Monday, 20 June 2016

Bears Hibernate, Bears Arms And Shit In The Woods

Why this picture? .... Reasons, that's why. 

Old Knudsen is in therapy, you all know this and he isn't ashamed of it. His issues have issues yet still he is the most stable and reliable person he knows. He has never ratted me out to the police and he knows where all the bodies are buried .... that's obviously a metaphor as why would he bury bodies unless he was an undertaker and we all know that no one would trust him to be alone with a dead loved one. He likes it when they lie still.

Actually not all the bodies were buried if there were any but lets not get caught up with details. Many folk that would laugh at someone being in therapy tend to usually be the ones in most need of it and never grow as a person or learns and evolves. Old Knudsen is open to learning but his therapist tells him that his werld view isn't 100% right. 
I dunno maybe it's not 98% and only 95% of people in the werld that are fucken lying two faced cunts.         

Do we still hate Muslims? I'm lost, there we were happily hating Muslims for 9/11 and for just being different and foreign and becoming refugees when we bombed them when all of a sudden.

Muhammad Ali died. He was the greatest ..... just like Old Knudsen is the greatest blogger and Trump is the greatest non-loser .... because we say so.

Ali was tall and beautiful, he moved like a buttercup and stung like lemon on a paper cut. Movies and songs were written about him for fucks sake. Sure he had slightly racist views against white people but only American white people, oh those blue eyed devils. He was intelligent even if he did not never use grammar correctly but who the fuck ever does do? 

He was a popular Muslim (which is unusual) but he was an American and mainly successful so who he prayed to didn't matter. He wasn't the same since 2014 when Old Knudsen knocked him from his chair to become the greatest fighter in the werld but he had it coming.

Ali was also a draft dodger. While the Vietnam war was an anti-commie police action rather than a war and drafting people to fight in it wasn't right I dislike draft dodgers as so many others have gone over and fought with little or no choice and died or left some of themselves behind. They served their cuntry, they walked the walk.

NRA poster boy Ted Nugent didn't wash for weeks, got stoned and shit himself to get out of serving because going to war got in the way of his life. Donald Trump was a popular athlete at college yet a bone spur in his foot prevented him from serving. Dick Cheney, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Bill Clinton and John Wayne were all draft dodgers either using college, alleged family hardships or work as an excuse but some are liked more than others.

It's how they made/make us feel or the happy memories we have of them. Errol Flynn is remembered as a bit of a cad, maybe a ghey pedo if you believe the rumours and he is remembered as someone that won WWII on the screen (like John Wayne) but never served. Flynn actually tried to enlist quite a few times after becoming a US citizen in 1942 but a heart murmur prevented him. The studios kept that quiet as he had a rep as a strong athletic type to uphold.  
Seen here with David Niven who was a lieutenant-colonel and was at D-day as a Commando though before that he tried to get out of the military to star in a movie. He starred in one of Old Knudsen's favourites 'A Matter of Life and Death' and served until 1945. 

So do we like draft dodgers now? Ali first said "why me?" before coming up with an anti-war excuse that people loved. Maybe his honesty is why we like him more than the others. What if the soldiers on D-day decided they had nothing against the Germans? .... so many double standards.

The idiot laws preventing transgender people from using their proper restrooms had Christians belittling others for being different. I wear a cape, doesn't make me Superman heh heh .... no it makes you a cape wearing douche bag.
I wouldn't want to share a restroom with Caitlyn Jenner only because he/she is an attention hoor and would probably have cameras in their showing how he/she can stand and use his dick but prefers to sit and pee or some such shite. "Ich bin ein sitzpinkler."

So are we anti-ghey too?  

I'm still boycotting Israel for bombing Palestine, I'm still boycotting Palestine for supporting Hamas, I'm still boycotting China for eating dogs, I'm still boycotting South Africa until they free Nelson Mandela and I've cut Hillary off for sex until she stops promoting fracking, just hand jobs and anal until she cums around  .... I've also signed all the petitions and FB flagged my account for suspicious activity for changing my profile pic too often.   

OMG it pains me that the media doesn't spell it out what I should be thinking.

After the Orlando shooting we should.... as in the US should be thinking of changing their ways. Gheys, transgenders and those that generally just mince around are just people and should be treated with respect until they do something like beat women and shoot 50 people to death or something.

Transgenders, gheys, Muslims and brown foreigners in general that get called illegal or migrant with a sneer are not the monsters. If a person that happens to be in that group does something horrible then that doesn't mean the whole lot are horrible.

Just like if 100 Priests molest children (as they tend to do) or a Christian shoots up an abortion clinic that doesn't make all priests and other Christians douche bags too.

The real monsters are those that looked at the Sandy Hook shooting and dismissed the slaughter in favour of THEIR rights to own guns, not just a pump action shotgun or a Glock for home defense but military grade semi auto rifles. (known as assault rifles to liberals) 

I will keep you and my family safe in case some Arabs come into the Wal-Mart in Hemet and try to kill us in the name of Allen ... USA fuck yeah!

Will your fat ass overthrow the government? Can a load of civvies outgun highly trained military personnel? The Military have blokes that have made a career out of war, they have a command structure, satellite communications, tanks, helicopters and drones but yer civvie ass that has watched a few movies thinks you can take them on.

For self defense: Do you always carry and have yer AR-15 locked and loaded? Do you take it to Wal-Mart? ... to the church? .... out to dinner? When on duty a soldier goes everywhere with his weapon. I'm sure the government will let you know when it's time to revolt or when a good guy with a gun needs to stop a bad guy with a gun.
At the pulse nightclub the gunman was stopped by several good guys known as cops. Should people go to  nightclubs with guns? ..... that's a rhetorical question as how idiotic would that be?

If you say that if more people were armed then there would be less gun crime you need to get yer water tested for lead. In the countries with less guns there is less gun violence than when they had guns ... that is not a coincidence, it's a FACT. 

In WWII and Nam there was always the 10 - 15% of men that hesitated to return fire when fired upon. That was people trained and in uniform mentally prepared for an attack, not someone trying to decide what washing up liquid to buy while yelling at their kid to stop running in the aisles.

The real monsters are the kind of people who tell a woman that her 7 year-old daughter who was gunned done at school didn't exist because it's all an Obama plot to take yer guns or a government plot to destroy the 2nd amendment.    

People should be allowed to own guns, yeah like a rifle or revolver but only with the correct training and background check. It won't stop all gun crime but it's better than doing nothing because doing nothing and arguing your 2nd amendment rights just means yer a cunt that won't compromise.
How insecure do you have to be to insist on having a semiautomatic weapon? You need therapy for fucks sake and find a set of balls and a spine while yer at it. The chances are that a gun will be taken out of yer untrained shaking hands and used against you anyways.

Go take some classes and learn how to take away someone's gun and where to hit people to put them down cos then you'll have confidence instead of gun courage bought and paid for in the blood of the innocent who had rights too, the right to live being one that was revoked by a fucktard using another right.

The home grown terrorists and spree shooters love the 2nd amendment, well done you patriot, you are destroying your own cuntry. 

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