Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Billions Not Spent On Chairs

If you pay attention to this blog (you'd be crazy not to) you'd know about the Big Pharma Bankster Illuminati conspiracy in Hollywood concerning chairs The great chair conspiracy .

Who the fuck owns these chairs .... the Jews that run everything? Well they don't run the Illuminati, that's the Seventh-day Adventist .... those evil fuckers!

I've been binge watching Billions, a TV show about a crooked billionaire and a federal prosecutor. Paul Giamatti is great as the S&M loving obsessed US Attorney and Damien Lewis is great as the I grew up with a paper round now I'm a billionaire guy. As with his former TV show Life they darkened up his ginger hair because gingers are just so unhygienic and bad for ratings.

The show is a little like the Untouchables going after Al Capone and Moby Dick rolled into one.

And Maggie Siff as Giamatti's hot therapist wife that knows what ATM means .... no not automated teller machine but rather ass to mouth is just so um watchable. She works for Lewis so has to handle a conflict of interests.

Lewis' character  Bobby Axelrod loves his local old time pizza shop. He grew up eating there and now has meetings there. He even helped the owner out financially as the owner used to give him free pizza when he was young and broke. 

So yeah a small hole in the wall eatery in Brooklyn but look at those FUCKING CHAIRS!!!!!!

Then you go to a thousand dollar fund raiser and guess what all those rich people are sitting on. If you don't think this isn't a conspiracy then obviously the chemtrails are werking and yer all at the whim of the Rockefellers and the Getty Images people .... WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

I've also been watching Banshee which is fun yet a little predictable and I've finally gotten into Peaky Blinders. Damien Lewis' wife Helen McCrory plays the mother of Cillian Murphy's character Thomas Shelby
.... So she had him when she was 8?

The name comes from razors blades sewn into flat caps to be used as weapons. Birmingham of the 19th century had a gang problem with urban youths but now according to Fox news it's full of Muslim terrorists, ah how things change.

These gang members were drunken youths that slapped their weemen about, not so much the WW1 heroes of the TV show.

What got me into it was Sam Neill's Northern Irish accent, it's is brilliant. Like a cross between Liam Neeson and Alien Ian Paisley.
He plays a police inspector brought over by a middle aged Winston Churchill to break the gangs. He was warned that every bullet would get counted and not to throw bodies into the river .... this isn't Belfast for fucks sake so dig deep holes if you kill anyone.

British police cover ups have been a fine tradition that continues today. 

As well as the loutish gangs which seem more organized than they really were you have Bolsheviks and the fucken IRA trying to take over after WWI had ended.  

It deals a little with the issues of the time but with also an issue that had been around since the time of the ancient Greeks and that is PTSD. In those times mental health wasn't a thing. Doolally meant that you were crazy but probably came from the name of a British camp in India named Deolali. Maybe it was boredom or maybe it was lead in the drinking water that made them nutjobs.

Bedlam was a name taken from Bethlem Royal Hospital in London. Psychiatric hospitals were not places to go to in order to be healed .... so not much has changed there.

Anyway, the chairs are watching us, stay vigilant.       

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