Monday, 11 April 2016

Touching Cloth

We all say we have at least one book in us well as you can guess Old Knudsen has volumes, it's just hard to find the right market for them.
My latest book 'Touching Cloth' is coming along very slowly. It's a modern day love story about a clergyman finding underage love, sort of like The Thorn birds meets Labyrinth. It's coming along slowly because I have to go to a "friend's" house to do "research" on their computer because of the sensitive nature of the book.

I always have a list of  'wetwipe' friends that can be used and thrown away and besides prison would probably make them more interesting people anyways and I will visit.

The Goblin king on ABC's Nightline. He thought he was meeting a young girl.  

So anyways I've heard a lot about politicians trying to get legal highs banned. When something knew comes out and the law doesn't apply to it some sad fucker always tries to ban it because you get addicted to it or it goes on fire when you recharge it .... someone is always trying to spoil yer fun. I usually just stick to crack, prescription pills, glue and drink cos I'm old school and could I really go in and ask for something called 'black mamba'?

 For fucks sake, it just doesn't stop .... me micropenis issues are well triggered.
Can I have some Exodus Damnation and some Blue Cheese please? .... fuck off, give them proper names. Maybe some Pandora's Box Unleashed or Gogaine ... for me balding?  These New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) mimic the illegal drugs and are said to be more addictive and damaging than many of them.

Oh and just to avoid reality the truth a misunderstanding it's a friend that has a micropenis my is weak and sickly and leaking huge, tremendous, the top of all the polls and everybody loves it, I just feel deeply for my friend.  

I watched this BBC video about legal highs in Wolverhampton. It talked to some street scum down on their luck people who have moved on from "normal" drugs to these legal highs. Liam in the picture was the main person, he is homeless though it never showed where he sleeps or where he keeps his designer chav clothes, he's better dressed than most.
Liam has used cannabis for years but Black Mamba really fucked up his life and he hardly ever sees his two kids.

Liam is a legend with his chav wear and neck tattoo, he saw a social worker type bloke that was trying to help him and set him up in a food safety course .... I'd totally eat food handled by Liam. While Liam wanted to get off Black Mamba he did the course while high on it and passed it. He could rule the fucken werld if he put his mind to it.   

Bruce is a wigger with one badly damaged brain cell left.

Bruce on the other hand is a fucken loser that doesn't want to handle food unless it's pork trotters for his pit bull. He has a tiny flat where he lurches about to rap music in. 
They all complained about legal highs and how addictive they are, one woman mentioned the cramps they give her and how they stop her from pooping .... fucken society making these people get high init.

Synthetic cannabinoids are new and their effects are not all known. In the Wolverhampton video there was one homeless person's death and like the 5 in Belfast recently, the cause of death is never mentioned. You just hear about either how the system let them down or what lovely people they were and people put flowers and candles in the doorway where they died ..... not really helping things. You only die from homelessness in places like Chicago during the winter.

I gave money to a beggar sitting in the street outside a pub that is opposite a chapel (both bad influences) and his hands were shaking and it wasn't because of the cold.  

Like when some young guys crash their car at 3am on a Sunday and no one mentions if they were speeding or drinking, just what a tragic loss it was. Killing people by not wanting to offend.

When a Brit or Irish person dies on holiday you just know they were blootered when they thought that swimming in the sea was a good idea. 'I've never done it before and I don't know the currents but yer my best fucken mate so lets swim.'

Social taboos are not just a priest diddling some kids or double dipping yer carrot stick they are also people pretending things are something else than what they are, social denial if you will and they go on to kill more as we make excuses not to deal with them or deal with them without all the facts.    

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