Tuesday, 2 August 2016


I'm signing this so the public don't have to worry about people downloading music and media, this bill will keep us all safe.  

President Obama is nearing the end of her term. With Donald Trump in the news people are noticing and appreciating the class and appropriateness the Obamas have. He doesn't call the Hispanic voters a load of beaner rapists coming here to steal the jobs that Americans don't really want to do. "huh I'm not working that hard for any less than $15 and hour, cos I'm worth it."  

He makes good speeches that says all the right times and inspires the public. The public have a short memory and the attention span of a oh look, a kitty. Also if they don't see any bad things happening then they mustn't be happening ... The Obama's are so classy.    

I was in the US when 9/11 happened. The first reaction was prayers and the second reaction was how to make money from it. The American flag was suddenly in big demand and roadside stalls popped up to sell it. Then the idiot invasions happened (that Hilary voted in favour of) and the Bush admin's friends made a fortune contracting to the military via Haliburton and its subsidiaries. 

A toilet seat costs $500 .... what the fuck? 

Bush was very ridiculed during his years and rightly so. His drone program took off as did his domestic spying program (The Patriot act) and his kill list was about a dozen names. Every time there was a terrorist threat he'd be at the table the next day pushing through some very dodgy bill for yer own protection ... it was very obvious.    

Under Bush 13 embassies were attacked and 60 killed. Bush taught the world to hate the US and created terrorists with his invasions and bombs. You kill someone's parents and that child may grow up looking for revenge. 
Rule number one, you kill them ALL.  

 Of course we're Irish, don't we look it? 

Obama's stimulus program didn't work. Sure some big banks, companies and organizations were bailed out but now there are fewer Americans in the workplace and food stamp recipients are at an all time high but isn't that Kanye West video outrageous? ... oh there's a song that goes with it too?

Obama made good on his promise of bringing the troops out of the Middle east .... um not really. He withdrew some but has been increasing the amounts of "advisers" and now has Syria to send troops to as well. 

He still has people held without being charged at Gitmo. Foreigners under mere suspicion just taken from their homes and held. If they weren't terrorists before then they are now. 

Read Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's book, 'Everything I learned I learned at Gitmo.'

The drone program has increased 10 fold and his kill list is in the hundreds. It's just foreigners you don't know so who cares?  .... The Obama's are so classy.    

Obama cares for the environment .... he gave some speeches about it. He cares about clean water and Global warming. He promotes fracking but hey, no one has proved it's dangerous, pollutes the ground, air, water and causes earthquakes .... all circumstantial. The Obama's are so classy, and cool, just look at that picture.     

Long before Russia invaded Ukraine, US/Russian relations were poor. During the Bush years there wasn't any problem and Russia even removed missiles from Cuba (they have since been put back) but now the US have been constantly goading Russia and its ally Syria and China. Are they trying to start WWIII? 

  Oleh Tyahnybok says the "Moscow-Jewish mafia" rule Ukraine and that "Germans, Kikes and other scum" want to "take away our Ukrainian state. 

The US have backed an extreme right wing group (Svoboda party) as the government of Ukraine just because it's in opposition to Russia. US military build up on Russia's border and constant military maneuvers are done just to annoy them. 
Then you have the stuff in the South China seas you hardly hear about. China is building landing strips on islands as if they are preparing for something big. Not to mention all the US troops in Northern Australia. 

John McCain gets to meet all the scumbags because they are his kind of people.  

The Obama administration has funded Al Qaeda affiliates the Free Syrian Army in its fight for against Assad democracy. The Free Syrian Army didn't last too long and weapons and equipment just went to Al Qaeda and ISIS but it's the enemy of my enemy thing. The FSA are now a couple of guys with a PO box at a base in Turkey. They have to exist on paper in order for the US to fund them duh .... The Obama's are so classy.

President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi of Yemen was a key US ally. Yemen is of strategic importance. It borders Saudi Arabia and you can't have dodgy neighbours. The Houthi rebels that attacked Hadi's government aren't really the bad guys, they got sick of government corruption and being treated like shit. While the US had special ops and private contractors helping Hadi the Houthis got some Iranian help. 

Hadi fled to Saudi and demanded that they bombed his own people ... something Assad gets blamed for but US ally shit don't stink. 

While the US is poking at the other large nations and backing corrupt governments, destroying the environment by letting BP do their thing and helping them by reducing oil production from other companies to increase oil prices, giving $568 million contracts to KBR a former Haliburton company, employing serial tax cheat Timothy Geithner as Secretary to the Treasury, renewed the Patriot act, refusing requests for freedom of information, going after more whistleblowers than all the other presidents combined, killing random brown people with drones because they "might" be extremists .... or they might be related or at the same party as a suspect Obama does cool speeches and his wife does car karaoke.   

Bread and circuses, that's what keeps the people happy. This comes from Roman times, they'd hand out food and hold big events and spectacles and the public would lap it up. 

The US system is based on the Greek/Roman model. Instead of gladiators in the arena you now have the Superbowl. Those civilizations died big time BTW.  

It took Obama 6 years to call the Fort Hood attack a terrorist attack, until then he referred to it as violence in the workplace. And don't get me started on his swap for Bowe Bergdahl. 

This isn't an anti-Obama post, it's an anti-corrupt asshole post. The people that say how cool and classy the Obama's are probably go to Homeless shelters at Thanksgiving to help feed the poor while ignoring them for the rest of the year. 

They also thank the military for their service. If you signed up for the military then no thanks is needed, it's a job in which you are trained how to kill in dodgy illegal wars (see Libya that Obama didn't have senate permission to send troops to) Go thank a Police officer, Doctor, Nurse or a firefighter, they save people.   

I have a post listing all the mediocre good that Obama has done so I'm not biased because he's a black Muslim from Kenya and possibly the anti-Christ   a Democrat, the Democrats and Republicans are more alike than different so who cares? Two parties just different flavours of lies and evil.  

Hillary is still on track to be the next president and I'm sure she'll do a great job sure it might not seem like Obama has left. The economy will continue to suffer, there will be crocodiles tears and calls for AR-15's to be banned after every shooting. Russia and China will still be on the brink of war and the environment will still be fucked. 

The best thing will be that Trump will vanish, grow a beard and come back as a better person, well he'll appear to be one. 

The only real difference will be that I can knock one out to her speeches. It was a real challenge for me to do that when Obama was speaking. 

Don't go all rosy view on Obama like everyone did for Hillary at the DNC. He has his, and has looked after his own just like every other cronie infected politician. He went after freedom of speech and didn't unite people of colour. Hope and Change was cancelled due to lack of  interest.  



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