in the street, it was worse than a Black Friday sale.
People go on about zombie apocalypse plans. In the UK you just don't grab yer AR-15 and head to yer cabin like wot the Yanks all plan, you have to figure out how to disarm an armed police officer or soldier, maybe break into a police station or something.

No offense officer but if you have a gun you may be wanked shanked for it. Dog eats dog ....hmmm dog.

The zombie outbreak in the UK was stopped but not before the infected mindless brain dead creatures voted to leave the EU. But hey, you still have to have a plan.

If the police don't cum when you call .... they never do for fucks sake then you go after a farmer for his shotgun.
In the UK, farmers being the only armed civvies and food producers would become the ruling elite. If you think they are cunts now with their stench of cow shit on sunny days and complaining because they don't have any money even though they own a house, land, livestock and a Jag then just wait until they lord it over you.
If they work so hard and such long hours for such little money then why are most of them fat fuckers? 

Maybe I'll be safe at sea ... though worse things tend to happen there. 

So I'd go to the cuntry and kill a farmer or two. Yes I've put some thought into it. They often have wind turbines on their farms so that's electricity as well.

There aren't many folk I wouldn't kill at the end of the werld. I wouldn't kill the Queen because she's just so wonderful, I wouldn't kill the guy that played Dr Who, the skinny Scottish one .... no not the crappy one now the one that was English for pay # 10. I obviously wouldn't kill any black people as that would be racist, oh and I suppose Jews too  as that would be antisemitic even though they run everything and start all the wars but I can't enjoy Mel Gibson movies anymore so lesson learned there. No trannys, midgets or people wearing burkinis.

Just because society has fallen apart that doesn't mean we stop having a social conscious. Stephen Fry would be at the top of my kill list whether he turns Walker or not. You over sized pretentious twat, you aren't Oscar Wilde, quit thinking you are.

If I was getting low on food I'd kill whatever hot chick was with me (I don't save ugly chicks) as she'd go on to make a hot zombie. You don't save hot chicks for conversation for fucks sake. I could finally put muzzles on weemen and chain them to the kitchen sink without being labeled a sexist. The werld would catch up with me and my enlightened view not stuck in the issues that get projected upon me.

Can zombie chicks even make sandwiches?  ... or more importantly tea?


I'm no a monster, if I saw a bed warmer child I'd save them of course without a second thought. I'm old and need help to get on and off the toilet and I can't be expected to fetch and carry at my age. Imagine a youngster left in the charge of Old Knudsen, ah the STD's wisdom I could pass on.

You can still have yer hot mom little Timmy, she'll just not be able to tell you bed time stories anymore but you needed to grow the fuck up anyways.  

Do you have a zombie apocalypse plan? Have a stash of weapons, food and water handy and tell people, 'it's in case of an earthquake or other natural disaster' so they don't suspect yer mentally unstable and that yer planning on killing them for their stuff at the first sign of social unrest.     


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