Thursday, 23 June 2016

Robot Overlords Have Appeared

We haven't had an end of the werld scare recently. No meteors almost never coming anywhere close to us and no zombie virus .... aye the US has the Zika virus but aren't Americans a load of pin heads anyways?

It didn't happen in Sillycon valley where they make tits and computer chips, it happened in Perm .... where? Perm, a city in butt fuck Russia.

Very lameski

Down town traffic got a taste of the future .... evil robot overlords intent on the destruction of mankind, and weemen too.

It was a self learning robot that wandered off for 45 minutes from its testing area and made the ground tremble with its awesomeness.

Well until its battery died.

A few drunk (they are always drunk) Russians did a double take then said whateverski. The future robot overlords appeared to the werld and they were found lacking.

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