Thursday, 18 August 2016

Double Gold For Bolt In Rio

Other athletes in the Rio Olympics are protesting British sprinter Usain Bolt (we have Mo Farah and the Irish and Scottish when they win so why not Bolt?) for being too good.

Bolt who is from Jamaica which is a Commonwealth realm nation has appeared on British television commercials which more or less grants him British citizenship-ish.  

Bolt just recently won a gold for 100 meters and will be going for another in the 200 meters later today. "he should at least look as if he could lose" said one distraught athlete "instead of doing 50 victory laps and posing could he not pretend to be out of breath?"   

Regarded as the fastest person ever timed, Bolt plans to retire after 2017 World Championships. The IAAF Evaluation Commission are thinking about just sending him the winning medals before 2017 to cut down on cost.  

Disclaimer: If Bolt doesn't win the gold then he just didn't try hard enough or was tired and shagged out from playing Call of Duty all night which he is prone to do and this blog in no way shape or form scudded or jinxed him. 

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