Thursday, 11 August 2016

We've Been Hacked

Yes Hillary will be the next president, it's already decided.

I get my moral guidance from TV shows and Pornhub. I don't like being lied to or manipulated unless it's by a barely legal Filipino teen that doesn't mind me spitting into her mouth and giving her a slap ... consentual- ish like.

If you are in a relationship would you put up with lies and manipulation, then why do you put up with it from elsewhere? 

Mr Robot is about this hacker bloke who is probably autistic and maybe schizophrenic. Old Knudsen isn't a psychiatrist he just tells people what the fuck is wrong with them and perscribes them a dose of go fuck yerself.   

So what if he talks to his dead dad all six sense like? .... did I just spoil season one for you? Ach if you haven't been watching it then yer a part of the problem anyways ... away an watch yer predictable cop procedure soap operas or poser vampire shite.

Steve Jobs .... what an inspiration, NOT!  An internal audit for Apple Inc revealed that it employed 106 underage workers across 11 facilitates in 2012. A further 70 became 16 at the time of the audit so they were legal.

They werked for the Chinese manufacturer, Guangdong Real Faith Pingzhou Electronics, that produced circuit-board components for Apple. 

After an investigation Apple fired them all cos child labour is wrong! Shenzhen Quanshun Human Resources got families to fake I.D. records so they knew.

Other instances were in 2009 when a company lost a contract and 18 of the workers attempted suicide over the next 2 years.
In 2010, 137 werkers were exposed to a poisonous chemical. In 2011 4 werkers died in an explosion at a factory that makes iPad parts. Also in 2011 61 workers were injured in a gas explosion in Shanghai.

In 2012 a fight involving 2,000 werkers forced the factory to close in Shanxi province (famous for its Pokemon) in northern China.

 Hipsters care but only in an ironic way. 

34 other companies demanded pregnancy tests while others withheld wages, made people werk to pay off debts and dumped oil waste down the shitter. The report was only carried out after 18 suicides linked to werking conditions at a Taiwanese company that puts together iPads and iPhones became too difficult to ignore. 

Yes Apple has long profited from child labour and like many other big businesses only cares when they have to or when they are forced to. Many of our products and clothes have been put together by people in what amounts to nothing more than slavery yet we hold up Jobs as being a type of hero. Oh poor man, he gave us this technology and became rich and died so young ... what a shame. 

Mr Robot did indeed mention Jobs as the money making cunt he was. Apple and Microsoft both manipulate customers to keep "needing" their products. Remember when you could buy something and it was good until it wore out and broke? Now you need updates or it won't work and how do all these people get yer phone number and e-mail addy when you don't give them out? 

If you promote a public persona of cool, a geek or whatever then people are going to think of you a certain way. Their preconceived notions are hard to change. Oh look the CEO wears hoodies and t-shirts to meetings .... he also hunts animals to eat because it's fun to kill, he gives out yer details and owns everything including the pictures you freely upload to his site but he is giving away a fortune to charity .... yeah HIS charity that only does what he wants.  I want to see receipts and tax records.

Bill Gates is very worried about malaria ... exactly when did Zika start? Was he bio engineering mosquitoes then?
But the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation does so much good. Like Zuckerberg they invest in THEIR charities and why the fuck did the foundation buy 500,000 Monsanto shares worth around $23m?

After fucking over Indian farmers and causing a load of suicides and making kids ill with alleged vaccinations the foundation is helping Monsanto fuck over Africa.

What Monsanto does is sell seeds that have been altered, then you have to buy the Monsanto pesticides and no you can't just replant because they weren't heirloom seeds so you have to buy more and upgrade upgrade.

You don't get rich by being a nice person. Just think about who all these cool, nerdy, geeky famous people are fucking over and remember that they are only fucking you over a certain amount as you are the main consumer and not in butt fuck Africa out of the view of the media.

If you have a computer or a phone you can be tracked, have your system accessed, get recorded with the mic or camera, even if you don't have your location turned on or even yer device turned on. Our existence has been sold on to a spam company but this is freedom because we vote and give our info voluntarily.

Opting out of the technical age is the only option but how will you exist without a phone number or an e-mail addy?     

You won't be killing yerself over the new iPhone that is the same as the old but you have to have it for yer giving opinion, app games and selfie addiction.        


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