Thursday, 14 July 2016

WiFi To Be Sent To Famine Regions

Trump says some shit, Hillary says some shit, the UK gets a new non-elected PM, Black lives matter, there's a phone hidden in a rug design and grown ass people are looking for cartoon animals on their phones.   

There always seems to be a set amount of things to distract and keep people busy. Social media water cooler talk. You just dance and drink and screw, because there's nothing else to do.

Is all this crappy distraction around so the shadowy government agencies can do their thing out of the public eye? Yeah some of it is and other stuff just happens on its own without planning.

 Secret government agencies that make memes and cat videos.

In Moscow a Russian policeman attacked a US diplomat and 2 have been expelled from Russia. Two Russians have been expelled from the Russian embassy in Washington because of it.
The US diplomat attacked was CIA and was disguised so make of that what you will but it's all about the secret cold war still waging between the US and Russia .... even though Russia is no longer communist but the Americans just can't let it go.

It's like a real werld game of Risk. 

Aye, lets have massive military maneuvers on the Russian border for no reason. Related to all of this is China trying to claim islands and reefs in the South China Sea. The US send ships and planes to fly close to their territories as a reminder that they are there and to calm down the friendlies.

This all sounds very odd and random but it adds up and shapes foreign policy everywhere. You think the US wanted the Middle East destabilized to give the sand savages freedom? Oh maybe they wanted to defeat terrorism ... yeah cos they don't want all that profit from weapons sales or to set up bases in foreign lands.       

In Egypt since 2013, 1,000 people have been killed and 40,000 are believed to have been jailed and then there are the hundreds that just disappeared, some as young as 14 years-old .... they really don't like protests there, the US has it easy compared to them. People handcuffed and blindfolded for months, our allies rock!

 Protesters in Ukraine use mirrors to shame police officers.

Russian jets bombed a refugee camp killing 8 ... lol!  Japan's Emperor Akihito plans to abdicate due to health problems. In my day Japanese Emperors were gods, for fucks sake.

Tesla cars have had their second autopilot crash but this time the driver survived. Who would have thought that computer driven cars would crash? .... like the computer sensors no one ever saw that coming.

The FBI have 430,000 iris scans on a data base, it's not like them to collect info on US citizens, it's one of Obama's greatest legacies along with hunting down whistleblowers. You get finger printed in the US if you want to get foodstamps on welfare.

He has also sent an extra 560 troops to Iraq bringing the total to 4,650. Then there was the 500 sent earlier this year to Afghanistan bringing that total to 10,000. Also 250 soldiers to Syria cos the 50 there were lonely.

One of his many promises was to bring the troops back but as we soon learned with Obama he's the same as the rest of them. I'm sure it has nothing to do with Iranian activity in the area and our sandsavage allies letting them help out cos the US have proved to be lying fuckers not interested in helping the people.

Hey lets arm Al Qaeda and ISIS affiliated groups moderate Islamic extremists to help them win their freedom, that sounds good. Except after a while the moderates were all killed but yet they were still training and arming them .... huh? If they exist on paper then they still exist.    

I'm sure that Turkey trying to be friendly with Syria, Russia and even Israel is totally above board too and that a total u-turn on policy has no agenda at all. It's not like Turkey to play sides. I suspect the destruction of Kurdish groups and soon.


The main thing we've learned over the past few weeks is how unimportant to the world the UK is. It doesn't matter that its economy is down the shitter because it's China's economic slowdown that effects the world.

The UK: We're leaving the EU.

The EU: Fine, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

The UK: No, we're serious, we're really going.

The EU: Enjoy all that money you'll save ... le lol!

The UK: Oh bugger.  

The UK isn't a major player in the werld, it's a tag along ally and now it isn't even that. The werld is a changing place where governments and corporations (the same thing) are seeking to clamp down and get control of its people and what they do and how they consume.
If you want to have a safe nation then people need to be chipped or put into a data base because the government has to know who is here.
Sure it's not very conducive to being free but we willingly give up those freedoms with Social security and National Insurance numbers, census, voting registers and even Not to mention what we put out there on social media and the computer and phone programs that access your devices without you knowing about it.

With added Chromium

"Hello, this is Google, you're looking very tired today, you really shouldn't surf porn so late and some of those web sites are extremely dodgy. I took the liberty of blocking them for you. Also you used 'your' instead of 'you're' in 3 of your e-mails, please do not do this again."

If you are doing no wrong then you have nothing to fear right? .... Is that why governments don't tell you what they are up to and have so many redacted classified documents?

Putting you in prison for suspicion or national security can mean anything. As the far right takes control and gets more support and the left starts to look more like the right, only a fool would not be worried.

The director of the FBI and Mark Zuckerberg both put tape over their web cameras. The only thing to do is to leave cyber space but everyday even that becomes more and more impossible. The UN even declared that basic Internet access is a human right. Along with the bottled water and bags of rice we'll be sending boxes of Internet to disaster zones so they can look at their cat memes and search for Pokemon instead of looking for survivors. Does it even matter when hundreds can still just go missing off the face of the Earth?  


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