Thursday, 16 June 2016

Jonathan King Wants You To Brexit

Jonathan King the singer-songwriter, producer, music entrepreneur, and former TV and radio presenter has joined the Brexit campaign to ensure that you the British public do the right thing and vote to leave the EU.

King had a global hit song Everyone's gone to the moon in 1965 and then enjoyed success as a presenter of British television programmes. 
The convicted pedophile is furious at EU regulation in regards to buggering underage boys that will cum into effect in 2020. Several other high wranking politicians joined the Brexit campaign for this reason but say it's really to make Britain great again. 

"The EU regulations will say 'no hair, don't go there' but myself and many others want to go there, it's a disgrace, British paedos don't need micro managing from Brussels!" Fumed King.   

 They probably love it!

Nigel Farage welcomed King aboard the Brexit boat. "Buggering young boys in non-consensual sex was fine in the 80's, what you have here is political correctness gone mad, I blame the foreigners ... especially the darkies and the New World Order of the Illuminati EU." 

Charles Fort and his partner Kate Henshaw are voting for the UK to leave the EU. "We aren't racist, we just ate foreigners and Muslims and believe in Briton ruling the waves and need to leave the EU because it's in control of everything innit?" 

Sure the UK was known as the sick man of Europe with constant strikes and a failing economy until it joined the EU and became the 5th largest economy in Europe but who remembers the 70's huh?

NHS closures .... bloody EU. Austerity measures .... bloody EU. Sugar tax .... bloody EU .... no wait, that's the Tories, the people who will benefit from leaving the EU. What kind of moron votes them into power and then votes for them to have more power?   

EU regulation is often cited as a reason to leave the EU. If it was up to the British government we've have more additives in our food, more pesticides on our crops and cheap inferior goods with standards being pretty low.
Our human rights would be more in line with the US as that is the way British law seems to be going if you look at immigration policy for non-EU members. We have more human rights and worker's right thanks to the EU.
All those disabled and old people the Tories wanted to cut benefits on would have no recourse if we left the EU but hey what do I know? Maybe it makes sense for an island nation to cut itself off from one of its major trading partners maybe I'm just too sane and rational to see the bigger picture.

If you are mildly racist and bigoted towards foreigners in general and want to cut off your nose to spite your face then vote to leave the EU. Our national security which is in direct connection with our economy is dependent on having close global ties .... not my words but the mission statement of the National Security Council formed in 2010 to combat domestic and international terrorism.   


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