Tuesday, 14 June 2016

You Didn't Win Anything

I saw this clip of a comic going on about his fellow Americans saying to us Europeans, "if it wasn't for us you'd be speaking German" I for one am grateful as it is a horrible and scary language. German lullaby's have often been mistaken for warrior songs you sing at opponents to strike fear into them.

I don't know what you said but it sounded long and scary. 

The comic was making the point that those who say it weren't on the beaches of Normandy fighting the Japs like Old Knudsen was, they weren't liberating France from the evil robot overlords and if they were Old Knudsen didn't see them there. 
You didn't stand shoulder to shoulder with Kahless at the battle of Qam-Chee. You probably think Stamford Bridge is a soccer stadium for Chelsea rather than a battle we fought against the vikings in 1066 which is some time before noon I think, anyways Old Knudsen missed out on his lunch that day, too busy killing and yer fucken welcome for yer freedoms.   

The people that boast about winning wars and battles are often people that have never served their cuntry and hate any form of exercise. 
Donald Trump never served, he went to a military school and got out of serving because he allegedly had corns on his feet or some such nonsense though it didn't stop him from being a talented sports player. You don't need to be healthy to die for yer cuntry. He has said that he felt like he had served even though he has never been a target in a uniform but hey he has medals for neatness. 

He said that Senator John McCain was a loser because he is only famous and got elected because he was captured and tortured in Nam. If he had been better at his job he wouldn't have been shot down and captured. 
So all those who died in war are losers according to Trump. You died fighting Hitler, you should have been better you loser. 
John McCain is a loser for other reasons than his military service, he isn't a war hero any more than Chris Kyle was, they had a job to do and they did it. They didn't die while serving and that is a good thing but just bad luck and unfortunate for those that didn't make it back or not come back completely. 

The loser is the person that dodged serving while others couldn't, be they a politician, musician or boxer. Muhammad Ali's first reaction at being drafted was a selfish 'why me?' before he decided he had nothing against gooks and was being singled out.

I am reminded of other losers. Those who like to dress up in pseudo military costumes and march (in an nonmilitary fashion) to celebrate the battle of the Boyne in 1690. Get those fucken arms straight and shoulder high, what are you, Americans?

These soft and out of shape civilians who love their cuntry so much they wear the flag as a poncho didn't love it enough to enlist. Martin McGuinness the deputy first minister of Northern Ireland wondered where all these tough guys were during the Troubles. McGuinness as we know was trying to kill Old Knudsen, his comrades and any civvies that got in the way during this time but at least he was doing something .... er no, I mean fuck him the terrorist scum bag.    

The battle of the Boyne in 1690 was a deciding battle for the throne of England but has been reduced to a Protestant against Catholic thing for the simple minded sectarian pleb. King William of Orange wasn't a great defender of the Protestant faith, he just wanted the fucken throne, he was bloody foreigner that some wanted to back because they didn't like the Catholic king James, it was a coup. His uncle James had a more direct right to the throne. 
The church didn't like King James and his pro-French, pro-Catholic ways. The fucker wanted religious liberty for Catholics and Protestants but the Church of England saw that as a threat to good old traditional values. 

The same shit today as those traditional values usually mean oppressing someone and returning to a time when old white men ruled the earth. Traditional values is shorthand for racist and bigoted ideals that don't have the guts to say what they actually are. 
See the GOP, DUP, the Tea party nutters, Britain First, the Tories, KKK, Orange Order and Ukip for fine examples of those who want Traditional values.

    Just being a good Christian.  

In Northern Ireland right now these alleged Christians (who don't go to church) are getting ready to stir up some shit as they do every year. They build massive bonfires and burn anything Irish, Catholic or just things that they perceive as being that. 
Not too much thought goes into it. When they burn the Irish flag they don't know or care that the orange part of it represents Protestants. 

Like when France wouldn't invade Iraq the Americans poured out French wine and called French fries Freedom fries (now they be like Je Suis Charlie an shit) that is how the Loyalists get on. What if every Cinco de Mayo the Mexicans shoved it in the face of the French that they lost a battle, of course they don't because Cinco de Mayo and the 4th July celebrations are excuses to celebrate and eat. On St Paddie's day no one cares if yer a Prod, just have a fucken drink to be sure. 

The 11th July starts the bitter fest for the battle of the Boyne. None of those cheering and shouting yeeooohhh!!!! fought there but by the way they get on you'd think they had. The Protestant forces had 13 thousand more soldiers that were well trained and equipped unlike the Jacobites with their farm tools. 

I hope that when the present day heroes go to rub it in the faces of Catholics that a Dutch Protestant won in 1690 so fuck yous, they are reminded that they themselves had fuck all to do with it. Maybe their ancestors fought on the Jacobite side, I bet they don't even know.

Quit getting on like yer team just won the world cup, it was hundreds of years ago for fucks sake and white people fighting white people, what the fuck is that about? 

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