Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Politics Of Abuse

I cannae stand people that claim not to be racist or bigoted but their actions say otherwise. Speaking of which.

After lying and tricking 17.4 million plebs to vote to leave the EU, Nigel Farage went to the European parliament like a defeated Batman villain with the upper hand.

'You all laughed at me years ago when I said I was going to get the UK to leave the EU and I told you you'd rue the day that you mocked the Nige. Now I'm back and I've won, you have been destroyed by my might, fallen like little tin soldiers to a British bulldog of strength .... who is number one? SAY IT!!!!' 

What he got was a shrug and asked if he wanted to leave then what the fuck was he doing there wasting their time?

Well Nigel still has rent to pay so lay off him. Rather than wasting (the imaginary) £350 million we don't really pay to the EU every week on the NHS he said something about the spoils of war and then sat doon. 

Now 1.1 million leave voters said they've changed their mind as they have sobered up after a patriotic drinking binge during which they voted for getting rid of the foreigners .... though they are in no way racist. 

 Trump is also not a racist.

The KKK continually say they are not racist, they just want to further the white race in the US, that's all. Like how the Orange Order isn't sectarian, they just want to further Protestantism and refuse to let Fenian cock suckers join them. 

What's next, Hitler wasn't anti-Semitic? You can't cast a vote that screws over millions of immigrants then claim to have only done it because you don't like the regulation on bananas. Assad only barrel bombed his own people to stay in power, he didn't have anything against those he wiped out .... I didn't think they'd actually die when I bombed them.

Scottish MP Alyn Smith was too busy getting a standing ovation and being awesome to bother with Farage and his petty bigotry. 

The pound is still in the gutter, recovering slowly but trillions have already been lost. A tiny island nation with a downsized military and austerity measures will be great again if it leaves the world's largest economy ... not a single nation with the largest economy I mean the world. I shake my head as now we've voted to give the Tories free reign to fuck us over yet more. 

They fucked the NHS before Brexit and guess what they'll do after?  

Europe have had enough of the UK and says 'leave already, we've got shit to do' but Cameron is dragging out his resignation as they maneuver the right cunt into power. Farage and Boris were handy but not serious PM material.

We're told that the Brexit vote is final and there is no going back, that right there is more lies, it isn't legally binding. 
The Brexiters shout "democracy!" in order to shut people up but yes, democracy, lets vote again now that the morons that fucked it up the first time understand the ramifications a little better.   You Brexiters fell in with the wrong crowd and they got you into trouble, don't worry cos democracy can still save you.  

Scotland and Northern Ireland don't want a load of English that don't live anywhere near them to vote for their future. We're always told English votes on English topics so in this instance the Sassenachs can fuck aff. 

They keep repeating that the UK voted to leave but in reality not all of it did. A slight majority did when you add up the total.

The Cornish who get more out of the EU than they put in voted to leave but still want their EU money. 

Hello, I'd like to have my gas and electricity turned off but I still want light and heating and to be able to recharge my vaper and phone. 

While Wales sided to leave (Stockholm syndrome) many parts of England and even London voted to stay. Yes the Leave campaign won by a tiny 4% which is why we want another vote. This issue is too important to fuck up because Tyler didn't understand that he now pays extra to get pissed in Spain innit. 

The Prime Minister hopefuls are putting off leaving the EU for as long as they can, this isn't good for the nation anymore than leaving is but do they really give a fuck? Their jobs are safe, their benefits won't get cut. 

This isn't politics, this is abuse. You have psychopaths in control and they've whipped the mob up into a frenzy because foreigners .... that's why.  

Loyalists in Northern Ireland have long told Catholics to go back to their own cuntry meaning Ireland. I'm sure their Irish (pre 1921) ancestors are proud of them. I understand bigotry and pretending not to see any harm or bad things .... oh look, those chimneys have lots of ash coming out of them, must just be burning some books or something, la la la, it isn't me or mine.  

I invoke Hitler in the hopes that you understand how your actions or lack of can effect others.

Hitler didn't get the overwhelming support of the German people. By the time he was done strong arming his way to power and promising to make the cuntry great again the people had been conditioned enough to shed a tear at his death and to turn their backs of millions (that weren't them) being sent to their deaths.  

You need to stop being so fucken gullible people. There is no excuse as the lies are often exposed way before you need to vote. Yeah yeah yeah belittle and dismiss it as lies from the other side because it doesn't suit yer agenda. 

Maybe yer agenda isn't all that, being right wing doesn't make you right, it makes you more inclined to be less empathic, poorly educated and more likely to be a cunt.

Don't believe the hype, we can still make things better.

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