Thursday, 9 June 2016

Famous People Eating

Better pose to than to eat but if he did eat it he'd be tremendous . 

Celebs and people in the news are just like normal every day people. They too worry that their servants are stealing from them and wheter or not they look fat in their designer $12,000 jackets. Famous people also eat. Here is a list of famous people eating, it may surprise you to find that they do. 

Donald Trump has been known to practice his oral sex techniques out on food. Those on food on sticks have probably made him the tongue wizard he is today. He can rim for hours.

Some say Bill Clinton is cool while others call him a loser and that Hillary could do far better. Does he even need all that ice cream? White fucken privilege I say. 

Look how Arnold stays in character as the Terminator as he demolishes his cone. The chocolate flake didn't stand a chance.

No Bill, you are certainly not Joe Biden cool. 20 bucks now take off yer clothes while Joe Biden licks his cone .... do it slowly.

Eisenhower and his wife Mamie watch the Cold war being fought out in front of them as they down a couple of dogs. 

An American favourite, Jlo gets stuck into a penis butter and jelly sandwich. 

George Clooney's eyes go dead as he bites down on a dog. 

A Big Mac Affleck? You'll never be Batman! 

Keira Knightley shows the werld she has no issue with eating. 

Katie Perry shows how you eat a burger with eloquence. 

No matter what Vince Vaughn eats he always looks frightening. 

Roselyn Sánchez advises students to eat a banana before they take an exam .... it doesn't help, she has just recently bought shares in a banana farm. I'll buy a hand! 

Sexy Hillary Clinton can really take the meat, oh yeah, chew it, masticate it good. Vote Hillary because though her mouth is full of lies it is warm, moist and inviting ..... Bill is a loser!  

Kate Upton always eats like this. I took her to a Del Taco once and we got thrown out. Don't go to lunch with this crazy bint. No I will not lick mild hot sauce off yer big baps .... just no!

Ed Miliband the former Labour leader and stunt double for Mr Bean sent sales of bacon sandwiches soaring after he ate this one. 

The new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn eats but he always eats locally sourced produce or orders off the value menu .... what a cunt, always trying to show everyone up.   

Angela Merkel has been known to unhinge her jaw and eat up whole schools of fish. Migrants go into Germany but they never leave. 

When Al Pacino did a movie about doughnut addiction he ate nothing but donuts for a year. He even nicknamed his penis Bear claw and would shout "say hello to my Lidl friend" .... yes he bought them at Lidl. 

Obama and Dave showed the special relationship the US has with the UK when they ate their hot dogs in unison. The UK hates Americans by the way but that's ok cos the US thinks we're so fucken quaint and useless.  

The former Mayor of London Boris Johnson thinks we should leave the EU but look at him eating, what better reason do you need to stay in the EU?  maybe we could regulate him or something. 

Big Kim would look at food but just didn't fancy it, he ate Turkish cigarettes instead. 

Lil Kim from North Korea never eats. He gets all his sustenance from the fear of the people and finds food fucken hilarious.  

When Marilyn Munroe wasn't eating Kennedys she liked her meat but was quite intolerant to to the point of bigotry towards bread. 

I don't think this lass is famous but she should be.

Not only do vampires sparkle the the millennial vamp eats chicken and stalks young gurls.  

Governor Perry shows they like it big in Texas. Even though anti-sodomy laws were found unconstitutional 10 years ago, Texas still has them. George W Bush tried to force them to have bum sex but they said NO! .... like a Rorschach test I see a penis entering a sphincter when I look at this picture. 

If  Betty White is still alive (reports have her aged around 204) she'd be shoving whatever into her gob because life is too short. 
My next post will be about celebs going to the toilet, you might be surprised by who does number ones and twos.   

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