Saturday, 9 July 2016

Trump Is Beyond Your Petty Hatred

Trump, otherwise known as Masterly Orange Donald Of Kewl or MODOK wants you to know that he didn't mean to offend anyone and it is just crooked Hillary who is weak that is telling lies about him.

Trump just wants to use his psionic abilities to save the US and make it great again like it was in 1776 ... of course you have to break a lot of eggs to make a big omelet and you have to pull all the weeds in order make a beautiful garden, yes, that is code for killing the poor and the non-white people.

You also have to cut benefits to the poor and the vulnerable and introduce the Zika virus to control populations, it's business, don't take it personal.


 It certainly wouldn't be Trump himself. 

Trump tweeted this meme of Hillary and then had to defend it as it shows a Star of David on top of a pile of money as if to suggest that the Jews (that run everything including Christmas) are hooked nosed money lenders that killed Jesus ..... well that's what I got from it.

Trump shrugged and said the star was the same kind that Sheriff's use. The man is so pure he doesn't jump to anti-Semitic conclusions like crooked Hillary and her evil supporters.  

As usual Trump is right. Remember Marshal Dillon in Gunsmoke? He proudly wore the badge. Dodge city would be a terrible place today if it wasn't for him .... no wait, it's in Kansas with 72.5% of the population as white, probably still is a terrible place .... for coloureds.

In High Noon Gary Cooper fought the bad guys alone showing that it takes a good guy with a gun to stop the bad guys. Well only in the movies and if it's Gary Cooper or Clunt Eastwood.

So yes, when I see a six pointed star I think right away of a Sheriff's badge and not a Star of David. Shit wrong picture that doesn't back up my claim but still. This is obviously a Wiccan Sheriff.

I also think of a Sheriff's badge when I see the flag of Ulster. It has nothing to do with the sectarian Irish British white folks in the Orange Order that think they are descended from one of the lost tribes of Israel. The Levis, the ones that made jeans.


Trump also thinks that Putin is a tremendous leader and that Saddam Hussein was good at killing terrorists and the KKK dress up in white sheets to cosplay as ghosts.

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