Monday, 4 April 2016

Why Does Argentina Want The Falklands?

The Falkland's twerker twerks of Great Britain and the Queen.

The UN has said that Argentina can expand its maritime territory to include the continental shelf near to the Falkland islands. This has produced the usual stories in the media that establish a historical claim to the islands from Britain and how Argentina didn't have an interest in them at all. 

The UK government has reminded the world that the Falkland islanders have voted to stay British and for anyone to come and have a go if you think you're hard enough. 
Argentina which calls the islands, Islas Malvinas invaded them in 1982 sacrificing 649 of it's soldiers against the might of angry issue laden British Marines and Paras who just wanted to kill something. 

255 Brits and 3 islanders died during the conflict, mostly from alcohol poisoning and sheep syphilis ... lest we forget.   

Islas Malvinas???? ... Stoopid Argies can't even get the name right. 

 This latest development is in a long line of harassing done by the Argentineans who are pathetic sore losers ...LOSERS!!!!!
 We were of course gracious victors 

Why does Argentina want the Falklands so badly? It's not because it sits on a wealth of oil and minerals, there are other reasons. 

We all know that Hitler didn't die in 1945. He and Eva Braun traveled from Germany by U-Boat to the Nazi friendly Argentinean government. 

Hitler being a vegetarian was also very against animal cruelty and had even made laws in Nazi Germany against animal testing and for humane slaughter .... yes he did replace the animals with people to test on, no one is perfect so less of the judging. 

He also loved wildlife and would visit the Falkland islands. Though the wildlife there is similar to Patagonia he was obsessed about finding the Warrah or Falklands wolf which went extinct in 1876. In the 40's and 50's the islands didn't have many inhabitants and only a handful on the southern island so he was able to travel there without any problem, he often stayed in Josef Mengele's summer cottage on the island. 

Thought by "experts" to be the last picture of Hitler taken in Buenos Aires in 1990.

It is thought that as many as 5000 Nazis fled to Argentina after the war which explains the numerous German towns there. Juan Peron is thought to have become a close friend to the Fuhrer and funded a breeding program to give Nazi babies bred from top Nazi spunk to influential couples around the werld. Many of these babies go on to become Chancellors of Germany, Presidents of France and Prime Ministers of Britain. It is thought that the EU and the UN have been infiltrated by these Nazi babies for years. 

 The same fat healthy glow.

Most of this is widely known of course, even Hitler raising his own clones as his children is widely known, I'm just rehashing historical fact. It's kinda obvious when you look at the state of the werld today to see how influenced it has been by Nazis. 

Don't be surprised when yer DNA test from ancestry comes back as having some German or Italian in it as he fled to Argentina but a big box of jizz that included Mussolini man custard too. I bet his carry on luggage  stank a bit. 

It is believed by many that Hitler is buried on the Falkland islands along with a lot of his Nazi gold. Modern technology is thought to be only 5 years away from being able to put Hitler into a super computer death machine and who wouldn't want a living piece of history telling us the true story of World War II? Even if they couldn't bring Hitler back to life his body would go for a fortune on eBay. 

Hands off our islands and our Nazis, Argentina, he'll be put into a British super computer death machine.     


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