Monday, 12 September 2016

Hillary Hid Her Hepatitis

In 1912, presidential candidate Teddy Roosevelt was shot in the chest by a cray cray dude who was acting on a dream he had. He didn't cough or collapse he went on to give a 90 minute speech. After 15 minutes the crowd were hoping he'd drop dead but no, he finished his speech then went on to lose the election .... what a man.

Brave Donald Trump has been known to give interviews resisting the urge to scratch his anal warts ... what a man .... tremendous!

A year ago Hillary coughed and recently in Cleveland she coughed again .... I'm no doctor but I suspect chronic near death coughing syndrome.

FDR was diagnosed with polio long before he became preez. Later he hid his polio by controlling the press and having pictures taken while sitting down or in a car. Him having polio made him fund research into it leading to a vaccine a decade after his death.

In 1944 he won his fourth election as President. His physician had said he was in excellent health but 6 months into the 4th term he died.

Yeah the doctors lied and the FBI hushed up people that knew how ill he was before the election. He ran for election because there was a war on and he had to give the public continuity .... or he was just a raging control freak egomaniac.

He was in pain and had a cyst removed from the back of his head in the summer of 44 for fucks sake. His polio was talked about matter a fact like, though he would wear leg braces or use a cane when he could, he would only use a wheelchair when visiting the likes of a veteran's hospital.

No one considered that the guy who took the nation out of a depression while sitting in a wheelchair was unfit for the job. The public observed his stoic dignity. They were different times back then with a president openly smoking and his wife wearing fox fur, people didn't have fast news and tons of facts matched by tons of lies to sway their opinion.

      Throwing up in her mouth after receiving one of my many dick pics. 

Presidential candidates every move and gestures wasn't analysed by 40 different media outlets and anyone with a blog or Youtube channel. 

She collapsed at a 9/11 memorial service and a spokesperson said she was suffering from Overheating and then after thinking about it said she had Pneumonia but was responding well to treatment ....  very rapidly considering it was just Sunday morning that she collapsed. Allegedly diagnosed on Friday so treatment not that great.

The show must go on Hillary. David Bowie collapsed during his final public performance but he did it backstage and he had terminal cancer.

Heath Ledger didn't let Pneumonia stop him .... well until he died that is.

Here is what is wrong with Hillary.

She got aids after a Bill Clinton/Charlie Sheen three way. It may have saved her marriage but she should have used protection with those two.

She got radiation sickness from visiting Fukushima. Also after covering up that the US was still importing radiative fish from Japan she famously ate some to prove it was safe.

She suffers from hypothyroidism. Her shortness of breath, sweating, lack of sleep and more frequent bowel movements are a big secret in the Democratic camp and only cameto light when her e-mails were released.

One e-mail to Putin mentions how she was gasping away with the gravy pouring off her on the toilet for the 5th time that day when she fell asleep as she had only slept for 3 hours that night.

Meth maybe?

She is a lizard alien and after years on Earth her body is rejecting her human meat suit.

A witch may have hexed her. Melania looks the type and she has been close enough to her to get a hair sample.

Or imagine that after an exhausting schedule with constant speaking you might catch a cold or yer voice might go. How many dirty people does she shakes hands with a day and do they cough into their hands like she does just before the handshake?

Does Trump look healthy? Yeah his doctor wrote how healthy he was, 'he is the fittest and most healthy person there is, he's tremendous, everyone says how strong he is, strong like a brick wall made of steel bricks that would keep Mexicans out. His wife says he's very vigorous in the bedroom and I believe her oh and it's massive and my his hands are the perfect size for a man of his statue.'

But he has an unhealthy orange glow to him and a medical condition that was severe enough to stop him from serving his cuntry. Why is no one banging on about his health? He's 2 years older than Hillary. Is it because he's a man and doesn't show vulnerability in public?

People say that Hillary isn't personable or human enough, is being sick not human enough for you?

JFK had a bad back but he hid it. I remember hearing about Burt Lancaster and his bad back. He was stooped over but as soon as he appeared in public his back was straight and he gave off the image that he was strong and fit.

Brokeback Kremlin 

What 68 year-old woman or 70 year-old man is in perfect health? Not very many, there is usually something. Hillary needs to be photographed doing some extreme sport or one armed push ups because you can't have a successful US president with an illness/disability or in a wheelchair  .... no wait maybe you can.

Is it possible that with all the political correctness that we are even less tolerant than we used to be? While being so careful not to hurt Bruce Jenner's feelings are there things like human frailty that we despise more than we used to?

What is beautiful and healthy changes and we now hold ourselves to impossible and very unrealistic standards of the Barbie or Superhero. Are women still perceived as being the weaker sex? If you go by the media and every jerk off with a web site then yes.


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