Monday, 13 June 2016

The Orlando Shooter

Protect and to serve. 

Omar Mateen killed 50 people and wounded 53 more in a shooting at a ghey nightclub in Orlando Florida.

The talking heads and the keyboard warriors are already saying the usual. It's a false flag so Obama can bring in gun control and take our guns just before he leaves office. He's a radical Muslim so this shows that Trump is right, lets build a wall around them and the last being that if all the gheys had guns they'd be safer. 

All stupid of course and deflect from the truth. Will we ever know what drove Mateen to kill them? Why a ghey club? 

Like strict Christians, strict Muslims hate gheys .... though they are all at it. Mateen was American. While his parents were Afghan he was born in New York. He worked as a security guard for G4S for the past 11 years and had been vetted twice. He got the attention of the FBI in 2013 when he made some pro ISIS comments to his colleagues but their investigation didn't show he was a radical or had any connections.

Looking at that picture he looks more like a douche bag than a radical. Can we profile this bloke? From a Muslim family but is American .... his father seemed more annoyed that his son did this during Ramadan than killing 50 people. He then said may all young people find Islam ... away an fuck.

 His father is a just for men kind of guy himself. 

Seddique Mateen the father has a California based TV shows in which he expresses pro Tallyban views so yeah there is a history of being religious persecutors in the family. Hey Saddam called, he wants his look back. 

Not a great time to be Middle Eastern in the US. Like George Zimmerman he seems like a police wannabe, what is it with security guards and their massive chip? They are not good enough to join the police and refuse to be happy doing security work so they play at being cops. 
Like draft dodgers that arm themselves and call for war because they know they'll never have to go themselves.

Mateen didn't have a criminal record and nothing would have shown in background checks when he was buying his legally held firearms that made him feel manly. 

Mateen has an ex-wife. A kinda hot ex-wife. She said her ex was bi-polar and abusive towards her. So the pieces start to fit together. 

A religious family (doesn't matter what brand as they are all fairytale based and violent people in religion will still be violent) he has the wannabe cop chip so he thinks he's better than he really is. He has a love hate thing with the US as no doubt he gets called a terrorist by colleagues and the juvenile delinquents at the facility he guards. 
He had a hot wife and he treated her like shit. He sees two men kissing and is reminded of his hatred for not being able to be himself. 

Yeah he was ghey but at odds because his religion and family would denounce him and he wasn't man enough to come out. 
Typical closeted homophobe he lashes out at women and gheys and doesn't know why. Put mental instability which was probably not getting treated as that would be seen as being weak you have the perfect storm to just blame it on radical extremism.      

 If more guns were the answer then lets start handing them out.

More guns are not the answer, less guns and less religion is the answer. Hero qualities not hero violence being promoted is also the answer. A real man doesn't attack soft unarmed targets. 

Poor mental health and magical thinking seems to be a constant thread, you'd have to be a nut to do this right? Now people need a reason to justify how they think. Shit happens and haters gonna hate and that reason be it religion or self loathing is merely an excuse. 

Be more aware wherever you are, always have an escape route planned and exits noted in yer head and lets all change our profile pics, that will help.   

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