Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Intelligent People Swear They Have The Smarts

As Mark Twain once said, "people are fucken stupid, don't believe them, don't trust them and don't fucken well let them breed." I'm paraphrasing of course. He said something like if you surround yerself with intelligent people then that shows you are more intelligent than they are .... except that's what Donald Trump does so there goes that idea.

Einstein had a messy desk too. 

People on social media are sharing stories that claim intelligent people are messy, stay up late and swear a lot. This is according to the University of Minnesota so it must be true ... who knew that Minnesota had universities?

The article in the Independent (which is turning into a shite news source) says that Obama, Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill, Keith Richards and Elvis Presley were famous for staying up late .... well we know that at least two of those were on the drugs, the others well I'd say Darwin at least stands out intellectually wise.

Obama's desk, not so messy. 

So insomniacs are intelligent? If they were so clever then you'd think they'd be able to get to sleep. Why do people swear? To sound cool cos the bad uns do it, because they can't make their point any more fucken forcefully or because it's a verbal form of violence that's more fucken acceptable to fucken cunt faced society. 

When Old Knudsen has to face off with a fool he never swears nor does he puff out his chest and act all threatening . He puts his point across and doesn't show he's emotionally werked up that he needs to swear, he'll just slam the fool BAM! ... that's fucken smart. He only swears for recreational uses and yes you are a twatwaffle gutter slut from Ballymena.

   I had the meaning of life on a note somewhere here now where is it? 

I'd believe this article more if it didn't have a picture of Jennifer Lawrence just below the headline ... aye that's the lass that was smart enough to have naked pics of herself covered in jizz on her phone. 

If you have to have articles that tell you yer smart cos yer a lazy fucker with a potty mouth that sits up all night sexting while yer wife is in bed .... well maybe you ain't that bright. 

 The Doctor is just surrounded by morons which is why he looks intelligent. A smart time traveler would carry a gun, blam .357 in yon Weeping Angel's sour bake
I live in Northern Ireland, every other werd is a swear word. "Fucken Taigs taken doon are fuckin fleg doon lets fucken riot"  excuse me if I don't believe you are intelligent. I didn't cum doon in the last fucken shower .... that means rain in case yer fucken dumb. 

People are messy and stay up for all sorts of reasons. If you are going to say that these people have higher IQ's then you might as well say that all Muslims are terrorists, all Catholic priests are pedos and every rose has its thorn .... not true, some roses have been bred without thorns. 

What is intelligence? If I claim to be intelligent then I must be fucken dumb. Even the dumbest human is smarter than a Earwig .... probably so I'm intelligent in perspective wise but I'll no be curing any diseases cos God obviously gave it to them for a reason. 'Here human, have some brain cancer to learn a life lesson for you and yer children before you die'  .... Absolute power corrupts absolutely so if God is all knowing then he's a cunt. 

I can do things and know things you can't and don't know, the same for you. People with degrees up the yang can be as thick as two short planks but someone with High school level education might the the choice person for the end of the werld and might even be better read than Professor Mature Face. 

Got fame by curing cancer. 

Lets change the title of that fluff pseudo science piece from the Independent that I refuse to link to that didn't end have a full stop (period for you weemen) ... changing from:

Intelligent people tend to be messy, stay awake longer, and swear more
To: Tweakers tend to be messy, stay awake longer, and swear more

Because they are, and do and fucken well swear all the fucken time. They also have tinfoil covering their windows because they are also fucken paranoid.  If you are messy, stay up all night and swear a lot, you aren't necessarily intelligent, you may just be a tweaker.


k said...

My intellectual disabilities keep me from truly understanding your work; however, I am so pleased to see you using my pet name in this long lists of words thing you posted. Made my day.

Old Knudsen said...

Don't worry Earwig, I often fail to understand my own intellectual genius.