Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Not So Nice In Nice

Women that go make up free or who are just ugly need to be covered. 

There has been a row about Muslim women on French beaches wearing Burkinis. Now I don't understand why a woman would want to wear one but then again sock and sandals ....What the fuck? Leopard print and skinny jeans .... why?

In France's attempt to fight against Sharia law that tells everyone how and what they should be doing it introduced laws telling everyone how and what they should be doing.

A woman lying in the sun on a beach while her kids splash about in the water, she had no intention of swimming, parents do this shit so their kids can play ya know ... not so fast. Call the cops she looks like a terrorist.
The French had a ban on burkinis because that is what all the terrorists wear when they drive their trucks through crowds and open fire at concerts .... um no.

That anti-burkini law has since been suspended but I doubt all towns will follow that. 

Now that I have my burkini on you will all die for not being Muslims and the Muslims will die for not being  terrorists ... it's complicated but you'll all die and I'll be rewarded when I'm dead. Stop laughing and die already.

Take that off or we'll haul you in. A woman snoozing on the sand was deemed a public menace because her arms were covered. I don't know about you but the public shaming of weemen makes me hard, that and bestiality, necrophilia and ghey porn obviously.  

Four armed police officers called out for one unarmed peaceful sleeping woman out with her kids. Hey France, I think I know why yer crap at stopping terrorist attacks. It's the law and the officers have to enforce the law, as the wise SS guard said, "we were just doing our job."  

Burkini clad terrorists on the beach. 

Just look at these terrorists, laughing about beheading infidels or something. Make them strip!!!!  Fucken religious fanatics and their crazy ways. I demand to see yer woman's big dirty pillows, it's the law!

This poor lass was beheaded just after this pic was taken.

The deputy mayor of Nice, Rudy Salles said in an interview that nuns would also be forbidden on beaches as such symbols of religion belong in the home or the church, not on the street. 

Bishop Nunzio Galintino took time out of oppressing women and fondling boys to say "It's hard to imagine that a woman [in a burkini] who enters the water is there to carry out an attack."

 Men are not subject to any religious oppression because we rock. 

France is full of shit, I didn't change my profile pic after any attack nor did I claim to be Charlie. They have an immigration problem there is no denying that because they are close to the places they are bombing the fuck out of. Cause and effect, the displaced people are going to go somewhere, either bomb the right people or rebuild their countries. 

If you don't do any of that then you have a moral duty to help those you made homeless. If you don't and you treat them like shit then you'll have more problems duh. 

What Old Knudsen sees here is bigotry. Bigotry against Muslims and brown people because they have a different language and culture. Since impotent France can't do anything about Islam extremists it picks on an easy, soft target ... women. 
 Bill cheats yet Hillary gets the blame.

Women get judged on so much, not pretty enough, not young enough, not slim enough.... she cleared her throat she obviously is too sick to be president. A bad mood? must be her period. 

Gog forbid a celeb goes out without make up on, the Daily Mail would have a shit fit. 'tired and haggard star must have aids.'   

The Magdalene laundry's for single mothers in Ireland. The women would be paraded to shame them for being single mothers while the fathers .... no where to be seen, not their sin. 

Will France be telling Jews to remove their skull caps and vicars their collars? What about someone wearing a cross? Sorry you can't use a hammer to hammer that nail in, the hammer was a symbol for Thor and thus religious ....  as for nails, "For Christ's Sake!" .... nope, you can't say that either.
Lets remove all the calendars and rename the offending days and months named after gods. Thursday will now be called Trumpday ... and it will be tremendous, the best day ever.  

Now it's time I tell you how you should be thinking. Someone wearing a burka, burkini, habit, or silly hat isn't subjecting me to their religion. If they knock on my door or stop me in the street to tell me about their god then they need a punch to the throat. 

   Fucken religious fanatics.

This is imposing their beliefs onto me. This is insulting and needs to be stopped. Someone at the beach covered up might be body conscious and it took a lot for them to go out or maybe they just don't want to get burned. 
In a burkini they will probably keep to themselves and their families because that's what you do. Going up to someone and saying how offended you are by what they are wearing is your problem so go fuck off cos no one wants to know.     

Old Knudsen doesn't agree with many mythologies that people take oh so seriously that they'll kill for them. If you take it as historical fact and ignore reason and sense then you probably have mental health issues but who doesn't? As long as you don't kill, bully or oppress others then you can believe what sky fairy shite you want, I don't care.... just try not to breed. 

Typical headscarf wearing Musolim extremist.

Religion gives people hope that their 80 odd year existence means more than just eating, sleeping, shitting and repeat. It can help you not feel not so helpless when you are helpless by praying or sending your good thoughts and intentions to those that need help. It can help you not feel so alone. 

It can help those that don't think too much be better people though went they take it too literally it tends to turn them into total assholes. 

Wear what you want and when you want to. Fuck those that force you to conform because of their issues. If you aren't bothering anyone or purposely being insulting them then go for it. 

You can't please everyone so don't bother trying. Who cares if yer picture ends up on the People of Wal-Mart site? 

There is evil brewing in the world, we westerners blame the Muslims or immigrants even though we're very much to blame for a lot of our own problems. You can't fight evil with evil as then you'll be swallowed whole and will end up like Gollum. We must fight evil and injustice by being better than it.  

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