Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Poor Alan Hawe

Wonderful Alan and his wife Clodagh and their children Liam, Niall, and Ryan

Alan Hawe was a pillar of the community. A vice-principal at a Catholic school and much loved by all. There was a great out pouring of sympathy for him in his town of Ballyjamesduff  in butt fuck Ireland, he was a great neighbour, kind, caring and decent.

It was such a shame when he died. A great loss to the town, school, the local sports club and the church in which he was most active. Journalists covering his death had no shortage of people telling them just what a great guy he was.

Oh he died in a murder suicide in which he killed his wife and children with knives and a hatchet ... ach but still, what a lovely man.

Fucken Irish, what are they like? Clodagh his wife was a teacher and unlike Alan was born locally but the locals just shrugged and said how quiet she was or that they didn't really know her ... unlike wonderful Alan.

 A loving father. 

Poor man, he had depression ya know, such a shame. That is what the attitude has been like. Clodagh had defensive wounds as she fought off her murderous husband to try to save her children. Six year-old Ryan even put up a fight after seeing his wonderful dad hack his mother and brothers to bits. 

It disgusts me how this story is all about Alan and how fucken great he was. There was even a wonderful service for him ..... oh and the others of course, all together like a family and buried together too the way a nice Catholic family should be. Ignore the murdering his family bit we have to keep up appearances.  

He was thoughtful though. After killing his wife with a hatchet and then stabbing his 3 sons to death he placed a note on his front door to not come in, just go and get the police .... very thoughtful as his house was probably a mess after all that killing and it's not like his wife could have cleaned it up.  

Before he hanged himself he also wrote a note saying that he couldn't take the pressure from work and that he was unhappy. He said that he killed his family because they would not have been able to cope without him .... wonderful to the end.

I don't care how great he was at being friendly to his extended family or friends, he hacked a woman and 3 kids to death. He shouldn't be praised in any way, his name should be struck from all records and his face removed from all images like they did in ancient Egypt when a Pharaoh had issues with their predecessor. 

They went through the tombs and scratched their faces from the carved walls where ever they were shown. His body shouldn't be with his wife and kids he should be set on fire and left by the road or strung up to a lamp post and left to rot like a Union flag during marching season.    

Imagine the terror his victims/loved ones must have felt. This crime disgusted me as much as that cunt who went through the school shooting children at Sandy Hook. The aftermath of sympathy for him and just him also sickened me. 

If you want to die then kill yerself, don't bring others into it. I don't care how fucken miserable you are go hang yerself decently in private..... yer family might have thought you were a slap headed tosser anyways. 

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