Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Crooked Hillary's BlackBerry

These chairs will take over the world Col .... lol.

Crooked Hillary the next President asked former Secretary of state Colin Powell his advice on her BlackBerry use when she became Secretary of state as she heard he was was using one even though the Secret Service said not to. 

His reply was that he didn't have a BlackBerry he hooked up his own computer to a phone line and used that for non-classified stuff.
"When I asked why not they gave me all kinds of nonsense about how they gave out signals and could be read by spies, etc. Same reason they tried to keep mobile phones out of the suite... we just went about our business and stopped asking."

Nonsense he says. We all know that when you hit delete it means it's gone forever and that phones don't give out signals that can be hacked just like how Microsoft can't activate yer computer to spy on you and Saddam did have WMD's, they just had Romulan cloaking technology.  Stoopid Secret Service and their idiot ways.

They couldn't protect a cup of warm piss. They didn't save Lincoln, JFK and his brother or even Bill Clinton from himself. Rich and powerful people need to access social media in an instant and not told when they can from a bullet catcher. 

I'm sure Canadian made BlackBerry is totally safe, safer than android that's fer sure eh.

Then he sent her this pic and said "lets cut to the chase, you want Colon Power all up in your inbox. I have a weapon of ass destruction that Bill is lacking. I bet you couldn't fit this stogie in your mouth." 

 I'm gonna kill you and you and you

We don't know if she took him up on this as being the Secretary of state she not only had to write up kill lists of people that were about to testify against her but also random brown people all over the world.
She also had to find the most expensive and hideous clothes there are, she was a busy lady. She still is. This year alone the Clinton death list is 40% lower than in previous years but there is bound to be a surge just before November.     

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