Saturday, 25 June 2016

David Cameron was Just Kidding About Brexit

Just kidding, eh Boris? You should have seen Nigel's face. He's still not in power.

As like after bad sex or a meal that didn't taste like it should have but you were really in the mood for it the people that voted for the UK to leave the EU are justifying their choices. "see the world didn't end" these are the same people that can't remember what they did last week and would rather not think about future things because it hurts their heads.
Scotland will vote for independence and Northern Ireland will go back to exporting bombs because no more EU money is coming in. Hey Game of Thrones is shot here so Old Knudsen isn't inclined to join up again to stop them from their bombing. You make Jon Snow go to Slovakia to film, you will pay.    

 Thomas Mair wasn't able to vote after he killed MP Jo Cox but wants to thank everyone for making this a great day for him and for England.

The Leave campaign somehow thought that others thought things would be different the next day and that the shit would hit the fan and we'd have Armageddon the day after the vote .... things happen over time you knobs. We'll still be in the EU for the next 2 years ffs.

All that happened was the pound hit its lowest figure since 1985 .... when we were in recession. Forms for Irish passports flew out faster than new iPhones from Post Offices. Travel agents stopped their foreign money services as everyone was panic buying due to holidays costing more. David Cameron sort of resigned and Boris Johnson licked his lips at the thought of becoming the next Prime Minister.

The dreaded article 50 was mentioned. That is the button that gets pushed to proceed with EU divorce proceeding.  OK I bet there are some fuck wits out there that think it's an actual button.

Fringe MP Nigel Farage says that white British people have nothing to fear.

Nigel Farage was on the TV and was pinned down like Jesus on a cross. The Leave Campaign told the lie that the UK paid the EU £350m a week. They kept saying that all that money could pay for hospitals, Farage said he didn't promise anything and it was the vague "Leave Campaign" that said that.

Being fooled like that is justification enough to slap a Brexiter. You lie with dogs expect to wake with fleas.

No one demanded this vote and the win margin was slight so this isn't over yet. A petition for a new referendum got enough votes to be considered in the House of Commons in just a few hours. Right minded people .... sensible people want to be in the EU.
It's like when Scotland voted NO for Independence, those that voted no said to themselves, 'what the fuck was I thinking?'

Old Knudsen is sad, the kind of sad when the ghey marriage vote loses in Northern Ireland or when the DUP keep getting re-elected. It picks him up a little that Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to stay in the EU, that's something.  I did tell you that people tend not to do the right thing but rather on how they feel emotionally. 

There is a long game being played here, possibly to get bills that the EU would block passed and cleared without any attention drawn to them. The British government gets to rewrite tons of laws to help the Tories privatize the NHS and to detain people without justice getting in the way.  Dodgy trade deals will get signed and we'll take our cuntry back ... well the Tories will.
The National Security Council will have to rewrite their intelligence gathering protocols as the French and the Germans no longer have to share info on who just returned from Syria. Expect our laws to be more US like from now on.      

Enough with the protest voting. The people you think are your new saviors are just the same as the rest if not worse and vastly more unqualified. Pretend yer adults for once. 

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