Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Vaping Looks Cool

He looks so cool ... not like a douche bag at all. 

This post is not about whether or not smoking is good, bad or whatever. Some people say it's bad because it is a leading cause of cancer and that smokers stink and force their habit onto those nearby that have to breath in the smoke. Some say it's good because it makes you look cool and if you haven't blown smoke into a babies face and watch its cute coughing then you just haven't lived .... add it to yer bucket list, it's better than farting in elevators. 

  Shooting people and blowing smoke into the faces of children is in the constitution. 

This post is about vaping. Does it help ween people off fags cigarettes or does it create a new subculture of smokers who find this new addiction more socially acceptable? 
Europe is pretty much like Peaky Blinders or Mad Men, you will always see someone smoking as well as being violent and misogynistic but hey it's our culture so don't judge us. It used to be that you could smoke almost anywhere. The slippery slope to madness happened when we were given the choice of smoking or non-smoking. Non-smoking meant that you'd be at least 2 feet away from a smoker enjoying the nice fresh recycled air of an airplane. 

Old Knudsen might be described as being a filthy creature by some that think that wiping yer sweaty balls on curtains or someone's coat is unacceptable but he is a little bit of a germophobe. He hates people, you know this and he hates their germs also which is why he never eats from street vendors and will use his cuff when opening doors. 

During his childhood he ate fast because as soon as others were finished they would light up at the table and considering the yellow staining nicotine does to walls and ornaments his little mind could imagine it clinging to his food combined with the breath of the smoker .... aye Old Knudsen has issues though he'd still lick a taint.

His chubby brother Lars would eat at the dinner table without a shirt on too. So many issues Old Knudsen has thanks to his family. 

Yes please blow yer chemicals over my food and here, smell this fart while yer at it.   

It's true that smokers are quite selfish on the whole (check gutters and the causes of most wildfires) and vaping is a way for people to get around the non-smoking laws that inconvenience them and to be douche bags. Like yer sibling that stands right up to you and says, "I'm not touching you."
I've seen people vape in pubs and restaurants and also school kids as they walk home from school.  

Sure places are catching on and putting up no vaping signs. Think about it, humans have to have a book with 10 commandments that tells them not to steal or kill .... humans are cunts. You'd think it would go without saying. You don't have 'no whipping yer cock out and placing it on the table' signs in restaurants but most people know that it is "probably" not an acceptable thing to do.  

When you smell a fart that is particles of fecal matter going up yer nose .... are you a germophobe yet? I trim my nostril hairs for no one as they are the front line defense against yer poop bits. Aye it does look like I have a mustache but it's for health reasons. 

Does vaping look cool? Could you imagine James dean vaping? .... smoking, being a crap actor and driving dangerously and dying young is fucken cool. What are you rebelling against? ... Yer Ma! There is no way to vape and look cool at the same time.

This is what I think when I see a vaper. At the same time I'm thinking 'what a douche bag' but if it's to help you stop smoking then yer just a weak willed quitter so carry on but remember my scorn as you display yer weakness to the world. 

No, addiction is NOT an illness, any more than stupidity is.  

As if Dr Who fans weren't dorky enough they can now get sonic vapedrivers. You can get a steam punk looking one or one that looks like a Pokemon ball .... so many ways in which to make yerself look even more stupid. 

The vaping liquids can be of various flavours. You hear people justify vaping by saying it's just water vapour .... um no, yer not a steam fucken engine it's chemicals you fucktard. 

The laws on vaping haven't completely caught up with the problems so you can get dodgy chargers than burn down yer house or explode and since the chemicals in the vaping liquid isn't regulated then anything can be added, safe or not.

You can say it's less dangerous than smoking if you want just like beer isn't as bad as vodka. The need for it and the end result are the same though. I predict that within 10 years there will be a spike in various mouth and throat cancers that will be linked to vaping.     

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