Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Politics Of Abuse

I cannae stand people that claim not to be racist or bigoted but their actions say otherwise. Speaking of which.

After lying and tricking 17.4 million plebs to vote to leave the EU, Nigel Farage went to the European parliament like a defeated Batman villain with the upper hand.

'You all laughed at me years ago when I said I was going to get the UK to leave the EU and I told you you'd rue the day that you mocked the Nige. Now I'm back and I've won, you have been destroyed by my might, fallen like little tin soldiers to a British bulldog of strength .... who is number one? SAY IT!!!!' 

What he got was a shrug and asked if he wanted to leave then what the fuck was he doing there wasting their time?

Well Nigel still has rent to pay so lay off him. Rather than wasting (the imaginary) £350 million we don't really pay to the EU every week on the NHS he said something about the spoils of war and then sat doon. 

Now 1.1 million leave voters said they've changed their mind as they have sobered up after a patriotic drinking binge during which they voted for getting rid of the foreigners .... though they are in no way racist. 

 Trump is also not a racist.

The KKK continually say they are not racist, they just want to further the white race in the US, that's all. Like how the Orange Order isn't sectarian, they just want to further Protestantism and refuse to let Fenian cock suckers join them. 

What's next, Hitler wasn't anti-Semitic? You can't cast a vote that screws over millions of immigrants then claim to have only done it because you don't like the regulation on bananas. Assad only barrel bombed his own people to stay in power, he didn't have anything against those he wiped out .... I didn't think they'd actually die when I bombed them.

Scottish MP Alyn Smith was too busy getting a standing ovation and being awesome to bother with Farage and his petty bigotry. 

The pound is still in the gutter, recovering slowly but trillions have already been lost. A tiny island nation with a downsized military and austerity measures will be great again if it leaves the world's largest economy ... not a single nation with the largest economy I mean the world. I shake my head as now we've voted to give the Tories free reign to fuck us over yet more. 

They fucked the NHS before Brexit and guess what they'll do after?  

Europe have had enough of the UK and says 'leave already, we've got shit to do' but Cameron is dragging out his resignation as they maneuver the right cunt into power. Farage and Boris were handy but not serious PM material.

We're told that the Brexit vote is final and there is no going back, that right there is more lies, it isn't legally binding. 
The Brexiters shout "democracy!" in order to shut people up but yes, democracy, lets vote again now that the morons that fucked it up the first time understand the ramifications a little better.   You Brexiters fell in with the wrong crowd and they got you into trouble, don't worry cos democracy can still save you.  

Scotland and Northern Ireland don't want a load of English that don't live anywhere near them to vote for their future. We're always told English votes on English topics so in this instance the Sassenachs can fuck aff. 

They keep repeating that the UK voted to leave but in reality not all of it did. A slight majority did when you add up the total.

The Cornish who get more out of the EU than they put in voted to leave but still want their EU money. 

Hello, I'd like to have my gas and electricity turned off but I still want light and heating and to be able to recharge my vaper and phone. 

While Wales sided to leave (Stockholm syndrome) many parts of England and even London voted to stay. Yes the Leave campaign won by a tiny 4% which is why we want another vote. This issue is too important to fuck up because Tyler didn't understand that he now pays extra to get pissed in Spain innit. 

The Prime Minister hopefuls are putting off leaving the EU for as long as they can, this isn't good for the nation anymore than leaving is but do they really give a fuck? Their jobs are safe, their benefits won't get cut. 

This isn't politics, this is abuse. You have psychopaths in control and they've whipped the mob up into a frenzy because foreigners .... that's why.  

Loyalists in Northern Ireland have long told Catholics to go back to their own cuntry meaning Ireland. I'm sure their Irish (pre 1921) ancestors are proud of them. I understand bigotry and pretending not to see any harm or bad things .... oh look, those chimneys have lots of ash coming out of them, must just be burning some books or something, la la la, it isn't me or mine.  

I invoke Hitler in the hopes that you understand how your actions or lack of can effect others.

Hitler didn't get the overwhelming support of the German people. By the time he was done strong arming his way to power and promising to make the cuntry great again the people had been conditioned enough to shed a tear at his death and to turn their backs of millions (that weren't them) being sent to their deaths.  

You need to stop being so fucken gullible people. There is no excuse as the lies are often exposed way before you need to vote. Yeah yeah yeah belittle and dismiss it as lies from the other side because it doesn't suit yer agenda. 

Maybe yer agenda isn't all that, being right wing doesn't make you right, it makes you more inclined to be less empathic, poorly educated and more likely to be a cunt.

Don't believe the hype, we can still make things better.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Of Course I Can Speak Arabic

I still have CIA clearance if anyone wants to use it for the staff discount.

Old Knudsen pretends this blog is satire in order to slag off fuckers poke gentle fun at people and to leak classified secrets in the hopes that you sheeple will wake up and see that airplane fuel doesn't melt steel beams and that Trump is werking for the Hillary campaign. Oh and that the Jews run everything except Christmas and the EU which is run by the Illuminati obviously. 

A few years back Old Knudsen was in Callyfornia working in hangar 42 at Edward's air force base. Hangar 42 doesn't exist, that's a clever rouse because it was really Hangar 37 which is very top secret, tremendously top secret almost definitely a total secret. It doesn't even have a number painted onto it.

Aye the taxi drivers that took me to werk kept getting lost, well what could you expect they were mostly immigrants from some Middle eastern cuntry or something. You'd think they'd never seen airplanes the way they kept taking pictures of everything.

Anyways I was never there teaching Arabic to Navy SEAL's and other people that had an interest in learning to speak sand savage.
I really couldn't speak Arabic but I had put it on my resume and wasn't going to let those fuckers make me back down so I had to see it through. Who hasn't been there?

It's amazing how clueless westerners are with Arabic I was rattling off all sorts of shite and they were rushing to write it all down. Alect ha ba shake n vac .....  means I am not a western spy.

I went on a bender that lasted hours. 

It was there I got news of my father's passing and this time it wasn't the family boasting about him passing large Elvis like bowel movements. I got an e-mail from my evil older brother Lars.

Cause of death was aeronautic asphyxiation. He was test piloting a new jet fighter for the ministry of defense with a belt around while having a danger wank, he must have jerked off his joystick as he smashed into the ground in a ball of fire near Bromley.

That was the cause of death. My job was too important to leave for the funeral which was held in a pub since he had already been cremated in the wreck and his ashes blown out to sea by tropical storm Tommy. No fuss and barely any effort, he would have wanted that.

I just did an e-mail to me family and put CC on it so everyone would get it. I said 'Sorry for yer loss, move on. Best Wishes Soren.'   

Yeah I poured my heart out and since only two of my family can even use a computer it didn't reach a wide audience.

The replies I got was 'who are you?' and 'what? .... why are you e-mailing me you cunt? Best Wishes Lars.'

I accepted the e-mail of course though wondered why they'd let a 304 year-old that drove doon the middle of the road in his car into a 22 million pound jet and who the fuck gave him a belt? He wasn't allowed shoe laces and nearly hanged himself with his neck tie at one of my weddings. Clumsy, not suicidal. Me Ma had to get vertical window blinds cos he kept getting trapped in the venetian blinds.

I just got werd from an old asset that the whole test pilot thing was a massive and very clever cover up and now I suspect that SG-19 had Da Knudsen killed because he knew too much. Lars didn't even bother to e-mail me when Da died hence his confusion, I thought it was the crack.

It's true, Da Knudsen did know a lot, he could have won Jeopardy or Mastermind. Now Old Knudsen has to hunt down and kill those responsible .... ah fuck it, I'll just have a few jelly doughnuts.   

None of those I taught Arabic to seemed to have paid any attention as they are all dead now, what a bunch of losers.  

As the Ragheads say "Allo acklebar" which means loosely translated means 'fuck you paleface.'

Monday, 27 June 2016

Off The Hook

I my life time music has gone from vinyl to cassette to CD and now to Download. In 50 years we'll have social media chips in our skulls and have our music beamed there. Thankfully U2 will be dead and won't force their "free" albums that we have to pay for later unless we opt out unto us. "Aw crap I've got this song stuck in my head ... literally."

Social media chips will be as compulsory as having a Twitter account. What you don't even have a skull book? ... check out the geezer. It will become law to get them when politicians have their people buy shares in the company under a name you can't link to them.

"I just happen to think this law is necessary .... um no reason."

While the automobile stays the same with the same mileage as when it was first made, phones have also changed big time.
With all these changes the newer generations will have to pay attention if they want to know what it was like in ye olden days. Phones with curly cords and dials. My Ma was one of the last hold outs to change her phone from a rotary dial to buttons. British Telecom had to force her as dial phones wouldn't work with the changing times .... press the hash key, no not that one the pound key! .... the number sign for fucks sake!     

In the Foo Fighter's Walk video Dave Grohl goes to a payphone to make a call only to find how the times are a changing. 

Now a days when I see a payphone in the street I do a double take. There will be a time when they vanish completely unless you go to places like butt fuck India.  


All those movies that have the hero racing to pick up payphones to meet some ransom demands will no longer make sense. Not that they made sense anyways. What cop can run 2 miles? Old Knudsen would say, "fuck it, kill em, I don't do running".

Depeche Mode's song Personal Jesus (which Marilyn Manson ripped off for the theme to Salem) has the werds, 'Flesh and bone By the telephone Lift up the receiver I'll make you a believer' what the fuck is a receiver? says a young person

It's the two buttons people frantically push down in movies when the phone is dead. Like cross walk buttons .... why isn't this fucken changing? .... if I keep pushing it it'll change. 

People will say "off the hook" but won't connect it to 'off the peg' clothing or a constantly ringing phone. There will be idiot Facebook memes that say, 'click LIKE if you've ever heard a dial tone' or did you know that ringtones comes from the way telephones would sound in the olden days? .... they would ring. Off the hook means it's great or some such shite, young people are idiots.

When bad meant cool and sick meant good I decided that young people needed wicked awesome slaps to the hed.

 What up dawg?

I used to smile when I heard someone with a ringing cell phone, ah someone that remembers how phones sounded, then everyone did that and it became annoying. Like how everyone and their dog gets a fucken tattoo now. 

The Ultravox song All Stood Still has, 'Please remember to mention me In tapes you might leave behind' what the fuck are tapes asks the young gormless person. I'm not even gonna mention 8 tracks cos they weren't big in the UK. They can be left to cunts in movies that think they are cool cos they listen to an old format.
It sounds more authentic .... fuck aff! do musicians have white noise machines at concerts to make their music sound crap? 

Language changes along with the times. The 2nd amendment kinda meant inaccurate muskets as rifles weren't even a thing. A rifle has a grove inside its barrel which makes the bullet spin thus making it faster, more accurate and with better range.
Muskets were tubes that lead balls flew out of. Like a fuzzy with an RPG it takes more luck than skill to hit the target.

Now you have the NRA calling assault rifles (something the military could use) as sporting rifles, go fuck. Those rifles are meant for war which is in no way what war is ..... sporting.  

This is the type of AR-15 the Orlando shooter used. In yer face libtards it's a The Sig Sauer MCX . Lol lol lol, you are sooo stoopid.   


Saturday, 25 June 2016

Club 27

Remember in the Star Trek movie when Kirk fires Scotty and tells Chekhov to take over? Chekhov looks apprehensively at a red shirt.

Anton Yelchin died when his car rolled back on his inclined driveway and pinned him against the gate post. He died just after 1am on a Sunday and was checked up on when he was late for rehearsal. 

 He wears mustard for fucks sake!

It's a shame, of all the people that could have died like this it had so be someone (not just a part of a franchise) that seemed to be nice. Trump, Ted Nugent, Johnny Depp or even Martin Shkreli .... why not them? 

Yelchin was in a movie I liked called Odd Thomas as well as the Star Trek ones. He gave comedy relief by trying to voice activate things using his Russian accent. 

Is it a curse or a bonus that he died aged 27?  Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse all died aged 27. Now there is a 27 club listing those famous and slightly famous people who died at that age. 

No conspiracy it's just coincidence as there are plenty of famous people that didn't die aged 27.   

Anton Yelchin not only joins the stupid deaths of the Darwin awards but he will also live on forever in Club 27 click bait posts.        


David Cameron was Just Kidding About Brexit

Just kidding, eh Boris? You should have seen Nigel's face. He's still not in power.

As like after bad sex or a meal that didn't taste like it should have but you were really in the mood for it the people that voted for the UK to leave the EU are justifying their choices. "see the world didn't end" these are the same people that can't remember what they did last week and would rather not think about future things because it hurts their heads.
Scotland will vote for independence and Northern Ireland will go back to exporting bombs because no more EU money is coming in. Hey Game of Thrones is shot here so Old Knudsen isn't inclined to join up again to stop them from their bombing. You make Jon Snow go to Slovakia to film, you will pay.    

 Thomas Mair wasn't able to vote after he killed MP Jo Cox but wants to thank everyone for making this a great day for him and for England.

The Leave campaign somehow thought that others thought things would be different the next day and that the shit would hit the fan and we'd have Armageddon the day after the vote .... things happen over time you knobs. We'll still be in the EU for the next 2 years ffs.

All that happened was the pound hit its lowest figure since 1985 .... when we were in recession. Forms for Irish passports flew out faster than new iPhones from Post Offices. Travel agents stopped their foreign money services as everyone was panic buying due to holidays costing more. David Cameron sort of resigned and Boris Johnson licked his lips at the thought of becoming the next Prime Minister.

The dreaded article 50 was mentioned. That is the button that gets pushed to proceed with EU divorce proceeding.  OK I bet there are some fuck wits out there that think it's an actual button.

Fringe MP Nigel Farage says that white British people have nothing to fear.

Nigel Farage was on the TV and was pinned down like Jesus on a cross. The Leave Campaign told the lie that the UK paid the EU £350m a week. They kept saying that all that money could pay for hospitals, Farage said he didn't promise anything and it was the vague "Leave Campaign" that said that.

Being fooled like that is justification enough to slap a Brexiter. You lie with dogs expect to wake with fleas.

No one demanded this vote and the win margin was slight so this isn't over yet. A petition for a new referendum got enough votes to be considered in the House of Commons in just a few hours. Right minded people .... sensible people want to be in the EU.
It's like when Scotland voted NO for Independence, those that voted no said to themselves, 'what the fuck was I thinking?'

Old Knudsen is sad, the kind of sad when the ghey marriage vote loses in Northern Ireland or when the DUP keep getting re-elected. It picks him up a little that Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to stay in the EU, that's something.  I did tell you that people tend not to do the right thing but rather on how they feel emotionally. 

There is a long game being played here, possibly to get bills that the EU would block passed and cleared without any attention drawn to them. The British government gets to rewrite tons of laws to help the Tories privatize the NHS and to detain people without justice getting in the way.  Dodgy trade deals will get signed and we'll take our cuntry back ... well the Tories will.
The National Security Council will have to rewrite their intelligence gathering protocols as the French and the Germans no longer have to share info on who just returned from Syria. Expect our laws to be more US like from now on.      

Enough with the protest voting. The people you think are your new saviors are just the same as the rest if not worse and vastly more unqualified. Pretend yer adults for once. 

Friday, 24 June 2016

Somme Fun For All The Family

The battle of the Somme was one of the most deadliest of WWI. It took so many young men from the north of Ireland (not yet Northern Ireland) that when WWII came along the memory of the slaughter was still fresh enough that no one rushed to join up. Even today the brave lads of Ulster would rather join criminal gangs than serve in the military or police.   

For 7 days the allies bombarded the German lines before sending the first troops over on 1st July 1916. This tactic of bombardment had never been tried before. The Germans were safe deep in their trenches and sat out the bombing, these battle hardened Krauts had good defenses and plenty of heavy machine guns and no doubt smelled like cabbage and strong beer.

I'm hit but don't want to get hurt falling.

The British, Irish, Canadian, South African and Indian troops were ill equipped and poorly trained but the generals were confident. On the first day 19, 240 British soldiers were killed. At the southern part of the Somme the Germans lost 6,000 men to the French and even lost some ground but a counter attack regained that back.

The fighting went on for five months.  In Belfast last weekend there was a commemoration of the Somme. In Northern Ireland Loyalists forget that everyone here (their ancestors) were Irish not British and only remember the soldiers of the UVF that fought at the Somme.

Every celebration in Northern Ireland sounds the same, flute bands full of fat fucks in pseudo military costumes marching with banners. They all look miserable and shoot dirty looks about. The Catholic ones wear those aviator sun glasses that were popular because of Top Gun cos they think it makes them look .... well I don't know what they think, they all look like twats.  

No spider man inflatables no happy smiling faces. This was a commemoration not a celebration though it was just as happy as a celebration over here .... we don't do happy.

Loads of fat bodies that you wouldn't have seen in 1916 but the poor marching abilities were the same as it was recorded that the Irish troops (UVF) were not natural soldiers. So many fake rifles, the Irish down south did all this for the Easter rising, people here just like to play dress up.

Of course I doubt that most of these cunts ever served, their cap badges look to be of the Royal Irish Rifles that went on to be the Royal Ulster Rifles in WWII. A brave and proud regiment that went on to Palestine and Korea. They became one of the first airborne regiments before all that became obsolete.   

    Help me I'm a Protestant and I've fallen down a Fenian hole. 

Like the 2nd Amendment row in the US no right minded vet wants a load of civvies waving assault rifles around. I doubt those from WWI would want a load of civvies playing dress up. Remember them for what happened, don't go making it look gallant and shit, the volunteers didn't have a clue what they were getting into and war is fucken stupid, especially WWI which was a royal family feud.

The way Generals fight wars is usually how the last war was fought so there were still tales of valiant charges against ill equipped savages. The thought was that a bombardment and men with rifles could easily do the job. They didn't realise that the Germans had put some thought into it and saw the future of war as a few men shooting out hundreds of bullets per minute. 

 Exactly what it was like. mowed grass no barbed wire and no bomb craters full of water for soldiers to drown in.

General Kitchener’s "Pal’s battalions" were hit hard. Buddies had joined up together to fight and whole villages often lost all their young men. Recruitment drives were aimed at pals because it encouraged more to enlist, peer pressure along with having a jolly good adventure. 

  Bet he has neck tattoos too.

From German accounts they saw 10 -20 men of the 36th Ulster division charging their position. Being artillery they didn't have side arms and would have had to surrender when the tommies got to them. Luckily the British started to bomb the German trenches but being British they fucked it up and friendly fired their own men saving the Germans from capture. 

The Ulster Division lost more than half its men but you'd think it was only them at the Somme the way Loyalists get on.
I understand historical reenactments like the US civil war ones and even the battle of Hastings etc but is the battle of the Somme really fit family entertainment? I suppose it's like having a center to make money on the Titanic sinking. 1,517 people drown when the Titantic sank ..... lol, that's £17.50 per adult please.
This is Somme fun. 

A million men wounded or killed but hey lets have Loyalists bands marching and fat cunts running about wearing sashes shouting beng beng ..... the Belfast accent.   

I think it's too soon. Yeah it was 4 generations ago but those running across a field and playing dead represent your great grandfathers, grandfathers and great uncles, they were your kin and now you are cheering as they drop down dead. In reality they may be ripped apart by shrapnel, cut down by machine gun fire or just flop down dead with some lucky shot. Maybe they fell into a crater and drown or had an artery nicked and died at a makeshift field hospital.  

You can watch Black Adder or Atonement for entertainment but don't bring your kids to this sort of shite. Look little Timmy that's how your 21 year-old great great uncle died lol! ..... lest we forget. 


Thursday, 23 June 2016

Robot Overlords Have Appeared

We haven't had an end of the werld scare recently. No meteors almost never coming anywhere close to us and no zombie virus .... aye the US has the Zika virus but aren't Americans a load of pin heads anyways?

It didn't happen in Sillycon valley where they make tits and computer chips, it happened in Perm .... where? Perm, a city in butt fuck Russia.

Very lameski

Down town traffic got a taste of the future .... evil robot overlords intent on the destruction of mankind, and weemen too.

It was a self learning robot that wandered off for 45 minutes from its testing area and made the ground tremble with its awesomeness.

Well until its battery died.

A few drunk (they are always drunk) Russians did a double take then said whateverski. The future robot overlords appeared to the werld and they were found lacking.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Brexit Or Remain?

Nigel Farage who is not a misogynistic bigot hit back at Conservative MP Baroness Warsi who left the Brexit campaign to leave the EU as she was sick of the "hate and xenophobia".

Things look different when you are ethnic, you see the racism more clearly. Did white people in the 80's mind blackface? I bet the black people did.  

Farage said he loves darkies and posted a picture of himself enjoying a beer with some of his wog friends. "My friends are all Muslim though probably not all terrorists so I'll enjoy this beer for them as they hang out on my lawn" said Farage on his Twatter account.

The sexy Baroness who could join Old Knudsen's remain in bed campaign any day said, "Unfortunately what we are seeing as a vision for Britain are lies and xenophobic campaigning. Why is it people like me, who are instinctively Eurosceptic, are feeling they need to leave Leave? ... Because day after day, what are we hearing? The refugees are coming, the rapists are coming, the Turks are coming"

The only hate in Old Knudsen's campaign will be a bit of hate fucking. All definitely probably most completely consensual.

Some have said that the people behind Farage are not his friends and it's really the racist advert that Ukip took out. Get off his fucken back yer just being politically correct libtards, he's just a bloke's bloke that tells it like it is like Trump, Hitler and Jimmy Savile.

For some reason it seems to be right wing, bigoted racist types that support Brexit, these are the same people that think Ukip present British values and by that they mean what is best for white British males. Not big thinkers and yet they are allowed to vote on important matters. Trump voters would vote for Brexit.

The KKK are attracted to Trump's campaign just the same way as BNP and Britain First supporters are attracted to Ukip. If disillusioned with the Conservatives they vote for the next different right wing group they can. Not a coincidence. 

If you appealed to Brexit voters on the grounds that leaving the EU would fuck up the lives of thousands of people they would still vote out because it's a matter of 'I've got mine so everyone else that isn't me can fuck off' yeah doing the right thing doesn't apply to these people because they thrive on negative feelings like 'I don't like' or 'look at how bad this has gotten' rather than the facts.

Since the 70's the UK has flourished under EU membership even with the NHS cuts and austerity that the Tories keep inflicting. People keep confusing bad Tory management with the EU.   

Last words from Warsi "BNP, Le Pen, Donald Trump, Geert Wilders, Farage, Gove. I wouldn’t get on a night bus with them, would you?"


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Bad Guys Are Us

Old Knudsen has a lot to say and often he just forgets things until someone else says it then he gets to think about it more all over again.
I watched this clip online last week that had a CIA chick talking about terrorism. She said that if she has learned one thing it's that everyone believes they are the good guys.

It's a matter of perspective. One man's hero is another man's freedom fighter. Che Guevara was a cold blooded executioner but it doesn't stop students from wearing the t-shirts. Nelson Mandela was in prison for plotting to blow people up. Remember those reports of burning tyres around people's necks? That was the ANC who had Gaddafi as one of its big donors. 
Mandela never renounced violence and said it was some times the only way but if you look him up online you'll read about how he bravely stood up to the cruel government, not about killing women and children.   

The British army in Northern Ireland were the good guys ..... well not really but neither were the IRA. When I patrolled the streets with my Stars Wars gun (as seen in the photo) I was fighting against terrorists that blew up innocent people. What separated us soldiers from the terrorists is that we don't wake up and think about blowing up a busy unsuspecting street or pub yet many see us as the oppressor and we were to a point.

Many of the British army's actions weren't just, we often became as bad as the terrorists we fought. Being the government we were the good guys. Like the CIA chick says, everyone believes they are the good guys, even the Nazis thought that God was on their side.

She said if you look at movies like the Hunger games, Independence day and Star Wars you'll see a small group of plucky rebels fighting against a superior force doing whatever it takes to win. Some Al-Qaeda guy said that they are the rebels, the heroes, they are Han and Luke. 

It's true, look at Red Dawn, 300 and the Terminator movies to name just a few more. TV shows like Falling Skies, V and Firefly. They sometimes talk about how righteous they are and how God is with them as they fight for freedom against evil facing overwhelming odds. 

Heroes don't set the fire then rush in to the building to save people.

To the Iraqis that were invaded by the US after 9/11 for no reason at all the US is the bad guy, the invading force. 
It has gotten to the point that the US has fucked up their cuntry so much now that they fear the US will leave them to it like they did in 1991 which resulted in executions so now they are enlisting the help of the Iranians. The ancient enemy of the Americans .... who are of course allies with the Russians. 

Imagine not trusting the Americans so much that their former enemy in war the Iranians sound good. If only the Native Americans knew the Iranians formerly known as Persians.       

To Americans the US didn't invade anyone, they are fighting the enemy there so they don't have to fight them on the US. 
Yeah that is a load of bullshit. Iraq and Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11 and didn't have weapons of mass destruction but we went in anyways because we're good and just. That right there made 10 times the amount of enemies we had. Invading Iraq and Afghanistan made generations of enemies for us to fight. 

The drone strikes makes enemies where there weren't any before too. If you kill a child's family in collateral damage because a suspect (who had not committed any acts of terrorism) stopped by to see his cousin that owed him a couple of goats then that child will grow up hating whoever sent that drone over. 

What we are told doesn't match up to reality.

In reality you aren't really innocent until found guilty. If Edward Snowden returned to the US he'd spend the rest of his life in prison, not for treason but because he showed the American people the government was illegally spying upon them and he broke his employment contract. Do the majority of Americans support him? no, because they somehow think the government are still the good guys because hey he's in Russia now and it's 'we the people.'    

The government represents us so they have to be the good guys huh, we couldn't be the bad guys, that's them not us.

Invading Iraq and Afghanistan to attack terrorists was plain stupid, they aren't a standing army. Terrorists thrive by blending in with the people. They use innocents as shields and look just like the average citizen. The US under Bush said whatever government shielded terrorists would be attacked, it didn't matter what the government said in response, if they didn't have nukes they were a weak enough target for the US to invade.

I didn't see them invading Pakistan did you? That's where Osama was found living and that is where Al-Qaeda have free reign .... but Pakistan has nukes. Makes you think there might be other motives and that the US is quite the bully. 
The nerve of Americans and even Prince Charles comparing Putin to Hitler because of Ukraine. He didn't do anything the US and its allies hadn't done.

 Real men don't pick flowers they pick body bags.

It takes more courage to talk peace than to launch drones and tactical units. Peace with terrorists only comes with dialogue because you can't kill ideologies. Peace with the IRA and the ANC came with dialogue, sure some people you can't talk peace with but there are always ones that will as long as you and they are open to compromise and to listen. 

While there are foreign boots on the ground there will never be peace, there will be new enemies springing up to replace those worn down. Just don't kid yourself that you are the righteous good guy, that disingenuous attitude will never achieve peace anywhere.      


Monday, 20 June 2016

Bears Hibernate, Bears Arms And Shit In The Woods

Why this picture? .... Reasons, that's why. 

Old Knudsen is in therapy, you all know this and he isn't ashamed of it. His issues have issues yet still he is the most stable and reliable person he knows. He has never ratted me out to the police and he knows where all the bodies are buried .... that's obviously a metaphor as why would he bury bodies unless he was an undertaker and we all know that no one would trust him to be alone with a dead loved one. He likes it when they lie still.

Actually not all the bodies were buried if there were any but lets not get caught up with details. Many folk that would laugh at someone being in therapy tend to usually be the ones in most need of it and never grow as a person or learns and evolves. Old Knudsen is open to learning but his therapist tells him that his werld view isn't 100% right. 
I dunno maybe it's not 98% and only 95% of people in the werld that are fucken lying two faced cunts.         

Do we still hate Muslims? I'm lost, there we were happily hating Muslims for 9/11 and for just being different and foreign and becoming refugees when we bombed them when all of a sudden.

Muhammad Ali died. He was the greatest ..... just like Old Knudsen is the greatest blogger and Trump is the greatest non-loser .... because we say so.

Ali was tall and beautiful, he moved like a buttercup and stung like lemon on a paper cut. Movies and songs were written about him for fucks sake. Sure he had slightly racist views against white people but only American white people, oh those blue eyed devils. He was intelligent even if he did not never use grammar correctly but who the fuck ever does do? 

He was a popular Muslim (which is unusual) but he was an American and mainly successful so who he prayed to didn't matter. He wasn't the same since 2014 when Old Knudsen knocked him from his chair to become the greatest fighter in the werld but he had it coming.

Ali was also a draft dodger. While the Vietnam war was an anti-commie police action rather than a war and drafting people to fight in it wasn't right I dislike draft dodgers as so many others have gone over and fought with little or no choice and died or left some of themselves behind. They served their cuntry, they walked the walk.

NRA poster boy Ted Nugent didn't wash for weeks, got stoned and shit himself to get out of serving because going to war got in the way of his life. Donald Trump was a popular athlete at college yet a bone spur in his foot prevented him from serving. Dick Cheney, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Bill Clinton and John Wayne were all draft dodgers either using college, alleged family hardships or work as an excuse but some are liked more than others.

It's how they made/make us feel or the happy memories we have of them. Errol Flynn is remembered as a bit of a cad, maybe a ghey pedo if you believe the rumours and he is remembered as someone that won WWII on the screen (like John Wayne) but never served. Flynn actually tried to enlist quite a few times after becoming a US citizen in 1942 but a heart murmur prevented him. The studios kept that quiet as he had a rep as a strong athletic type to uphold.  
Seen here with David Niven who was a lieutenant-colonel and was at D-day as a Commando though before that he tried to get out of the military to star in a movie. He starred in one of Old Knudsen's favourites 'A Matter of Life and Death' and served until 1945. 

So do we like draft dodgers now? Ali first said "why me?" before coming up with an anti-war excuse that people loved. Maybe his honesty is why we like him more than the others. What if the soldiers on D-day decided they had nothing against the Germans? .... so many double standards.

The idiot laws preventing transgender people from using their proper restrooms had Christians belittling others for being different. I wear a cape, doesn't make me Superman heh heh .... no it makes you a cape wearing douche bag.
I wouldn't want to share a restroom with Caitlyn Jenner only because he/she is an attention hoor and would probably have cameras in their showing how he/she can stand and use his dick but prefers to sit and pee or some such shite. "Ich bin ein sitzpinkler."

So are we anti-ghey too?  

I'm still boycotting Israel for bombing Palestine, I'm still boycotting Palestine for supporting Hamas, I'm still boycotting China for eating dogs, I'm still boycotting South Africa until they free Nelson Mandela and I've cut Hillary off for sex until she stops promoting fracking, just hand jobs and anal until she cums around  .... I've also signed all the petitions and FB flagged my account for suspicious activity for changing my profile pic too often.   

OMG it pains me that the media doesn't spell it out what I should be thinking.

After the Orlando shooting we should.... as in the US should be thinking of changing their ways. Gheys, transgenders and those that generally just mince around are just people and should be treated with respect until they do something like beat women and shoot 50 people to death or something.

Transgenders, gheys, Muslims and brown foreigners in general that get called illegal or migrant with a sneer are not the monsters. If a person that happens to be in that group does something horrible then that doesn't mean the whole lot are horrible.

Just like if 100 Priests molest children (as they tend to do) or a Christian shoots up an abortion clinic that doesn't make all priests and other Christians douche bags too.

The real monsters are those that looked at the Sandy Hook shooting and dismissed the slaughter in favour of THEIR rights to own guns, not just a pump action shotgun or a Glock for home defense but military grade semi auto rifles. (known as assault rifles to liberals) 

I will keep you and my family safe in case some Arabs come into the Wal-Mart in Hemet and try to kill us in the name of Allen ... USA fuck yeah!

Will your fat ass overthrow the government? Can a load of civvies outgun highly trained military personnel? The Military have blokes that have made a career out of war, they have a command structure, satellite communications, tanks, helicopters and drones but yer civvie ass that has watched a few movies thinks you can take them on.

For self defense: Do you always carry and have yer AR-15 locked and loaded? Do you take it to Wal-Mart? ... to the church? .... out to dinner? When on duty a soldier goes everywhere with his weapon. I'm sure the government will let you know when it's time to revolt or when a good guy with a gun needs to stop a bad guy with a gun.
At the pulse nightclub the gunman was stopped by several good guys known as cops. Should people go to  nightclubs with guns? ..... that's a rhetorical question as how idiotic would that be?

If you say that if more people were armed then there would be less gun crime you need to get yer water tested for lead. In the countries with less guns there is less gun violence than when they had guns ... that is not a coincidence, it's a FACT. 

In WWII and Nam there was always the 10 - 15% of men that hesitated to return fire when fired upon. That was people trained and in uniform mentally prepared for an attack, not someone trying to decide what washing up liquid to buy while yelling at their kid to stop running in the aisles.

The real monsters are the kind of people who tell a woman that her 7 year-old daughter who was gunned done at school didn't exist because it's all an Obama plot to take yer guns or a government plot to destroy the 2nd amendment.    

People should be allowed to own guns, yeah like a rifle or revolver but only with the correct training and background check. It won't stop all gun crime but it's better than doing nothing because doing nothing and arguing your 2nd amendment rights just means yer a cunt that won't compromise.
How insecure do you have to be to insist on having a semiautomatic weapon? You need therapy for fucks sake and find a set of balls and a spine while yer at it. The chances are that a gun will be taken out of yer untrained shaking hands and used against you anyways.

Go take some classes and learn how to take away someone's gun and where to hit people to put them down cos then you'll have confidence instead of gun courage bought and paid for in the blood of the innocent who had rights too, the right to live being one that was revoked by a fucktard using another right.

The home grown terrorists and spree shooters love the 2nd amendment, well done you patriot, you are destroying your own cuntry.