Friday, 8 July 2016

Remember The Somme, With A Riot

This time last week the cuntry but mostly Northern Ireland was commemorating the battle of the Somme. Though more Yorkshire men died on the first day of the battle the Loyalists of Norn Iron like to think that Irish Northern Ireland Protestants were the ones that did the most dying.

Tremendous dying, the best. The others present at the battle, what losers. 

If yer ancestor did something worthwhile then fuck it, you can live off that and piss away yer life not having to achieve anything. 

As well as crosses and poppies there were parades and an open air event. 100 years, we remember our war dead better than anyone else, we fucken love em. We wear poppies all the fucken time, we even put them on our cars.
Look at our fucken war memorials, hundreds of them, we love dead soldiers we do .... sure they may hate alive soldiers but once dead they become precious.

In the armpit town known as God's waiting room Carrickfergus which is full of old people and spides that have never served, not even fries. The people of the housing estate with the beautiful name of Castlemara remembered the war dead by having a drunken riot and a paramilitary feud.

Burning pallets were dragged across the road by tear filled fleggers remembering the dead and attacking the police in true 36th division style since it contained a load of the early UVF members.

Ah those were the days, they didn't get to kill the King's soldiers or police with guns bought from Germany but got to die in battle instead mowed down by guns owned by Germany. The irony has not been lost on me.

So they are. 

The police try to stay out of Castlemara and you can't blame them .... Lovely murals though.  So Loyalists can't even get being loyal to the Queen right since they disobey her rules and laws at every occasion and now they can't even show respect for those who died serving their cuntry on the same day 100 years ago.

What a showers of useless cunts they are.  

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