Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Gangs Of Migrant Rapists Will Get Ya


Nigel Farage the Nazi Ukip politician said that if the UK leaves the EU this could help prevent mass sex attacks by gangs of migrants on women.
A police force with balls and tough sentencing might also stop them too but leaving the EU and deporting all the wogs darkies Muslims non-British people would be better because improving, funding and training police sounds like werk. 

How could we fund our wars in Middle East if we were handing out money to the police, NHS or the education system, a bit of sense about you for fucks sake. 

Brazil isn't in the EU and just had a case of 30 men raping a 16 year-old girl .... but still, we have to ignore any facts and just panic!

There was the sex attacks in Cologne on New Year’s Eve which was mostly carried out by men of Arab and North African descent and a first for Germany .... since the GI's and the Soviets during WWII I suppose.

Yes 90% of rape victims know their attackers but still, MIGRANTS!!!!!!

If you look up the definition of the werd Migrant you won't find 'a person who moves from one place to another in order to find work or better living conditions.' What you'll read is 'swarms of foreign speaking non-Christian darkies out to rape children and steal from white people.' 

Somehow immigrant and migrant have become bad words but we've always had that fear of others. Colour, class and language has always been valid reasons to hate. The US is a nation built on hate immigration, they brought us obesity, tacos and Taylor Swift, the US rocks and so therefore immigration rocks.   

Farage says that if the UK left the EU (Brexit) all the females would be safely at home cooking dinner for their men folk instead of trawling the streets with no underwear looking to get raped .... yes there are EU regulations that say weemen have to do this.

The migrants are all experts in EU law and know this.

Why do we even need passports? It's unpatriotic to leave the UK. 

Farage also says that the NHS, a healthcare system that has been protected, cherished and not defunded or run into the ground by the Tories will be destroyed by migrants all wanting healthcare and beds to rape white nurses in.

The Tory government is currently trying to get rid of nurses with low pay and poor working conditions in order to save their virtue and keep them safe. Do we really need doctors? I mean people just need to suck it up and stop being pussies. Cancer? .... oh that sounds expensive, have you tried to suck it up? Have a cup of tea or something.
Healthcare would be a lot better if we paid for it or was heavily taxed or something. You run it into the ground, make people disgusted by the lack of resources then come up with a plan in which yer in charge and making money and the worn down people will lap it up.

Farage continued, 'If migrants were white, skilled, educated and spoke English then there wouldn't be a problem, unless they were Paddies of course but don't get me started about them.'    

Farage has said that if we don't leave the EU there will be a polar vortex of Ebola that would kill off all the homeless veterans within a year or two and we'll all be speaking German and eating cabbage due to new EU regulations that he read about online somewhere. 

Top notch British humour. 
He wants to return Britain (Northern Ireland can fuck off) to the good old days when all the white people had jobs and you wouldn't see any ethnics on the telly unless it was a white person in blackface.

Non-threatening black people like Chicken George and Bill Cosby would be ok in small doses, none of that Idris Elba mularky as he is a tall and well built good looking fella who probably has a massive penis. James Bond is fucken Aryan and don't you forget it. Felix is the token black dude unless played by a white actor. 

We'd also return to the Feudal system where going to a Grammar school and above means that you are allowed to vote and take the whip to an unruly pleb in the street if they got in the way of yer motor carriage.

We'd have the draft (National Service) to teach young people their place and make sure they get haircuts. Middle class people would obviously be officers like duh. 

The truth of the matter is that Britain and Northern Ireland .... the UK, are in control of their borders and always have been. They decide who comes and goes not the EU. We have a treaty in which you don't need a passport to travel in the EU IF YOU ARE A FUCKEN EU CITIZEN but the UK controls its own borders.

It's just that the UK is shite at controlling its border but no mass rapes that we know of, just pedo rings usually sanctioned by the government. This is just a bit of Ukip scare mongering akin to 'black men want to rape all the white women' but differently put.

If you vote to leave the EU that doesn't make you racist, doing it because you don't like foreigners, particularly dark skinned ones does make you racist. If yer voting along Ukip lines then you've already gone to the Caucasian dark side and intellect and reasoning have already left the building

When Nazis, commies, snobs and fools are voting to leave the EU then you know there has to be a good reason to stay. Just do the opposite of what the DUP would do and you have the right choice. Can you really trust Creationists to make an informed decision based on logic?

 Such a manly Farage and Sammy Wilson of the DUP handshake ... limp wristed fucktards. 

Wilson of the DUP doesn't like immigrants and doesn't believe in Climate change but hey I'm sure his out vote was arrived at with reason and logic. At times like this the DUP feel they are loved by the English as their votes often matters and you know how they'll vote anyways. For war, against Fenians, gheys, foreigners and whatever else that sounds un-British .... even though with their funny accents they don't sound British at all, to be sure to be sure. 

Hey DUP we're going to give millions of pounds to the poor, old and disabled, it won't cost us anything and Sinn Féin have already agreed to it.  The DUP: "NO! we'll put in a petition of concern to stop this as it sounds ghey and Jesus wouldn't like it."

So predictable.    

Leaving the EU won't save us from any rape gangs that don't even exist, it will make us financially weaker and will give the likes of the Tories and the DUP carte blanche to be controlling twat waffles that have you stripped of human rights. The cull by neglect will begin!

Austerity measures has already been linked to thousands of suicides and attempts already. Take away the right to appeal and many more will occur.   

Let Farage's, Boris Johnson's and Sammy Wilson's fear guide you if you will or you could nut up and stay in the werld's largest economy that saved us from being the sick man of Europe in the 70's. Old Knudsen is voting to stay in because though he hates foreigners, he hates the locals just as much .... but he likes having human rights and a say about what happens in Europe rather than being sidelined and irrelevant.     



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