Thursday, 2 June 2016

All Hail The Chief ... And Hydra

The mists are clearing, I see a tall orange man crying the spirits have spoken.  

Are you really even concerned that Trump could become president? Some pundits are starting to break and say things like, 'we can't laugh at him anymore, we have to take him seriously' aye you do that. He is finding out that free speech comes with terms and conditions in that if you say things against a large part of the population such as immigrants then when you actually go to a place that has immigrants they will fuck you up.
Those Liberals are denying us freedom of speech, we need breathing room! 
It's like in those movies set in Victorian times with the snobbish English aristocracy looking down on the uncouth  American dinner guest that is only tolerated because they are rich. Trump won't be brought into the club.
I can beat ISIS, I'll nuke Raqqa and Islam if they don't deal. 

Old Knudsen still isn't worried. When I was spying for SG-19 the top secret organization that I can't tell you about or you'd suddenly decide to kill yerself or have a heart attack or something I saw the plans at the Pentagon.  

Home on the range .... target range that is .... Merica!

Old Knudsen spent years undercover in the US. Dressed acted and even ate like an American, coffee, grits and their foul tasting bread and bacon .... how can you possibly fuck up bacon? 

I stopped walking around like I owned the place and was superior to everyone else and instead walked around like I had the right to own the place if I wanted to and was superior to everyone else. I had the accent down. I'd say things like darn tootin and yee hah now and again. I'd say missile instead of missile and futile instead of futile and use a flashlight not a torch .... unless I was burning witches but that never came up. 

Now Hillary don't let the sales drop. 

I've already told you that it's Hillary's turn to be preez. Her nose was put out of joint when the big pharma, Illuminati, BP, Section 11 Bilderberg Group picked Obama due to the alignment of the stars. He easily fell into place increasing the drone attacks, domestic spying and illegal detention that Bush had started. Al-Qaeda was the old enemy so they made ISIS, the choice of a new generation. 

They tried to create a group called Khorasan but focus groups weren't very into them. 

Hillary had her modern training as Sectary of state and got her hands bloodied enough to be brought into line. 
No matter what happens, Hillary will be the next president of the US ....  Remember I said that.

Old Glory hole as I call her.  

I'm no just saying that cos Hillary put a gypsy curse on me so that I would desire her like no other. I saw the plans. 
Though after getting elected she has told me she'd divorce that cunt so we could be together. I just have to get rid of a few people and black mail others but I don't mind cos it's for love. 

In 2006 I was able to astrally project into Dick Cheney while he was having one of his heart attacks, the new heart wasn't working out for him. Did you know that he had to have a new heart every 3 months and that a supply of young healthy people had to be kept on hand (prison population yay!) when he burned through his latest heart? 

It was scary looking out of Cheney's eyes as he signed cheques to Osama Bin Laden who was really a guy from Hemet named Bill. The evil and the power I felt as Cheney force choked one of his underlings. After I has looked at all the plans I needed to I got out of there as he was starting to sense me. It was a relief when I woke up in the back of my rape free hugs van that was parked within 6 miles of my target. 

             Cheney force pinching someone's head. 

Believe this or not I don't care. I still have the bad dreams of eating raw baby stem cells with biscuits and gravy. That white gloop they call gravy always gave me heart burn. I hate the gravy dreams.  

Did you know Osama was only killed (retired really) after a poll to see how positive the target audience would react to it? Obama had to have a win in order to get away with the rest of his shit .... carrot and stick.

And the mommy drone launched her babies and killed 69 children in Pakistan but that was ok as they just aren't the same as us and they don't want us to have freedom. 

In August 2011 69 children were killed by a CIA drone strike. Did anyone in the US shed a tear when that school in Pakistan was bombed? Those 7, 8 and 9 year-olds were probably terrorists learning how to kill Americans anyways right? 

I don't want to hear how hard Obama gets it for being black, Bush got insulted just as bad. Both got compared to apes but it's racist when it's done to Obama. White guilt, get over it already. Obama gets blamed for everything but not the shit that is really bad that he actually does. 

Searching for a legacy has always been more important than serving the people. Obama's legacy will be his worldwide whim murders and making drones assessable to many nations. 90% of drone strikes hit an unintended target. Boy does Obama hate whistleblowers, the public don't need to hear the truth. Brand them as traitors and force them to live in Russia if you can't lock them up.

Hey lets invade other countries so we don't have to fight the enemy here .... does anyone really believe that? 

You'd think that Americans would feel safe being able to have guns but they soon find that they never have their guns when shit goes down. Aye when an airport in Scotland gets attacked we kick the fuck out of the terrorists because our whole bodies are weapons, we don't need no stinkin gun courage. 

She hasn't lost it, like a fine wine I want to uncork her and get stuck in. 

So yeah Bernie might be the best candidate and Trump may have the support of all the Neo-Nazis and the right wing leanings the world seems to be getting when faced with loads of brown people that want a better life for their families. Hillary will be the next president no matter what. 

Even if someone leaks pics of her unhinging her jaw at the Iowa state fair to eat a rodent on a stick she'd still get in. 
Another prediction Old Knudsen had thanks to the plans that he's seen. Coming up to the elections and the closer we get there will be victories against ISIS. I see the cowardly Iraqi forces have been given yet more US equipment and have made advances near Falluja, a town called Karma of all things. 

This will continue because US troops haven't really left Iraq or Afghanistan. Did you see that Turkey was annoyed that US special forces were seen wearing Kurdish military patches .... oh they are just there training, aye right. 
US troops are still fighting and dying there and the world doesn't feel any safer.  

The West refuses to support the Kurds because Turkey doesn't like the Syrian Kurds but now you have US special forces wearing YPG patches and aren't those Kurds fighting ISIS and the Free Syrian Army? ... you know, the FSA that the US has been allegedly funding, those moderate Islamist fanatics that pass on their gear to the Al-Qaeda groups. 

Allegiances change and sometimes they didn't exist at all except on paper and what the public are told. We'll have more wins against ISIS, Trump will scare the world by getting close but as Hillary says, close but no cigar.  

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