Friday, 26 August 2016

Did I Die In My Sleep?

Make America great like you did for the UK

Maybe I'm still being effected by the acid I dropped years ago, maybe I'm dreaming and all this is just a nasty nightmare and I'm in a coma or maybe I died .... is this Hell? Being trapped in a werld that doesn't make sense and is run by evil money grabbing cunts and I can't stop them as UK gun laws prevent me from owning a sniper rifle and then there is that no fly list thing I'm on.    

It turns out that when Mylan bought a company over the cost of Epi-pens went from $100 to $600. That's like when Martin Shkreli put up the price of a drug used in the treatment of aids from $13.50 per tablet to $750. 

Why do people enough kicking others when they are down so much? 

 Then there is Steven Seagal .... explain that fucker to me. 

Nigel Farage at a Trump rally to address all those racist rednecks potential voters and charm them with his English accent, "I don't know what he's saying cos he speaks funny but he speaks his mind so I like him, death to neggers and muslins!"

Farage helped fuck up the UK by lying to the people that we were better off out of the EU, then he went over to his office in the EU to put in some overtime before the people caught on. Now he's in the US speaking at a Bund Trump rally. His platform for Brexit was anti-immigrant and anti-foreigner in general, his posters harked back to 1930's Nazi Germany. 

Boris Johnson helped Farage lie to the British public, he is the least diplomatic person their is and he was made Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, that means he represents the UK aboard and has over sight of our foreign intelligence agencies.  This was the guy that said Obama was anti-British because of his Kenyan ancestry. 

I must be in Hell. 

 Who thinks this shit up? Who thinks that is is all a good idea? .... Satan, that's who. 

Then I get this reaction from weemen when I suggest they cradle my balls gently while sucking and licking my grey wizard's staff until they receive a magic potion .... I'm doomed to only meet leezers and asexuals, what harsh punishment for my sins. 

Then there is the look you get when you say something hilarious but they either don't get it or don't find children with cancer funny or something. It was fucken funny when I told it at a Trump rally for fucks sake. Of course I did say it was a child of colour then obviously. 

Explaining a funny comment is sooo painful. It was funny, yer just German or something. I know funny, I'm a clownfish. 

Also having to see pictures of children in bombed Syria, news of the suicide bomber that killed 51 at a Kurdish wedding in Turkey was like aged 12 or the Italian earthquake that killed 241.... this shit bums me out, why can't we just stop reporting on this stuff and then it will stop. 

Another reason why I think I'm in Hell are all the fucken cat pictures. People with children, cats and who eat food should not be allowed near cameras but since this is Hell and all ..... 

Also the hot one from Charlies Angels has turned out to be a dude ... WTF Satan? Never name a boy BJ.

Oh you want further proof that I'm languishing in the depths of hell .... how about the 50 year gaps in between the seasons of Sherlock? It doesn't take that long to make a TV show, East Enders doesn't take years nor did Two and a half fucken men. Cancelling Firefly ..... I can't even begin at how much that damaged my calm.

Then you have Fear of the walking dead being shite. Who would have thought that a Johnny Depp wanna be wandering around Mexico in the desert during the zombie apocalypse would have been boring as fuck? Not the people that made it obviously. 

Just kill this prick already. I get it, the wee junkie boy doesn't fit in and thinks he has more in common with the walking dead ... he's about as interesting as them I suppose. I like zombie movies and shows and so by making that genre crap it proves I'm in Hell. 

 I also can't find this video online. 

So ... If it's all about Old Knudsen being in Hell then explain all the other people in the werld ... in other werds YOU.  

Obviously you lot are demons, maybe like Blade runner the way yon robot chick thought she was human that maybe you too think you are. 

Hell is other people so therefore it is all yer fault and those bodies were under my patio when I moved in BTW. 

Answer me this. Why is an amazing genius like Old Knudsen not a famous hoosehold name but this berd's arse is? I have an arse, I've made sex tapes that were leaked ..... plenty of leaking in fact. One is called The leaking box of shame fer fucks sake. 

Why aren't children following my example and running about calling each other a cunt and looking at boobs and ghey porn? ... oh they are? Fucken youngsters, no respect these days. 

Don't get me started on Hiddleswift ... you were Loki!!!!!!!! You were the chosen one! Congratulations yer now crappy enough to be the next Bond .... why is Bond still a thing???? 

I am insane and you are my insanity  

So yeah, I've got to be in Hell. I thought God was done and punished me enough by making me almost human but no, that cunt can really hold a grudge. I get it Lucifer yer only doing yer job. 
When God wants to punish someone he'll do it .... he'll flood a city, create interesting ways to deform unborn babies, let bad things happen to good people while the bad ones become the 1%, he'll get 'it's the final countdown' or 'Oh Mickey, you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind' stuck in yer head, he'll put cray cray ideas into yer head too like, wow Trump sure makes a lot of sense, he's tremendous I think I'll vote for him and not crooked Hillary or maybe I'll blow myself and these people up so I can get a reward from Allah in magicland.  

God loved Job but let Satan torture him by making him lose his wife, children and fortune and gave him painful skin ailments and probably the clap to prove a point.

If he did that so someone he loved ..... the fucker hates Old Knudsen so all of this makes sense. 

Then you have stupid people, why God why curse me with these? Bryson is anti-Good Friday Agreement (GFA) which was the vote for peace in Northern Ireland that won by 71% compared to Brexit winning by 52% . Northern Ireland and Scotland voting against leaving the EU but we're having it forced upon us... thank you Sassenachs. 

Bryson was 8 for fucks sake when we voted for the GFA but this mouth piece is against it and disrespects the 71% democratic vote on a daily basis. How can people be so stupid, hypocritical and excessively annoying by merely existing?  71% isn't an iffy 52% ya twat, it's a fucken mandate .... no, not the kind you go on. 

It is all about me as no one else seems as annoyed about things as I do. If I was alive the rich would be helping the poor instead of putting ads on their Facebook and concocting mosquito delivered viruses, war would be a thing of the past because people will realise that it's just idiotic. Fat bummed celebs, sports stars and actors will not be seen as role models but fire fighters, medics, teachers and that bloke that does a job he hates every fucken day just so his kids never go without will be hailed as heroes and role models. 

There won't be people of colour, not because of Trump's concentration camps but because they'll just be known as people. 

Boys will not have to be told it's not right to have sex with an unconscious girl at a party because they'll be raised to have morals and respect. 

 Such a nice soft and grateful personality she has.

People will look at the personality before they do a flat stomach or a set of guns and real guns will be only sold to decent people, not those that get hard shooting children.  

If children did get shot while I was alive there would be enough outrage and empathy to stop people from getting those weapons so easily instead of making excuses and crying about out of date rights.  

Children have the right not to be shot while at school. 

Healthcare & education would be free basic human rights as would clean drinking water, food and a home. If you worked it would be for gain, not to pay some of yer rent and have to chose what utility would be paid that month. 

When a person's basic needs are met then great things, ideas and creations are done. No life time of debt and not able to get ahead, no monopolizing of systems or market. War and illness would not be big earners and money making schemes. 

There would only be 1st world countries and they would understand how important it is to still have nature.  

I'm sure that while Old Knudsen burns in the Hell of his own making (what he hates being a reality) that life is going on elsewhere and it's probably good and sensible and humanity has wised up.

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