Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Feel The Bern But Draw The Line

So Bernie like Trump tapped into the belief of something better. Trump goes the way of hate and Bernie the way of hope.
A better future by crushing our enemies or people we could make our enemies .... A better future by being nice and helping people.   

Racial equality, fairer incomes, financial reforms, products made in the US again, women's rights, LGBT rights, healthcare for all, looking after veterans and better education. Bernie is sort of Jewish but not really and used to work as a carpenter so just like Jesus if he had made it to 75 and actually existed. 

He said that Americans could be better and have it all without putting anyone down and he is the sort of person the US needs to lead it. If only the US wasn't a big cesspool of corruption. 

One of the largest economies in the werld should be able to look after its own people right? They have this double bluff victim mentality where they have to go and get success and are losers if they need help. The government has done a real number on them and they are told that they are too special for healthcare and education unless they pay through the nose for it.   

We all know how powerful the Darkside is.

Sanders was amazing but then we noticed he wasn't getting any media coverage, what the fuck? I was seeing Hillary everywhere, I had to go and do a search to even hear what Sanders sounded like.

We all knew there was a plot, it was Hillary's turn to be President. Then yon rapist released the stolen e-mails and it turned out that politicians lied and schemed .... we were shocked. Our votes don't matter, who would have thought it?

Oh that's right Bush versus Gore in 2000, how soon we forget. 

US politics usually has 2 rich people with rich friends trying to out money each other for the White House. Sanders was an unrealistic pipe dream that some actually fell for. They wanted to believe.

When Sanders lost the nomination and endorsed Hillary his loyal followers turned on him like those spiders in the Lost in space movie that eat their wounded.

Sanders suddenly dealt in reality. The Bernie movement wasn't the massive social revolution they had hoped for. You can pack stadiums but without the media on yer side you are nothing. It's the 21st century, word of mouth hasn't worked in decades. This isn't the time of Paul Revere.

The choice was that Sanders could run as an independent .... he'd lose and take lots of Clinton's votes with him and Trump would win. 

He could endorse Clinton and hope his followers vote for her so Trump wouldn't win.

Many Bernie supporters just straight out refuse to vote Clinton. Their protest vote or lack of will give them moral superiority because they aren't backing a rigged system .... enjoy yer Trump years.

Your protest votes will mean that Trump will win and who cares about your moral high ground? Thanks in part to you the cuntry will get worse and the US will go from being hated to flat out ridiculed and hated.

Muslims getting singled out, Mexicans getting singled, losers getting singled out la la la not listening I didn't vote for him my farts smell Caucasian and delicious.

This already happened in the UK with idiots voting Green or Ukip because they were in a sulk with Labour. The Tories won. Then there was the Brexit vote which was basically a vote against foreigners, no matter how you make excuses for it.

 I love how everyone loves veterans all of a sudden.

A Trump vote like Brexit validates the haters. It will mean that it's socially acceptable to say 'go back to your own cuntry' since the majority vote says so.

      I'll make it up to you Bernie with a free tour of the White House. 

It may be Hillary's turn but will everyone suddenly pretending to like her be enough?  Trump weathered the whole paying people to pretend to be supporters thing and every thing else he has said but Hillary has the sexist thing to battle too as women are supposed to be either good in bed or able to bake like yer Ma. 
Bernie supporters need to grow the fuck up and take off those rosy glasses. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. A moral high ground is as tangible as principles ... otherwise known as sulky stubbornness. It's politics, have you never watched Game of Thrones for fucks sake? 

How will you sulking change it? You couldn't stop Firefly from getting cancelled how can you hope to change one of the most powerful political systems in the world? Hows yon gun control going? ... shooting children is a right ya know.  

The game is rigged because once you think yer close to catching them all they make new ones. There were 151 original Pokemon and now there is like 726 .... it's a fucken money making scheme, accept reality. 

It's like having different coloured lightsabers, yeah green, blue and red for the good and bad guys but then they had to make them purple and with double blades and just shut up and take my money, a director's cut? ... take my money I said! 

Just how many Transformers and Iron man suits are there? 

When you think you have an honest politician you'll find that somewhere, somehow they have compromised themselves. Nobody is perfect and usually not how you expect them to be. Like a much loved actor refusing to sign autographs .... but but I bought all yer movies, I own you.

People superimpose their expectations onto others. Thomas Jefferson 'all men created equal' ... wonderful huh? He raped his slaves and didn't try to abolish slavery because it was too hard. Lincoln, a wonderful leader who would have kept slavery and controlled the press but everyone sees him as a great liberator.

FDR was tough but a hero .... yeah tell that to the loyal American Japanese he put into camps.

People still see Obama as being wonderful ... how far up their hole is their heads? Domestic spying, going after people that download movies or music or whistleblowers harder than actual criminals, funding Al Qaeda affiliates and randomly killing civilians with drones, propping up US friendly governments in Ukraine and Yemen ...  but forget all that, did you see his video on BuzzFeed ?      

Not playing the rigged game has consequences too.

I feel sorry for the Bernie fans that loved him a little too much.  Maybe it's not the best time to tell them about Santa.        

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