Friday, 15 July 2016

Movie Poster Gun Control

Lena Dunham who made a TV shows called Girls which I've never watched because it sounds lame and I doubt has any hand to hand combat and explosions in it has put out a call to peel off the guns on the new Jason Bourne movie posters. 

12 Commie libtard lefties liked this.

She is tired of guns, well Old Knudsen is tired of idiots but he doesn't go around destroying things. Public restrooms are different as he has a medical condition. When she was tired of that Happy song did she go around like a room without a roof?

Many mickles will so muck you up if you messith with me. 

When George Washington wasn't betraying the crown and weeping openly in front of his men he was crushing British baby skulls with his robot hand and shooting at his slaves if they weren't werking hard enough. 
He loved guns, he once said, "My dearest Martha, the thought of you, ball gag in your mouth getting taken from behind by several enemy soldiers makes me hard but so does firing my semi-automatic assault musket - your eternal servant the Big G.W."   

Taken from his personal correspondence. So you see, when Dunham (name sounds very British to me) tears off Bourne's gun she is tearing off a piece of liberty that Washington fought General Cornwallis to the death for at the siege of Yorktown. 

Dunham who once boasted of her multi-tasking skills of taking a dump while celebrating her naked hedonistic birthday party is probably a commie too. 

Old Knudsen doesn't believe in judging others but she looks the type to be all about feminism and equality then gets upset when you don't give up yer bus seat for a pregnant woman .... what's it to be for fucks sake?  

Jason Bourne bravely served his cuntry until his employment was terminated when he got dementia and she spits upon his rights to wave a gun about. Yes, Old Knudsen is angry. 

 I said raise yer hand when you have a fucken question.
Bourne served in the United States Marine Corps and then in Delta Force, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta if you must know. I served with them in the town of Beaverlick, Kentucky doing classified toxin experiments on the population.  I can't go into details or give you any information about it what so ever but they were a tough bunch of lads and didn't flinch or shirk their duty even during the execution and burning body stage of the operation began.
If yer ever in Beaverlick I'd advise you to bring yer own bottled water and don't eat local produce, no reason.  

Veterans have a hard enough time when they go crazy and shoot and bomb people without Dunham who to the best of my knowledge has dodged serving getting at them about guns. 

As you know the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a robot packed with explosives, will Dunham be peeling off parts of the Wall.e 2 poster?

Sure, look to Europe, gun crime is down there because their posters don't have guns on them. Liam Neeson movies also lose money there because none of his movies can get advertised there.

Well lil miss commie, a bad guy can go into a shop and buy a movie poster with a gun on it with no questions asked and none of yer a peeling to yer fans will do a thing to stop it.


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