Monday, 13 June 2016

Burn Fracker Burn

Fuck it, it's Monday ... lets frack. 

Last week the 1% minority lost one of their sons. Aubrey McClendon the co-founder of Chesapeake Energy Corp died in what was deemed a tragic accident. 

The man who became a billionaire thanks to fracking somehow drove his SUV into the side of a bridge at 89 mph without a seat belt on and ended in a fiery wreck.
The day before the accident he was indicted on charges of rigging land leashing contracts. While he no longer held a bulk share of Chesapeake his e-mails and business practices would be a huge embarrassment to the company. 
He was still in the process of transferring his last shares to his "friend" Clayton Bennett of Dorchester Capital, a man Old Knudsen has never met.

  There's always some ghoul with a camera huh. 

Say what you like about Aubrey McClendon, he gave us a cheap fossil fuel which as everyone knows is clean, safe and great for the environment otherwise Hillary and Obama wouldn't support it cos they care for the environment ...... though are silent during gas and oil leaks until the press finds out and makes them face it.

What's more is that he was related by marriage to Kate Upton .... what a great excuse to wish her strength during this trying time and to take a gander at her huge norks. 

It reminds me of 1997 when Old Knudsen had to cut his Paris vacation short when Princess Di had her accident. I had to go report console the Queen who was very upset, as was Charles and Camilla or 'those nympho bunnies' as Philip used to call them. If Charles and Camilla bumped uglies would it be their faces rubbing together?   

Like many others Kate is concerned about climate change. I mean what if a dry day turned rainy with tropical storm Colin or Derek or Tyler or something? That could ruin an outfit. 

The man that changed the face of energy consumption in the US with oil and gas that now exceeds coal use can have the last words.  

I lied, the last werd is mine. Is that bacon I smell? 

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