Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Brexit Or Remain?

Nigel Farage who is not a misogynistic bigot hit back at Conservative MP Baroness Warsi who left the Brexit campaign to leave the EU as she was sick of the "hate and xenophobia".

Things look different when you are ethnic, you see the racism more clearly. Did white people in the 80's mind blackface? I bet the black people did.  

Farage said he loves darkies and posted a picture of himself enjoying a beer with some of his wog friends. "My friends are all Muslim though probably not all terrorists so I'll enjoy this beer for them as they hang out on my lawn" said Farage on his Twatter account.

The sexy Baroness who could join Old Knudsen's remain in bed campaign any day said, "Unfortunately what we are seeing as a vision for Britain are lies and xenophobic campaigning. Why is it people like me, who are instinctively Eurosceptic, are feeling they need to leave Leave? ... Because day after day, what are we hearing? The refugees are coming, the rapists are coming, the Turks are coming"

The only hate in Old Knudsen's campaign will be a bit of hate fucking. All definitely probably most completely consensual.

Some have said that the people behind Farage are not his friends and it's really the racist advert that Ukip took out. Get off his fucken back yer just being politically correct libtards, he's just a bloke's bloke that tells it like it is like Trump, Hitler and Jimmy Savile.

For some reason it seems to be right wing, bigoted racist types that support Brexit, these are the same people that think Ukip present British values and by that they mean what is best for white British males. Not big thinkers and yet they are allowed to vote on important matters. Trump voters would vote for Brexit.

The KKK are attracted to Trump's campaign just the same way as BNP and Britain First supporters are attracted to Ukip. If disillusioned with the Conservatives they vote for the next different right wing group they can. Not a coincidence. 

If you appealed to Brexit voters on the grounds that leaving the EU would fuck up the lives of thousands of people they would still vote out because it's a matter of 'I've got mine so everyone else that isn't me can fuck off' yeah doing the right thing doesn't apply to these people because they thrive on negative feelings like 'I don't like' or 'look at how bad this has gotten' rather than the facts.

Since the 70's the UK has flourished under EU membership even with the NHS cuts and austerity that the Tories keep inflicting. People keep confusing bad Tory management with the EU.   

Last words from Warsi "BNP, Le Pen, Donald Trump, Geert Wilders, Farage, Gove. I wouldn’t get on a night bus with them, would you?"


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