Monday, 11 July 2016

The Dallas Shooter

Every other week I'm writing about some US shooting. Sure I don't bother with the suicide bombings in Turkey or Iraq cos that shit happens there all the time, people come to the west as refugees for safety. Shit even the Syrian refugees in Turkey want to leave there.

I was out when I saw the news of the Dallas shooter on the telly. I read the captions that told about 5 Texan police officers being shot by snipers. I saw the footage of some black dude casually walking from pillar to pillar shooting at cops and I thought, 'fucken civvie'. I figured that by the way he moved.

To explain the way soldiers move as compared to civvies you could watch The last ship on TNT. They've had proper military training in how to clear rooms etc and even just walking about they stay in character. Uptight and disciplined.

Or you could watch The Unit, a cancelled but good show about US special ops. Like real Navy SEALs these guys seem like nice relaxed all American boys but once on the job a switch goes and they become focused killing machines.
To see civvies in uniform watch the Stargate TV series, I guess Syfy didn't have proper military advisers. Richard Dean Anderson is all like, hey lets vote on what to do as orders are just so rude.

It turns out that Johnson was angry about cops shooting black people and rightly so though killing cops is not going to solve anything.
He was booted out of Afghanistan for sexually harassing a female soldier. His fellow soldiers said that he was a pervert that stole panties and showed a general disrespect for his superiors. So yeah, not really military material and are we surprised that the US wins fuck all wars these days? 

This is why I laugh when idiots say to arm veterans to protect schools from shootings. Who would Johnson protect? What children would Timothy McVeigh protect? Veterans aren't anything special, they signed up for a job knowing it could be dangerous, they didn't protect your freedom by invading Ganners or Iraq. They furthered political ambitions of psychopaths in power.

A good guy with a gun doesn't stop a bad guy with a gun. A robot with a bomb strapped to it stopped Johnson.
Where were all the brave open carry people that Texas is full of? When someone opens fire in Texas are not 50 armed civilians supposed to fire back? .... not one of them did. As usual it was the police at the frontline not movie heroes.

Police were also busy wasting time looking for  Mark Hughes who is black and open carries. He had nothing to do with the shootings and handed himself in. It was a case of all black people looking the same to white people mistaken identity. Hughes now gets death threats even though he wasn't involved.   

So like the Orlando shooter Johnson didn't have a criminal record (anyone can be investigated by the FBI, innocent until proven guilty) and like the Orlando shooter Johnson had issues. There was no gang of shooters or staged snipers, in fact the sniper name got dumped pretty fast once the media found out Johnson was a lone asshole shooter.   

A poorly trained part time soldier killed 5 police officers and wounded 7 others and 2 civilians. How did he do this? Well he had this semi-automatic rifle whose sole purpose is to kill a large number of people.

Like the Orlando shooting a semi-automatic rifle can be put to good use even in semi trained hands, or if yer just a teenager that likes to shoot little children.
Lets ignore this and make it about race instead .... though all the other shootings were not all race induced but having guns that fire a lot of bullets trumps the rights for others to live, according to selfish asswipes and hey Sandy Hook never happened la la la I can't hear you. Obama is coming for yer guns.

Hey the criminals will always be able to get guns .... good point, might as well not bother trying then. Or maybe less criminals will be able to get less guns. Give everyone flint locks and you'll see the mass shooting go way down.   

Before Orlando I said that a US citizen male between the age of 20 and 35 will carry out a mass shooting. I still see this prediction as coming true, always being right isn't a magic ability, it's common fucken sense.

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