Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Not All Lives Matter

Black lives are so important to me as I have a token black friend.

What the fuck is racism anyways? You don't like someone because they have a different skin tone than you. In fact you hate them because of it. You look for things to justify yer hatred like noticing all the crime that black people do but ignoring all the white criminals.

Do you even science bro? Skin colour is a result of what climate and environment yer ancestors moved to and then who they kept fucking. They became different culturally due to the societies they formed but seriously people who doesn't like fried chicken?

Loyalists in Northern Ireland telling Catholics to eat potatoes and go back to Ireland .... well firstly the north is still a part of the isle of Ireland and what, you don't like spuds? .... what kind of weirdo are you? Not racism but it's related.

People call hating foreigners racism just as they get murder and genocide mixed up. Just call assholes bigoted as they probably are racists too.     

Crackers, niggers, chinks, wogs whatever, aren't separate races, we're all one race THE HUMAN RACE. We're the same fucken species.

Humans of all colours are tribal. They started out as tribes and clans in their caves and though we claim to be advanced and civilised we are still tribal.... see Christians, Hipsters, Nerds, Feminists, briefs or boxers, left wing, right wing, breasts or legs.

We connect with others with similarities. You lost someone from cancer, so did I. You like Superheroes, so do I .... oh, you like DC, not Marvel ..... then fuck off! 

Our racism gets intertwined with our bigotry and we think of new ways to hate others that aren't us.

Or if it's Germans then hating them just for being German is fine. 

Humans are idiots. Today in the 21st century there are people that believe the ark story to be historical fact and that there are invisible super beings listening to their prayers and making their sports teams more successful than the others.

Thank you God for letting me survive my operation, thank you God for me winning this Oscar, thank you God for the food on my plate.

Skill and people being good at their job doesn't matter when there are other factors at werk like the approval of invisible beings.  When Poseidon wants yer ship to sink you'd better hold yer breathe.

 Fortuna with her corn of copia.

Back in the day we'd pray to Fortuna, that was the Roman version of Tyche whose name means luck. It used to be that we relied on Mother Nature for food and hoped and prayed for fair weather. Cornucopia means horn of plenty and even today is a symbol of abundance. Being horny and blowing yer own horn is something to be nurtured and appreciated. Removing yer ribs doesn't werk BTW. 

Since we relied on Mother Nature the expression 'my goddess gave birth to your god' is quite correct. From the feminine, life would spring . When men realised that they played a part in reproduction then you had male gods and suddenly sexism.
The Adam and Eve story, a little too contrived and slanted and then the apple part ...I get it, you like bumming boys and don't know how babies are made, quit the gurl hate for fucks sake.

Fate is the name you give when you don't know who it is that is screwing you over. The Fates or the Moira were given side roles in mythology as myths grew about great male heroes with big throbbing hammers. Trivia was the Roman goddess of Wicthcraft other wise known as Hecate (what the heck") The Goddess Dike AKA Justice and Hel have all been changed to become bad things or insults.

Nigger comes from the Spanish and Portuguese word negro or the Latin adjective niger to mean black. You know this probably.

My point is that we always find ways to insult, belittle or hate each other. Like in Nam. We're fighting against the Vietnamese, they killed Americans so lets call them Gooks and Slopes .... sure the Americans went out of their way to get killed there but still.
Those sand savages, towel heads and camel jockeys, they worship Allah and he says to rape all the white women ... no that's blacks ach I can't keep up. Sure Judaism, Islam and Christianity all come from the same source with the same teachings but um .... fuck them .... and the Jehovah's Witnesses especially, just for being mind controlling freaks and creepy as fuck. 

THEY KILLED US ON 9/11!!!!!! .... We've been killing their lot on their home ground for centuries but now you've just noticed. Ah the tribalism has kicked in.

     Sick of seeing these picture yet? 

We are all ONE race. You hate others because they are different or their ways annoy you and maybe you just don't get it. Some of their kind offended you so damn them all right? ... well so much for good sense. 

You were bitten by a dog so all dogs are cunts? Stop being a wuss. Scared by clowns? No, you are just a drama queen. Clowns are lame and stupid, not scary. Why do you run from ghosts Scooby Doo? Just turn round and deck em, carry a fucken blade you stoner dog. 

Don't fall for the shite that society gives you. The likes of Boris Johnson saying that Blacks have a lower IQ ... some do and some don't, just like over privileged white people. The Queen, the Royal family and rich people .... not better than anyone else, they just had some good fortune combined with money. 

 Couldn't get into the Air force huh? .... yeah me neither.

White people, not better than anyone else, they just happened to be born white. Your next life you might be the opposite sex on the far side of the world. White pride, brown pride, black pride just lets say idiot pride. 

You don't see rich people with 'rich pride' t-shirts. Cause and effect are the rules of the universe. Good luck and bad luck are a matter of perspective, as are good and evil. 

Who is global warming bad for? Do you reckon the cockroaches really care? Does Hillary worry about the environmental harm that fracking does from her home in the Hamptons? .... she doesn't care, it's not in her back yard.  

You can work hard all your life and not get ahead. You get ahead and lose it all in divorce or if you get sick. You can be born in a wealthy home, given a million dollars and think that you only got to where you are today by hard work so others must be lazy. 

Shit happens, sometimes good shit and sometimes bad shit. A car jumps the kirb and kills you ... bad luck right? Not for the person it missed. Then there were all the times a car didn't kill you. 

You only remember the bad events. 

All Lives Matter may have been created as a one-upmanship thing to Black Lives Matter but all lives do matter. 
To someone probably. 

I wouldn't say that a sex offending woman beater's live matters that much or that cunt that honour killed his sister. Would you piss on a pedo that was on fire?

It's all a matter of perspective but you need to make sure yer moral compass isn't effected by the magnetism of prejudice because you bought into what you've been told or that you've only had negative experiences.

It gets harder as the world gets smaller and news becomes overwhelming to see what matters and even to see what is right. Why have restrictions on guns when criminals will get them anyways? Well you won't remember all the times a nutter wasn't able to get a semi-automatic rifle and kill people.  

Excuses and whataboutery. Lets see people as human not a colour, if they chose to be a dick then hate them for that. 
If a cop kills an unarmed man then prosecute him as you would a gang banger that did the same. 

Violence is only the solution when defending yourself and others. Killing someone because you were afraid and panicked means that maybe you weren't trained and vetted enough. Maybe over worked and under appreciated or faced with never ending stress that you are unable to cope with. 

When all you see is the bad side of humanity then after a while that is what you'll expect.

It shouldn't be them and us, it should just be us. Not all lives matter to everyone but being an asshole often matters more because it effects others. It really isn't that difficult a concept.   

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