Monday, 23 May 2016

The Chinese Are Klingons

You always shall be and always will be a cunt you smug twatwaffle. 

Wondering why I haven't been posting 24/7 for yer delight? Well it's not that I've been locating the original Chibok schoolgirls, talking Sinead O'Connor off the edge of a bridge and crashing an EgyptAir plane because a guy on board had figured out the cure for cancer and Big Pharma told me to .... that would be wrong, probably on some moral level which I have yet to think about, I just like money. 

I never did do any of those things and as the 2010 hearing said, this blog cannot be used as evidence. Thanks for that Obama, we scratched each other's backs though you still owe me a few 20 odd million for Osamas new name and identity killing.   

 James A Kirk 

The werld ticked on without me as I didn't travel all over protecting powerful people as my grandson Gavin posted cat videos from my various anti-social media accounts to pretend I was still here. 

To quote Admiral Nelson, "I see no ships" He had his telescope up to his eye patch doh! 

USS Zumwalt the US navy's newest class of destroyer began its service under the captaincy of James Kirk. No one saw the stealth ship leave the Kennenbec river in Maine pushed out by tug boats. I certainly didn't keep tabs on it for the Russian government. 

Based on the MI-6 building in London it is almost invisible to radar. In fact if it wasn't for Spooks and the James Bond movies no one would know about the MI-6 building. It's behind the little blue boat by the way. If you go to Vauxhall Cross in London you will never hear anyone ever mention it. Once a cabby took some tourists there and they were never seen again .... true story bro. 

The USS Zumwalt has an electromagnetic railgun which as you know confuses missiles. This is the same tech that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) used to melt the polar ice-caps thus adding to Florida's flooding problem. They also have Nile crocodiles there too but fuck Florida, just because.    

Two more  Zumwalt-class ships are being built at the cost of $22.5 billion even though they are already out of date thanks to updates. The Arleigh-Burke class destroyer is the Windows 10 of the battle ship werld.  

Why does the US need stealth ships? Well ISIS won't see them coming at them in the Iraqi or Syrian desert. Nor will the Tallyban in Ganners. 

Have you been paying attention to the goading the US has been doing at China in the south China seas? China wants to expand its territory but this scares the shit out of Japan and Australia and rightly so. When China builds on an atoll the US navy is there to sail too close. China, Russia and the US have been doing fly bys and intercepting each other in the hopes that someone fires but we all know that the war isn't due until 2020. 
To start it early would mean that one side thinks it's ready ahead of schedule and that would be totally rude.  

China has started to build its $13 billion railway in Africa through Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. 
Ach fuck the wildlife, Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe sold 24 elephants to China in 2015. Africa is the wild west (west of India) anything goes and China will own the place soon enough. Just as it has bought lots of property in the UK and the US as well as stocks and shares in companies. 

Stealth warships for up to no good missions and hey you need warships to attack other cuntries. The world is shrinking and some nations are feeling threatened. The USS Zumwalt is a penis and who better to wop yer dick onto the table than Captain fucken Kirk? 


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