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The War In Iraq Was Bad ... Thanks for Validating That


Sir John Chilcot the chairman of the UK's Iraq War inquiry has, after 7 years concluded that Tony Blair had sent ill-prepared troops into battle and had wholly inadequate plans for the aftermath.

Chilcot is a career civil servant who has loads of honours from the Queen for his work on policing and advising the likes of MI-5 and MI-6. I don't remember him saying anything in 2003 though. If you want to see if yer MP voted for or against the Iraq war then look at this the likes of Theresa May and Boris Johnson voted for it yet cunts like Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove and Andrea Leadsom voted against.

Chilcot added that there was no imminent threat from Saddam Hussein, and the intelligence case was not justified.
It's not like North Korea scaring the crap out of the Japanese every other week with their dong missiles, they actually worry about attacks and lil Kim getting it right someday. 

Holy fuck it took him 7 years to figure this shit out. At the time I was scratching my head trying to werk out why Iraq was being invaded or even mentioned since most of the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi and you don't attack countries when dealing with terrorists that is fucken stupid.

Why wasn't Ireland invaded to destroy the IRA? Shiners will argue that it was but I'll say shut yer Fenian cocksucking mouth, Northern Ireland is a part of the UK .... I really do hate terrorists and their supporters. 

   Hail Hydra Tony. 

The plan was always to destabilize the Middle East to weaken nations like Iran and Syria who have strong links to Russia who then has links to China .... all the ancient enemies. Iraq and Afghanistan were just footholds in the region and hey lets make some money off them as we go along ..... oh and Saddam threatened my daddy says the pretend Texan president. 

We bombed the fuck out of you so here is some aid and oh we have to set up a base to distribute it, that is the US model of conquering, the UK just gives the aid but it works with the US. 

Like I said before Osama was hiding in Pakistan but since they had nukes invading Iraq and Ganners were the softer targets. Why do you think the US is so concerned with Iran having nukes? Not because they'll use them but because that makes them untouchable, they are now thanks to their Russian allies but with nukes they'll have more sway in the region.       

Having ill-prepared troops is the British way of things. It's like having a baby, yer never ready for it .... well Old Knudsen wasn't, that wee fucker hurt like hell coming out.

We ignored American revolutionary war tactics of sniping and killing the officers first. We'd be standing there in our red coats about to fire while those cunts would be hiding up trees. Then we had neck braces so we'd not be able to turn our heads and so wouldn't see our mates dropping either side of us so we'd just keep walking forwards towards the guns.
Then there was the whole bolt action rifle against German machine guns in WWI not to mention the same at Dunkirk 2 decades on and even in Northern Ireland there was equipment shortages and we had to use 10 plus year-old gear.
When the SA80 rifle came out in the 80's it was a plastic piece of shit with a poofy small caliber but they still issued it without getting all the kinks out ..... troops are expendable, always have been.

Any surprise that British special forces use American issue weapons or AK-47's when they can? Our back packs were heavy canvas things difficult to put on as they detached from the webbing while "proper" armed forces had rucksacks for fucks sake.

Civilian security contractors were all the rage in Iraq, it was big business for the likes of Blackwater. Always an option to leave the forces and join them as well paid guns for hire. 

What disgusts Old Knudsen the most about the Bush and Blair double act was our "special" relationship. I didn't realise that it included rimjobs. Blair made us American lapdogs. Yankee Poodle as one tabloid said. 

He sent memos to Bush saying things like : We are better to act now and explain and justify our actions than let the day be put off until some further, perhaps even worse catastrophe occurs.

 He wanted a good excuse because he knew he didn't have full support. 

I have no doubt that we need to deal with Saddam. But if we hit Iraq now, we would lose the Arab world, Russia, probably half the EU and my fear is the impact of all of that on Pakistan. However, I am sure we can devise a strategy for Saddam deliverable at a later date.

We love you Gaddafi, even if you blow up our planes over Scotland ... lol. 

Both Blair and Bush had been talking about taking out Saddam one month after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. Remember that Blair is the guy that gave whole families to Gaddafi who were opposition in exile as a sweetener for oil deals. Parents and children for Gaddafi to torture and rape so he'd let BP oil drill off Libya.  Gaddafi was pariah because of his support for terrorists until his oil was wanted, then he was a friend again.  

If toppling Saddam is a prime objective, it is far easier to do it with Syria or Iran in favour or acquiescing rather than hitting all three at once, I favour giving these two a chance at a different relationship.

Like I said Iran and Syria were the prize targets, you just have to go an indirect route to get them. Even Obama had a serious hard on for Syria cos it's all about the long game against Russia.   

In particular we shall have given regime change a good name which will help us in our argument over Iraq. 

Branding is vitally important. We got many buzzwords from the wars of terror including insurgent, extremist and the various brands of ISIL and ISIS, then there was the new group the US tried to invent called Khorasan but everyone saw through that half arsed shit.
Al-Qaeda are old news, ISIS are becoming old news so what deadly group will be next? Maybe Al-Cobra.

Funny how it took the Russians to get involved in Syria in order for ISIS to get a pounding .... almost as if Obama was aiming at Assad installations rather than ISIS camps. Go on, please tell me what a great preez Obama is again.
Sure his videos are funny but he's a slimy lying shite.

    I love you Georgie. 

Blair often told Bush, I will be with you, whatever that's just sickening. He wanted to set up various events to gain trust for the war. Saddam use of WMD against US and/or his own people .... Saddam attack on Israel .... Saddam destruction of oil wells and Keeping apart rival groups and tribes.

In hindsight we know that all this happened except an attack on Israel.

 From operation Desert Storm in 1991 the oil fields set a dramatic image for the world which is why they did it again.

In 10 years from 2003 - 2013 there were 112,000-123,000 of civilian noncombatants killed. Blair had written down to avoid civilian casualties as an after thought ... that was nice of him.

His goals were to spread our values of freedom, democracy, tolerance and the rule of law and this is obviously done by invading random countries and bombing the fuck out of them.

4,491 U.S. service members were killed 2003 - 2014, 136 journalists and 51 media support workers were killed, 179 UK deaths, Italy 33, Poland 23, Ukraine 18, Bulgaria 13, Spain 11.

30% of US military women serving were raped, 14% were gang raped. Military women were 15 times more likely to be raped by their fellows than die in the war.

As the Iraq casualties rose Blair's approval rating dropped so he resigned before he was kicked out. Blair left office and went on the lucrative lecture circuit. A friend of Rupert Murdoch and the godfather of one of his children, Murdoch ended the friendship when he suspected that Blair had been diddling his wife Wendi Deng.
He then worked for JPMorgan Chase & Co and taught courses at Yale on faith and globalisation. Ironically he was also made a peace envoy for the Middle East.

Both Bush and Blair lied and got several nations into unjust wars whose effects go on today with a constant refugee crisis. The Arab spring risings and a new front in Syria didn't help and we still have Libya to sort out too. Eric Prince the head of Blackwater has had his eye on Libya for some time, they just have to unfreeze the millions held in European banks. If they get enough Refugee fear going on they might just do that.

It was a stupid war that showed there was little US understanding on what terrorism is. They still don't have a clue.
Blair had enough experience, he should have told Bush that if you invade and attack that will make 10 times the enemies you have today. The Iraq invasion swelled Al-Qaeda ranks just as surely as Bloody Sunday boosted recruitment for the IRA  ... they now had someone to fight, it's like feeding the trolls.

Blair is a vain egotistically creature that fawned over Bush the tall faux Texan that reminded him of John Wayne or some such crap. Maybe they got trade deals out of it.

It wasn't worth it and the fuckers have to pay for their crimes and lies as surely as the Leave the EU campaign should. Are there not laws against destroying economies with down right lies? It should be as punishable as insider trading, especially when a few benefit financially on it and the masses pay the price.     


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