Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Brock Turner All American Rapist

All American boy (actually a 20 year-old male) Brock Turner attended a party at his Stanford Campus in January in 2015. He met a 22 year-old woman and they danced and kissed and he invited her back to his dorm room because who wouldn't want to be with a guy who would probably swim for the US in the 2016 Olympics?
As is the way, young passion didn't make it to the dorm and they had sex behind a dumpster. Wow, what a night.

 Brock Turner All American Rapist. 

What actually happened was a 22 year-old woman attended a party on campus with her sister who went there. She had been visiting and this would be her only night with her younger sis. She drank too much, danced too much and as is the way with drink she had some missing time. 

She woke the next day in hospital and was told she had been sexually assaulted. During her blackout she called her boyfriend all slurred and drunk and he told her repeatedly to find her sister. Somehow she collapsed behind a dumpster.  

Brock Turner had been dancing and trying to kiss numerous girls (including the younger sister) but with no success. He somehow noticed a drunk, passed out female behind a dumpster and decided he would take advantage of this weak link, she wouldn't be able to push him away like all the others had.

He removed her bra and underwear, pulled up her skirt, fondled her boobs, fingered her then had a go at humping her. He admitted to not having talked to her but she had touched his back so she must have loved it right? 

Two Swedish students saw them and saw she wasn't moving underneath the 6 foot tall swimmer. They approached and Turner ran but they tackled him and awaited the police. Why run if it was consensual you fucker?

Turner's family hired an expensive lawyer and set about trying to destroy the woman's credibility. She was asking for it, she consented, she knew what she was doing ..... passed out in a heap half naked beside a dumpster covered in dirt. 

An example of white privilege or class privilege? In the US excuses are made for athletes when they are caught raping someone because winning the Lacrosse match is way more important than some worthless slut. 
Even in the UK the public has to put soccer clubs in their place when they think that letting a rapist onto the team is a good idea because he can kick a ball well. 

For some reason people look up to athletes as heroes. The word hero isn't what it used to be. 

Brock was found guilty of three felonies. Assault with intent to rape an intoxicated woman, sexually penetrating an intoxicated person with a foreign object and sexually penetrating an unconscious person with a foreign object. 

He was given only 6 months in the county jail and 3 years probation. His father who not only named him 'Brock' which rhymes with cock, and raised him to not respect women and didn't teach him that rape is wrong penned a letter to the judge. 

He said that poor Brock seemed down in the dumps after getting caught raping a woman and that he doesn't even want his favourite meal of steak anymore. Should cock Brock be so harshly punished for 20 minutes of poor judgement out of his 20 year life? 

Keep in mind that we only know about Brock's one rape. 

Poor Brock is now on a sex offender's register and that will change how people see him and where he lives or works.     
Old Knudsen is crying for Brock as he types this. 

Brock should be allowed onto campus' to educate sluts  students on alcohol consumption and sexual promiscuity in order to give back to society. Yeah and maybe "reformed" pedos should go to schools to warn the kiddies of stranger danger.

Brock's dad could educate other dad's to tell their sons not to rape people. This obviously isn't being addressed enough, did you know it was wrong to rape someone? 
That 20 year-old fucktard did his best to destroy a life in the early hours in January 2015. That lass was violated and degraded during the attack and during the trial. 

People shouldn't get so fucked up that they pass out beside a dumpster but on the other hand others shouldn't see that as an opportunity to rape just because he has a personality of a douchebag and can't form consensual bonds. 

Brock's Da needs a good slappin for enabling his rapist son, maybe his Da has a few rapes under his belt who knows? 
Brock was a 20 year-old that made a mistake .... now he's a criminal, now he's a rapist. Should he have to pay for the rest of his life for this one mistake? Fuck yeah!

That lass will be paying for it. If Brock's 6 month sentence was him hanging by his balls for that whole time until they die and fall off then maybe that would be a bit more fair.    

From now on if you search the Interwebs for 'Brock Turner' you'll be reminded that he's not a decent person but is a rapist, that is who he is, that is what his enabling father raised.

3 comments: said...

Exactly. That's what I think every time I see Coby Bryant.
Disgusting people that need disgusting measures...
Salt Peter? (Sp?)

Old Knudsen said...

In this case we can see the father has a crappy self entitled attitude too but we are all responsible for our actions, sports stars or not. What about draino instead of salt peter?

zulhai said...

I think it is important to learn from our mistakes, and not hold grudges. I have sympathy for the father not wanting his son's life ruined for one mistake. All I ask is that his son be brutally butt-raped and beaten, then publicly humiliated for a couple of years. Fair is fair.